A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading New Moon: Chapter 21 (Verdict)

The song for this chapter is Let It Go by Fauxliage (suggested by Monica)


There is something cool about an underground room. I know it probably sounds odd coming from someone who is known to be slightly claustrophobic, but my fear is not so great that I can’t enjoy a few underground spaces with the assurance they won’t cave in on me or begin to shrink Star-Wars-trash-compactor style. When I see this underground place in Volterra, for some reason I was reminded of Jack Skellington’s home in The Nightmare Before Christmas; there is this closed-in coziness to both of them:

What’s this!

Edward is very much on edge the entire way across this hideout. He is, after all, bringing a delightful snack deeper and deeper into vampire country, and the further he goes the less chance he has of getting Bella back out if trouble begins.

Someone asked Bailey and me on Saturday’s Blogtv which scene we are looking forward to the most in the movie, and I can’t remember which one I said. But after seeing the people in the underground chamber sparkle in the sunlight, I realized that seeing Edward in the sun is one of the effects I’m looking forward to the most (I have a hard time imagining a sparkling vampire, so it will be quite an interesting scene. I’ve noticed that the movie people have been very careful not to reveal any scenes of sparkling vampires, so I’m guessing I’m not the only person looking forward to this.

People have been telling me to watch for Aro ever since I started on Twilight. He is obviously some sort of a leader of the group, surrounded by bodyguards who stiffen when Edward moves. He seems to have a quiet power despite his entire demeanor being different from the rest of the people. It makes me slightly uneasy, to be honest.  For him to be so joyful amidst a relatively serious group of visitors, I keep expecting Aro to laugh maniacally, then casually pull out a bazooka and begin blasting about randomly.

“Jane, dear one, you’ve returned!” Aro cried in evident delight. A strange expression came across his face.

“Oh random joyfulness!” he said, grinning from ear to ear. “Alice! Edward! It is so wonderful to see you.”

“Wonderful to see you,” Edward said, nodding.

Wonderful to see you pushed off a cliff, he was thinking. Aro didn’t notice.

“Posies and pockets!” Aro said, skipping merrily to his desk. “And you brought Bella too! I don’t think I could ever be happier!”

He laughed, and then laughed so more, the sounds gradually rising from mere giggling into a high-pitched, animal scream. And then, casually reaching into his robes, he pulled out two gigantic rocket launchers.

he roared maniacally as he pulled the triggers.


I was expecting Aro’s powers to be something of the mind reading sort. It probably would do good to aid in his judgement, though he appears to be a bit jealous of Edward’s ability to read minds without contact. I noticed quickly that Aro was careful to touch his subjects to get all the latest reports by reading their minds.

Jane has been a bit scary since the first time I saw her in the book. The fact is that despite her seemingly quiet demeanor, there has been an aura of power radiating from her. She is the only person I have seen so far that Edward will show deference towards. And someone having such power that makes Edward Cullen respectful is a scary thing indeed.


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– The Support Stephenie Meyer video is being worked on! I will be posting it as soon as I finish compiling them all.



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  1. I actually really like Aro (though not so much after BD) even though he’s truly evil. It’s kinda like Spike on Buffy (before he got his soul) he’s the bad guy you can’t help but love.

  2. I love your posts, but this one made me laugh really hard (and during school, I might add). Keep it up. You are freaking fantastic.

  3. I msut say I do really like Aro….he’s hilarious. Oh and Marcus…how he is perpetually bored cracks me up..lol. The Volturi are good for a laugh…Jane doesn’t scare me.

  4. Aro is so creepy… he makes a good “villain.” I don’t think Edward “respects” Jane… he just can’t help but be scared of her… she is a terrifying monster. gah… I want to tear her from limb to limb! She takes pleasure in causing people pain!

  5. That “Lil’ friends” remark was hilarious! Happy to see you have gotten over your epression in the beginning of the book.
    I totally agree with you on that last sentence.

    “And someone having such power that makes Edward Cullen respectful is a scary thing indeed.”

  6. hey, lolarious post.

    I know, jane fully freaked me out when i read new moon, i cant believe a nice girl like dakota fanning is gonna play her!!!

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