A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

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Story Behind The Article

A while ago I came to the conclusion that Stephenie Meyer was one author who was not going to disappear anytime in the near future, and that her books were becoming a vast phenomenon full of fans dedicated not only to the vampires (and werewolves), but to the woman who created the world they have so deeply fallen in love with. The person behind the stories receives as much, if not more, attention than the books themselves– not only from the likes of TIME magazine as one of the Most Influential People of 2008, but from hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world.

Looking into it a bit deeper, I noticed a strong trend behind the fans. They looked up to Stephenie not so much as an idol, but more like some perfect version of what their mother could be– something deeper than a simple fan obsession. Digging around a bit, I discovered that I was really on to something and that most Twilighters agreed: they felt like they knew her, even though the majority had never met her in person.

After asking Twilighters to send in their favorite things about Stephenie for my article, I was drenched with over 400 responses in less than 24 hours. Barely managing to pick through all of them, and having even fewer make it into the actual article, I decided to post the best 25 of them here so that anyone can see the evidence I used in the observations made in my article.

The Best of the Quotes

She almost feels like Superwoman to me: mother of three by day, vampire-book writer by night.
–Katie S

Stephenie is very down to earth with everything she does. She doesn’t let the fame get to her head.

How many awesome women listen to Linkin Park while writing? How many of those women can have children while writing?

She wrote Twilight with a baby in one arm and she was typing with the other.

No matter what is happening in my life, I can find comfort in her writing. If that doesn’t make her the “Ultimate Mom,” I don’t know what does.
–Sydney D

She gives of this vibe that, 15 or so years ago, she was a girl *just like you* . So really, it’s not that we see her as a “mom”, we see her as a “she-used-to-be-like-me”.

I could say that vampires are way over the wizards.
–Karina M

Her writing is so electric.

No matter how much she is pressured by us girl fans to add a love scene between Bella and Edward, she stays true to herself and to her religion. I really admire that.

All the girls in the series are intelligent, tenacious, modest, and down to earth. It’s nice to know that in a world where literature is often changed to fit trends, she can take a stand and mean it.
–Staysa C

In her books, she’s explained to us what true love really is, and that it’s not about sex or good looks.
–Amanda S

Stephenie Meyer is so funny and nice that when I read her books, I feel like I’m reading something written by a friend.
–Emerald W

Our childhoods are robbed from us with TV, movies and the Internet. Edward and The Twilight Series allows us to escape back to days of innocence and pure love.

She really is a supermom! I think that if I were her kid, I would definitely be bragging all the time.

Instead of dreaming about being a ‘movie star’, I believe we all now dream about being a ‘Stephenie Meyer’.

She made us believe in Prince Charming again.

Stephenie Meyer is something special. You will never meet another woman like Stephenie Meyer.

I for one would love to sit down with her for an hour and discuss Jimmy Eat World’s back catalogue, and whether she thinks ‘Hybrid Theory’ is the best Linkin Park album.
–Jenny D

To me, a mom is someone who can guide her daughter with love and advice – that’s what Stephenie Meyer does.
–Katie M

She is seriously one of the nicest ladies I have ever met. The second time I met her was at a Q&A session on Eclipse and she remembered me from the prom!!! I am NOT KIDDING!!!
–Mirtha Z

Stephenie Meyer gives every girl what she really wants: the perfect guy. Of course, he’s not real, but that is unimportant.

I think people stereotype “Mormons” and think that we wear bonnets and dresses down to our ankles, or that we only listen to The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. But we don’t. I think that her religion is a strong influence on the wonderful person that Stephenie Meyer is!
–Erleen M

Stephenie Meyer knows what true love is. She knows that it’s something deep down that takes a lot to resurface.
–Jenna C

She hasn’t thrown in alcohol, drugs, or mindless sex into this book. All that fills it is through and through passion.

She MUST know she is a good writer, because I can’t imagine her not re-reading her own books every night because they are THE BEST…not like I do that or anything…*cough*.