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*Are Kellan and Ashley being replaced because of cast disputes? (Unconfirmed, likely)

Is Robert Pattinson being cast as Spiderman in Spiderman 4? (Unconfirmed, unlikely)

Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Together? (Unconfirmed)


*Will there be a third Eclipse trailer before Letters To Juliet? (Confirmed FALSE, by Summit)

Will Breaking Dawn be two movies? (Unconfirmed, likely)

Will Bill Condon direct Breaking Dawn? (Confirmed TRUE, by Summit)

Are creative differences causing Summit to have a seperate director do reshoots for Eclipse? (Confirmed FALSE, by Summit)


How the rumors are confirmed:
UNCONFIRMED – There is no substantial evidence of this being true or untrue.
UNCONFIRMED, Unlikely/Likely – There is some evidence to lead to the belief it is untrue/untrue, but nothing solid.
CONFIRMED, True/False – The rumor has been confirmed true by a legitimate news source.
CONFIRMED TRUE/FALSE BY SUMMIT – The rumor has been confirmed true/false by Summit Entertainment