A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Twilight: Chapter 17 (The Game)

Β The song for this chapter is Stand By Me by Ben E. King (suggested by Yolanda)


After being previously left off right before a game of Vampire baseball, I was very eager to get back: especially since I was nearly guaranteed to find out what it was due to the title of this chapter. Unfortunately, after being submerged in central-Texas, KISS-FM radio and culture for nearly half my life, anytime someone says ‘The Game’ I immediately think of this song:


Before the baseball game (which was fun to watch, by loads), trouble appears on Bella’s street. Jacob Black is back, and Edward is not happy about it. There is a deep loathing between the two, and I am getting the feeling it runs much deeper than vampire and werewolf ties. Edward, specifically, does not like Jacob in the vicinity of Bella. Whether this uneasiness is the fact that Jacob is another guy coming around Bella or that Edward feels that a werewolf might be threatening to her, has yet to be seen (at least, for me).

As I read this chapter, there is a certain warning brought up by Mr. Black about Edward, which made me recall an email I recently got from a non-fan of the books. She pointed out to me in a very direct (though oddly composed) manner that Edward scared her. She directed me to places where Edward follows Bella around town, sneaks into her room at night, and is always lurking in the shadows at odd times of the day. Her claim was that any guy who did that to her would find himself receiving a world-class restraining order.

However, though I can see the concerns of her and Billy Black (and many Jacob-fans, I am guessing) there is an opposite side that should be considered by the anti-Edwards. His motives are so sincerely well-intentioned that Bella knows he would never cross the line. In fact, he has had multiple opportunities to hurt her. He has even stated it before, while they were far out in the middle of the meadow. Bella is also well aware that she couldn’t do much against Edward if he tried.

If a real guy outside the books was to imitate those aspects of Edward, almost any girl would be wary of his motives. Edward, on the other hand, has displayed many times how much he values Bella. He is appearing out of the night, popping up in Bella’s house and following her when she leaves with her friends– but, instead of being a stalker, it seems that Edward feels to Bella more like a constant bodyguard, always watching out for her and trying to stay close as often as he can. Trust is a very important thing, and the building of it has been meticulously done by Edward.

My favorite thing so far I have found about the Cullens is how they are so instantly organized into a team. The moment Alice picks up on danger, they are ready to defend against it, and each of them has a certain ability which will aid them. In a way, they remind me of the Incredibles, but more…vampirey.


Again, the look on my face says it all

Also, reinforcing what I said above, the moment that danger to Bella becomes the slightest possibility, Edward tactfully drops out of the game. Without saying, he replaces Esme so that he is near Bella in case of any trouble.

I very much enjoyed this chapter, not only for that revelation, but also because of the sudden twist at the end. When Alice suddenly senses something rapidly approaching in their direction, the story takes a turn into something more thrilling for us guys (fellows: take note, I feel there are bad vampires on the way, and bad vampires spells Vampire Action Scenes). Also, Alice worries they will smell Bella:

“That won’t help,” Alice said softly. “I could smell her across the field.”

“Dangit!” Edward said, removing his cowboy hat. “I told her to take a shower.”

“Wait a minute,” Alice sniffed again. “It’s not her, it’s you.”

“Dangit!” Edward whined, replacing his cowboy hat. “Vampires don’t need showers!”

Someone recently asked me which chapter was my favorite so far, and I replied with an earlier one.Β  However, upon reading this one, my favorite has immediately been changed to Chapter 17. I will also admit to being unable to resist reading the first page of Chapter 18; and if not for another college exam tomorrow, I might have just kept going πŸ˜€


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– Yolanda, if you see this, I know you actually picked Stand By Me for chapter 18. However, I chose to use it early, because it is a song that sounds perfect for a vampire-baseball scene

– Added: according to some early comments, I must be victim to spoilers. Obviously, Jacob is not a werewolf yet (or I am not supposed to know this yet). Which leaves me slightly confused, as I was certain it was mentioned somewhere…Β 



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  1. It was mentioned… kind of. it was in the dream she had where jacob was trying to pull her into the dark and a Large Russet colored wolf like dog apeared in his place XD

  2. You took the Quileute werewolf story and made the connection. Bella dreamed he became a werewolf, and you must have taken that the wrong way! Edward is just uneasy about Jake because he can read in Jake’s mind that he likes Bella. At this point in writing, Stephenie hadn’t even figured out that Jacob was a werewolf. She found that out while writing New Moon.

