Due to the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn, and the high likelihood of spoilers, there are some new safeguards in the comment box that will stay in effect until August 3:

– Talk of Breaking Dawn in the comments is not allowed. If you say things about Breaking Dawn or anything similar, your comment will be flagged for moderation.

-Anyone who attempts to post a spoiler will be reported to Stephenie’s publishers and will also be banned from this site indefinitely.

– I am keeping a list of the IP’s of anyone who tries to post spoilers. If you post a spoiler before the book is released, your information will also be sent to other fansite admins and to Stephenie’s publishers. 


As part of these measures, if you say something about Breaking Dawn, your comment will be moderated even if you are not posting a spoiler. I will approve these as fast as I can.

Other fan sites have been taking similar measures to keep spoilers away before the book release. If somehow there is still a problem on this site, I will be forced to turn all commenting to be fully moderated (aka I read and approve each comment). If we can all be nice I won’t have to spend hours doing that, so please follow the rules 😀