A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading New Moon: Chapter 21 (Verdict)

The song for this chapter is Let It Go by Fauxliage (suggested by Monica)


There is something cool about an underground room. I know it probably sounds odd coming from someone who is known to be slightly claustrophobic, but my fear is not so great that I can’t enjoy a few underground spaces with the assurance they won’t cave in on me or begin to shrink Star-Wars-trash-compactor style. When I see this underground place in Volterra, for some reason I was reminded of Jack Skellington’s home in The Nightmare Before Christmas; there is this closed-in coziness to both of them:

What’s this!

Edward is very much on edge the entire way across this hideout. He is, after all, bringing a delightful snack deeper and deeper into vampire country, and the further he goes the less chance he has of getting Bella back out if trouble begins.

Someone asked Bailey and me on Saturday’s Blogtv which scene we are looking forward to the most in the movie, and I can’t remember which one I said. But after seeing the people in the underground chamber sparkle in the sunlight, I realized that seeing Edward in the sun is one of the effects I’m looking forward to the most (I have a hard time imagining a sparkling vampire, so it will be quite an interesting scene. I’ve noticed that the movie people have been very careful not to reveal any scenes of sparkling vampires, so I’m guessing I’m not the only person looking forward to this.

People have been telling me to watch for Aro ever since I started on Twilight. He is obviously some sort of a leader of the group, surrounded by bodyguards who stiffen when Edward moves. He seems to have a quiet power despite his entire demeanor being different from the rest of the people. It makes me slightly uneasy, to be honest.Β  For him to be so joyful amidst a relatively serious group of visitors, I keep expecting Aro to laugh maniacally, then casually pull out a bazooka and begin blasting about randomly.

“Jane, dear one, you’ve returned!” Aro cried in evident delight. A strange expression came across his face.

“Oh random joyfulness!” he said, grinning from ear to ear. “Alice! Edward! It is so wonderful to see you.”

“Wonderful to see you,” Edward said, nodding.

Wonderful to see you pushed off a cliff, he was thinking. Aro didn’t notice.

“Posies and pockets!” Aro said, skipping merrily to his desk. “And you brought Bella too! I don’t think I could ever be happier!”

He laughed, and then laughed so more, the sounds gradually rising from mere giggling into a high-pitched, animal scream. And then, casually reaching into his robes, he pulled out two gigantic rocket launchers.

he roared maniacally as he pulled the triggers.


I was expecting Aro’s powers to be something of the mind reading sort. It probably would do good to aid in his judgement, though he appears to be a bit jealous of Edward’s ability to read minds without contact. I noticed quickly that Aro was careful to touch his subjects to get all the latest reports by reading their minds.

Jane has been a bit scary since the first time I saw her in the book. The fact is that despite her seemingly quiet demeanor, there has been an aura of power radiating from her. She is the only person I have seen so far that Edward will show deference towards. And someone having such power that makes Edward Cullen respectful is a scary thing indeed.


– For any writers here, I posted a list of my five favorite books for writers on my other site. The majority of the questions I get by email are about writing, and these are the books I use most.

– The Support Stephenie Meyer video is being worked on! I will be posting it as soon as I finish compiling them all.



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  1. Very funny πŸ™‚ Yes Jane is quite terrifying. The first time I read the book I thought she was going to turn into a monster or something. But what she does is even more eeeeery.

  2. Haha You are very funny Kaleb. Ugh, Jane….not much to say about her. I do however like Aro quite a bit…I find him very funny and entertaining.

  3. Kaleb, you are just a barrel of laughs. πŸ™‚ One of my favorite quotes from this chapter is when Marcus and Caius join them in the room and Bella thinks, “The dark-haired man seemed utterly bored, like he’d seen too many millennia of Aro’s enthusiasm.” Aro is a crack up. Or rather, Marcus’ boredom. I just feel like he is constantly rolling his eyes at everything Aro says.

  4. Aw, Kaleb. You’re in a chapter with Jane in it and you don’t even mention our debates on who should play Jane from that BlogTV thing? I still think you should play her! But seriosuly… anyone other than Disney Channel…

  5. Hmm Hey Kaleb you should go check out your post for Twilight, Chapter 21?? I think thats the one.
    Like the chapter

  6. Lol! Love the Scarface reference! Whats funny is my crazy little brother read both books back to back before I realized anything was happening (thanks to my older brother stealing them). So, when he talked to me about them, he told me a crazy play-by-play of how he invisioned the car crash in Twilight and this whole chapter. In both cases, due to his over-imagination, they turned out NOTHING like the scene. I’m saying this, because in his version this was basically a gang hangout with guns and drugs everywhere, which I thought about when I read this. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, can’t wait for the next chapter post!

