A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)


When I started this site, I never wanted to make a FAQ page. I love people asking questions in the comments or sending them to my email. But now my email load has gotten so heavy I think it is best for everyone that I answer some of the most common questions here:

Can you get out of my way?

Excuse me (slides to the side).

Can you send an email to Stephenie Meyer for me?


If I send you my New Moon audition, will you get me in the movie?


What is Robert Pattinson’s phone number?


What is your book about?

It is called Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse, is the first in a series, and will be in stores Fall 2009 from Sourcebooks. More info is at www.branhambric.com.

Can I read some chapters of your book?

You can get preview chapters for free here.

Is twilightguy.com just a plot by Stephenie Meyer’s publishers to get guys to read the books?

No. Rumors.

The most irritating question of all: why are you taking so long to read the Twilight saga?

Despite accusations in the comments of some sites, TwilightGuy was not a plot to make myself famous or to sell Twilight to guys. My agent, my publishers, and Stephenie Meyer did not know about this site when I started it. So taking 6 months to read two books is not a lame attempt to keep myself in the public eye.

At the moment, I am in college, editing my first novel, writing my second novel, writing for KalebNation.com, answering interview questions, digging through thousands of emails, signing up for appearances, writing speeches for said appearances, and trying to fit in at least 2 meals a day. Each post on twilightguy.com is the equivalent of a 1000+/- word essay, which behind the scenes takes multiple drafts, Photoshop work and deep review of whichever book I’m reading. Each TwilightGuy post takes at least 4 hours to write. My readers enjoy this for free. And, I am a slow reader by nature anyway (it took me 1.5 years to finish Leven Thumps).

So the reason for taking so long, aside from being busy up to the top of my head in my own things, is that I want to do my best to be entertaining, no matter how much time it takes.

Why do you call yourself Kaleb Nation?

Erm…because that’s my name. My last name is Nation. My first name is Kaleb.

Someone named Kaleb came on a chatroom and claimed to be you. Was it you?

The only chatrooms I visit under my name is the TwilightGuy chatroom or the Twicon chatroom, which will have a special icon so you know it is me. Other chats, I usually visit under a fake name.

Are you really a girl named Kalebetta using a random guy’s photo from Flickr and planning to dominate the world through this site?


Why don’t you friend people on Facebook?

People tracked down where I go to college through my Facebook, which was freaky. I now only friend people I know. Try my Myspace instead.

Do you edit your eyebrows on your photos, or are you distantly related to Gandalf?

In some of the more drastic photos, my eyebrows were redrawn for effect. It lets me use the same face for many different expressions ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think I saw you in public. Was it you?

Was he wearing a dark coat, carrying a snake-tipped cane, and sporting a swishy cape? If not, probably not.

Are you going to write about all the books in The Twilight Saga?


Did you get to read an advance copy of Breaking Dawn?


Were you at Stephenie’s signing in Frisco, Texas?


Were you at the Twilight premiere?


I run a Twilight site and we want to interview you. How do we do it?

Email me.

What do you use to make your videos?

I use a Flip Ultra video camera with Sony Vegas 8.0 for editing.

Gimme GJ’s email address! We’ll stone him with copies of Twilight!


Judging by your FAQ page, I’m guessing you’re a Lemony Snicket fan. Am I right?



If we can’t friend you on Facebook, why do you have the icon at the bottom of your site?

That’s so other people can’t set up fake accounts claiming to be me (it’s happened). If it is not the profile linked at the bottom, it is not me.

My comments are not appearing, and it says I am being moderated. What happened?

My system automatically holds your comments if you try to solicit others with your pages, email address or IM. If this happened by mistake, email me and I will take care of it.

The reason for this is that a large group of my readers are kids, and in order to protect them from various creepers who do exist, I don’t want them being lured into some odd person’s website by mistake through a comment on my site.

I have written a book and would like you to review it. Where do I send it?

I am weeks behind on book reviews. By the time I get to an ARC, it is usually already out, on and off the lists and on a classics shelf. But if you’re willing for a few months reading time, email me. Unfortunately, I can only read books being put out by a publisher or writers already represented by a literary agent– I love reading people’s writing, so this is for purely legal reasons, and nothing against other writers.

Who designs your websites?

I design them myself. I use Photoshop CS for the images and WordPress for the back-end content management.

Why is there a picture of Kermit The Frog behind your desk on Youtube?

Because he worked hard and accomplished his dreams. The sign reads: Eats Flies. Dates A Pig. Hollywood Star. Live Your Dreams. It looks like this.

If these do not answer your question, feel free to contact me.