Help Me Get To The Twilight Premiere

The Twilight movie premiere will be in California on November 17, and of all Twilight events that have happened so far, this was the one I really wanted to see. I missed seeing Stephenie in Texas, I missed seeing Stephenie in New York… thus of all things, I didn’t want to miss seeing her and everyone else in California.

However, I figured that I would have to miss the event in order to save money for more dire needs. I had pretty much given up on going, but then someone on my BlogTV show last night had the idea to start a fund to help me get there, so I agreed to post the button on my site and see what happened.

I hadn’t thought of that before, but since Bailey (NoMoreMarbles) had such success with her viewers in helping her get to New York, I think it is worth a try. It can’t hurt to have the option open to anyone who has enjoyed my writing so far.

If just 200 people donate $2, I will be able to go to the premiere, and cover the rest of the cost with my savings. $2 is not much money (AKA less than one bottle of SmartWater 😀 ), but when you think about strength in numbers, it can amount to a lot in the end!

No one should feel obligated in any way to send anything. This website is completely free, and I want people to continue to enjoy it as it is. I would never ask people who enjoy my site for money if it was not a Twilight-related expense above the operation costs of my site. This is only an option for those who want to help me to be at the event.

If you would like to help, please use the secure Paypal button below. You do not need a Paypal account, just a credit card. Thanks 😀