  7. May I just say, ahahahhahahah! Fantastic post! I was laughing (probably a bit too loudly) the whole time, I could hear my family discussing my sanity.

    Aro is the strangest vampire in the series, in my opinion. His perpetually cheerful demeanor always scares me. I can only imagine meeting him in the street. I think I’d walk away VERY quickly.

    Hilarious… Aro with bazookas… Scary, but not completely unbelievable. I mean, if he ever adapts to today’s modern technologies. πŸ™‚

    ‘And someone having such power that makes Edward Cullen respectful is a scary thing indeed.’

    Ahahaha! Yes, yes it is. You know, that line makes Edward sound like a real disrespectful punk. Ahahah…

    Hurry up and post again! πŸ˜€

  8. Yay, Aro!
    He’s the most lovable evil, bloodsucking-vampire ever!

    I don’t see what everyone has against him. I’d love to meet him in a dark alley! Of course, he WOULD kill me. Oh, well.

  9. Hahahaha I loved that! And very good at guessing the true nature of Aro’s character, although we never see any bazookas or rocket launchers.

    Yes, definitely watch out for Jane…

  10. For more insight into Aro, Stephenie’s Q&A for New Moon has some background on him and Marcus (and the reason for the apathy emanating from Marcus). Beware of spoilers. Aro is lovable in a creepy way. HAHAHA! Delightful!

  11. Hahahahahaha that was hilarious. Amazing post! But it’s true, I always got a creepy feeling from Aro also. Jane is definitely worse though! Thanks for another great chapter… You’re almost done!

  12. LMAO. Kaleb, I bet you crack yourself up while photoshopping your picture into random objects and bodies…haha

  13. Does anyone else picture Aro as looking like Count von Count from Sesame Street? (Just me, then?) It must be all the laughing and the enthusiasm, but every time I get to this part, (in hy head) Aro’s skin turns purple, he’s wearing a cape, and he’s counting everyone in the room and laughing about it. Of course, he becomes a far more scary and creepy Count in Breaking Dawn… (hope I haven’t spoiled anything there) πŸ˜€

  14. This post had me cracking up and falling off my chair! (Yet again.) All in one we get: Jack Skellington, bazookas, and comment no. 18 with Sesame Street is halarious, also. Thank you yet again for brightening my day. lol.

  15. haha that is great! bazookaz! thats classic, but i can see aro with them, but for fun.. it will add more power to him, and he likes power! lmao

    as for jane, she is powerful. and i dont plan edward for respecting her, janes power is not something to mess with.. well enjoy the rest of the book, cant wait till i post the next chapter.

  16. omg this is my favorite post so far! keep it up with the random pictures and rocket launchers! =]

  17. I love this chapter… and the chapter after it… and the rest of the book that has a happy Bella in it… πŸ˜‰
    So… do you have Eclipse yet?

  18. I have a correction for you Kaleb. I should know since I know EVERYTHING that has to do with Twilight, in other countries too. =D ( Side affect of being an obsessed fan…) They do have the vampire-sun-sparkling scene in the movie. They had to or else I would have organized an army of furious Twilighters and kicked Summit’s butt until they complied added the scene to the movie.
    In the thousands of interviews I have watched i have seen the director and cast confirm that the scene will be in the movie..

  19. I absolutely love Jane!! She’s my favorite character besides Leah.I don’t know what it is about her I just really like her.
    I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON!!!!! Sorry… just had to say that… he’s too beautiful to not bring up…

  20. It’s true that we haven’t seen any footage of the sparkling. Rob was quoted as saying they tried many things to get the right effect and finally I read somewhere that the sparkling in the meadow was part of the reshoots! I can’t wait either. Love your comments, Kaleb! Looking forward to more chapters…

  21. ….’pockets and posies’? lmao Kaleb, very nice. I love your little fan rewrite, mad me laugh so hard my boyfriend had thought I’d gone crazy. I could totally see Aro doing that and it doesn’t surprise me that you brought military arms into it. πŸ˜€ Nicely done! Also Jane would be an intresting role to cast, I suggest my best friend Kacie. She’s evil cuteness wrapped up into one…or Joan. Not so much on the evil side but she’s cute and could pull it off ^^ Good update, can’t wait for the next one.

