Pick The Song for Twilight

Everyone knows the importance of the final song in a film, the one that plays during the credits. The purpose of this is to bring the film to a closing with a song that seems to represent the movie you just watched. As songs have been such an important part of each chapter post, I have decided to take a vote for what the final song for Twilight should be, in the opinion of all the Twilighters around the world!

The goal is to find a song that seems to represent Twilight (the first book) as a whole to you. You can nominate up to 3 songs, but you must submit them separately.

There will be two rounds. One, will be suggesting songs. The second will be voting on the top-ten of those suggested. I will post the song for Twilight when I write on the epilogue, with my final thoughts on the book.

Also, as I am one who abhors polls with no prize, I am offering a free BITE ME HAT and MITCH HANSEN BAND CD to a randomly chosen person from those who enter– all straight from TwilightTeez.com!