A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Chapter-by-chapter reviews of The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, from a male perspective, written by Kaleb Nation from 2008 – 2009. 


Breaking Dawn

Chapter One – Engaged

Chapter Two – Long Night

Chapter Three – Big Day

Chapter Four – Gesture

Chapter Five – Isle Esme

Chapter Six – Distractions

Chapter Seven – Unexpected

Chapter Eight – Waiting for the Damn Fight To Start Already

Chapter Nine – Sure As Hell Didn’t See That One Coming

Chapter Ten – Why Didn’t I Just Walk Away? Oh Right, Because I’m An Idiot

Chapter Eleven – The Two Things At The Very Top Of My Things I Never Want To Do List

Chapter Twelve – Some People Just Don’t Grasp The Concept Of “Unwelcome”

Chapter Thirteen – Good Thing I’ve Got A Strong Stomach

Chapter Fourteen – You Know Things Are Bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude To Vampires

Chapter Fifteen – Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Chapter Sixteen – Too-Much-Information Alert

Chapter Seventeen – What Do I Look Like? The Wizard Of Oz? You Need A Brain? You Need A Heart? Go Ahead. Take Mine. Take Everything I Have)

Chapter Eighteen – There Are No Words For This

Chapter Nineteen – Burning

Chapter Twenty – New

Chapter Twenty One – First Hunt

Chapter Twenty Two – Promised

Chapter Twenty Three – Memories

Chapter Twenty Four – Surprise

Chapter Twenty Five – Favor

Chapter Twenty Six – Shiny AND

Chapter Twenty Seven – Travel Plans

Chapter Twenty Eight – The Future

Chapter Twenty Nine – Defection AND

Chapter Thirty- Irresistible

Chapter Thirty One- Talented AND

Chapter Thirty Two – Company

Chapter Thirty Three – Forgery AND

Chapter Thirty Four – Declared

Chapter Thirty Five- Deadline AND

Chapter Thirty Six- Bloodlust

Chapter Thirty Seven- Contrivances AND

Chapter Thirty Eight- Power

Chapter Thirty Nine- Happily Ever After