  22. *dies of laughter*

    I’m so sorry to say that what you wrote is NOT the first thing that went through my mind when I read that chapter… or the last, or any thought in-between. I love your sense of humor!
    I also can NOT believe I missed the blogTV thing. I was on the computer and everything! I was counting down to it in my sleep! And I forgot. *sigh* I suppose it isn’t the end of the world, and there will be another one. It was still going to be the highlight of my week, though. *gloom*

  23. […] (I have a hard time imagining a sparkling vampire, so it will be quite an interesting scene. […]

    Where’s the closed bracket?!
    I have an ocd about these things and began searching the entire context to find it.. But I couldn’t..

    can you fix it please? (:
    LOL sorry..

    anywayy.. oh goshh your sooo funny, i read this early in the morning and burst out laughing then got kicked out of my parents room..

    My bad.

  24. Eep! You made it to the Volturi. Isn’t Aro amazing? Like, seriously. He’s super. Well, a bit creeperish. I’ll have to send you this DeviantArt thing I found after you finish Breaking Dawn. Now that, is funny.
    So, your Nightmare before Christmas thing was funny.
    And, yes. Jane is a creepo. We don’t like her so much.
    Anywhos… yeah, Aro does seem like he would like to blow stuff up. Very much so.
    Happy reading!

  25. o your almost done! after reading new moon twice i kinda learned to really respect it instead of hate so much because this book sets the premisis for how the characters will act in the next two books. reading it through the first time i was just thinking GET TO EDWARD!!! but its really good that you are taking it slow. the volturi are one of my favorite literary characters because they have so much power. personally besides edward my favorite character is jane. i just think shes awesome πŸ™‚

  26. O yes, I can definitely see Aro with bazookas. Except in my head he has a twisted, demented smile on his face and a perfectly logical (evil, conniving, Volturi logic) explanation for blowing up everything in site. Aro’s a curious character.

    You will learn more than you ever wanted to know about Jane in the next chapter. If there was ever a universally hated character in the Twilight series, this creepy little vamp girl takes the cake.

  27. If Aro is creepy, then Jane is just plain psycho. Which is probably one of the reasons Aro keeps her around.

    and I’m sure Aro would just LOVE rocket launchers, lol. Not that he needs them, but still.

    Aro + Jane + rocket launchers = awesome movie

  28. Aro is awesome. I agree with you on that. He is my brother’s favorite character in the series (with reason).

    Jane is my favorite “evil” character. I picture her a lot like Bellatrix from Harry Potter. Awesome but at the same time scary. And I think slightly insane

  29. Hahaha, great post!

    Aro’s such an interesting character; very entertaining.

    And Jane. Jane is a very creepy, little vampire. Not one to be messed with.

  30. Everyone has been commenting on how Jane is evil and they hate her.
    So I guess something is wrong with me because I actually kind of like Jane. I think she’s an amazing villainess.

  31. Oh my… Aro with bazookas. While I didn’t necessarily see this when I first read NM, even after reading and rereading the serie countless times I can still see Aro pulling out the big guns- literally.

    As for Jane… She’s like those ghost stories people tell each other, freaking themselves out, but still enjoying the experience. Jane is such a mysterious, creepily evil character that people love her, obsess over her, and create hour long rants on why they hate her.

  32. I NEVER cry from laughter.
    The image of a maniac Aro somehow left me with tears streaming down my face.

    Ahh, I love Aro and I feel sorry for Jane, being so small when she was turned. I think she’s pretty interesting, if we could see her whole background of Aro finding her and becoming a vampire. Actually I would love any background on the Volturi.

    Aro is creepily happy but you can tell there is something in his personality that shows he can change from being so “happy” to evil in an instant. Really, he’s a bit obsessed with gaining power, but he still has the cheerful facade perfected. Real or fake? I think it’s a mixture of both.

    Aro’s been around for many years and it’s not easy to amuse vampires after awhile so this whole situation is really hilarious for him. A suicidal vampire? A human sweetheart? I mean, its not everyday a vampire falls in love with its “food”. It’s like a T.V. show drama to him. What will happen next?

    Oh and does anyone else find Gianna interesting? I seem to find everyone to do with the Volturi interesting.


  33. I’d just like to say that I agree with Al in comment #38. Jane IS a lot like Bellatrix from Harry Potter… I hate her, and yet I’m seriously impressed.

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