Help With My Article


Thanks for coming here and offering to help with my article on Stephenie Meyer! Since Twilight is such a fans-oriented experience, I don’t think it would be entirely successful to write a good article without including some of you in it! So here’s the idea:

My article will be focusing on Stephenie’s appeal with girls. Since I am guessing it is safe to assume that most of her fans are girls, I’m focusing on that side, though guys are welcome to give their input too! But mostly, I’ve noticed something about her- she has the image of the ‘Ultimate Mom’.

Take a look. Stephenie listens to Linkin Park and Muse (and gets to meet them), writes vampire romances with characters you fall in love with, keeps up with a huge Myspace page, loves having vampire-themed proms, and she still is the regular, happy mom at the end of the day. Besides that, she’s got a thing for cool cars and hangs out with movie star guys on the set.

Whereas J.K.Rowling is the ‘Kind Writer Aunt’ and Lemony Snicket was the ‘Elusive Author’, Stephenie has this strikingly different image. I will be writing my article exploring that.

If you have any input that you think might help, along with other features that add to her ‘Ultimate Mom’ image, please send your comments through this form. I’d love to hear from you!


(PS Keep in mind that I could decide to use a quote from your message in the article, or edit parts of it just for clarity or space. I’ll be sure to put in your initials, too, so you know you got in!)