    I’m sure everyone has told you some variation of this, I was just making sure it was all in one place.

  3. lol at The Game (rapper) reference. that’s one of the most wackest rapper names ever, like 50 Cent, i’m sorry you had that first thought.

    PS: “Hate It or Love” is not a bad song. i (used to) like it.

  4. Personally, I don’t like the book, and I have a strong distaste of the series. Maybe it’s the overrated hype… I don’t know. But I liked this chapter more than the others; is that… *gasp* PLOT I sense?!

    And amen on the cowboy thing. I’ve always pictured the series as a blood-drinking cowboy versus shape-shifting Indian thing. Heh.

    Finally, Bella is not that special. What annoys me the most is how Stephenie fails to capture all the different types of females there would be in even a small town like Forks. (Where are the fangirls?! Edward should have female stalkers!!) There are more than a couple of my friends who would “bravely” approach a gorgeous group of people their age.

    And even if it is high school, people of certain age groups would be close enough to talk to each other. I do believe I am “digressing”….

    Anyways, having Edward see Bella as the first “brave”, “sensitive”, “warm” girl he has met in his century-old life is “just a tad” cliche. /sarcasm.

    In conclusion, cliche</3

    Thank you for reading that jumbled mess of zealous female thought.

  5. Ahahah… laughing the whole time.
    I love this chapter. The fact that they actually like playing baseball is just plain funny.
    Ahaha, you have to admit, the part where (whoops, previous chapter, but oh well) Edward is playing her lullaby and she starts crying, thus (I don’t know WHERE he got this insane notion from) encouraging him that she would like it should he taste her tear, is a kind of creepy part. I mean, sure it seems sweet but, reading into it, Edward has some serious issues. The animal blood drinking, okay, that’s unusual for a vampire, but better than the human blood. And now it seems he’s decided to give up on blood altogether. Just drink tears. This worries me, he’s going to have to make a lot of people cry…
    But back to this chapter, yeah, I love the way they work together. And how Edward drops out of the game. πŸ˜€
    Also, you are, what most people would consider, extremely weird. Why on earth would Edward have a cowboy hat? You’re thinking of Jasper. πŸ˜€ Ahaha

  6. Cowboy hat. Nice. Also, the thing about Jacob, what your probably thinking of is the dream that Bella has in which Jacob is trying to get her to run from Edward into the woods, and falls to the ground, turning into a wolf. I thnik that came after her trip to the beach, when she found out what Edward was.

  7. lol The Texas in you was coming out in that scenario you wrote out. =P and yes I agree, this is the chapter where things get exciting! and any guy who is able to make it up to this chapter (even if being forced to read it) would actually really start enjoying it ^.^ too bad, not many of then are willing to try πŸ™


  8. I always prefer the way Edward puts Jacob down in that calm way. You know, that “Do you understand that, mongrel?” and “I will break your jaw for her.”… just download something about that calm anger. This clip just seemed a TAD over the top. And I love how angry Bella is when Jacob kisses her. Download filmes @D0-W-n10@D_F1L R

  9. look I confess that when I read the first Lovro thought I would not like the movie but I thought until I saw both baca others also and I'm anxious waiting for the next, many critics say the vampire movie that has nothing to do but the movie, folks is not a movie to portray vampirism, a romantic movie is a history between different races Intereco linked by the same love, so of course will not follow to the letter about vampires, is supposed to be romantic …

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