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Reading New Moon: Chapter 13 (Killer)

The song for this chapter is Everybody’s Fool by Evanescence (suggested by Margaret)


How does one get homework assigned on the first day of class? It is a question that plagued me this weekend. Somehow, three of my professors assigned homework on Friday, which meant that most of my weekend was spent reading up on history and government: though thankfully, absolutely, positively, NO calculus homework. And because of that, I was able to finally read the fateful Chapter 13… πŸ˜€

At the start of this chapter, Bella Swan is on a mission, and her mission is to save Jacob. However, the entire time she seems to be fighting another inner battle. If Jacob is in fact a killer like the others in his pack, is Bella doing the right thing by warning him about the hunters? If by doing this she is saving his life, is she simply defending a group of killers?

For some reason, I don’t think that the wolves are in much danger faced with some puny hunters. I think Bella should actually be warning the hunters instead.

As we all pretty much knew, Billy has been in on all of it, because after immediately lying to Bella that Jacob is gone, he tells her he is actually sleeping right down the hall when Bella confronts him with news of the wolf hunt. There always seems to be this network of distrust between Bella and whatever supernatural group she comes in contact with: and it isn’t until she confronts them about it that they actually let her in.

Bella: Hi Billy, is Jacob here?

Billy: No Bella, he’s anywhere but here. I have absolutely, positively no clue where he is.

Bella: Seriously, I need to talk to him.

Billy, whistling: Jacob who? What Jacob? Never seen him in my life.

Bella: There are people in the woods hunting for big wolves. Let me talk to Jacob.

Billy: Oh, you mean THAT Jacob…

Exactly as I predicted (and, I must gloat, it was a totally unspoilered prediction) the blood and the deaths in the woods were not caused by the werewolves, but rather by the vampires that still inhabit the area. I knew that Jacob would not be murdering people like this, and I saw the signs of vampires early on.

What I really liked to hear, however, was that Jacob and the werewolves serve the part as protectors: as a sort of anti-vampire. Because, honestly, if you have a group of vampires move into a nearby wooded area, and these vampires are amazingly strong, fast, and have a tendency to enjoy your blood, it would be nice to have a balancing creature that will fight against them. I see now why Jacob and Edward never really got along, and why the Cullens told the Blacks to stay on a separate place of land.

As I pointed out before with my lovely little triangle diagram, this is certainly going to cause troubles in the future between Bella, Edward and Jacob, as two of the three are natural enemies. Problems? Much.

The puzzle has mostly come together with this chapter. I see the deaths in the woods have been caused by the wandering vampires. I also noticed that these bad vampire seem to have appeared quite suddenly in the Cullen’s territory after the Cullen’s left. This is something that the pack cannot deny: the Cullens had a part in keeping these bad vampires away while they were there. Now that they are gone, however, the werewolves are now forced to watch all the land, and to exercise their strength more fully than before.

What makes things even more dangerous is that Victoria is still wandering the woods: thirsty, I am sure, and holding a grudge against Bella for her mate’s death. This, of course, is the definition of the word ‘danger’.


– Posts will be scattered this week because of school starting.



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  1. I know exactly how you feel about the homework situation. I received assignments for almost every class on the first day.

    Tomorrow is the beginning of my second week in college. I hope that all goes well. My first week seemed very long and by the time the weekend rolled around, I was completely and utterly exhausted. The days seem to go by quickly, but the week as a whole seemed to drag by at a snails pace.

    So good luck with all your school work, and remember that you’re not alone when it comes to a backpack load of books and assignments. I’m right there with you. πŸ˜€

  2. I know! I got homework on the 1st day too, and I even got some in calculus. So consider yourself lucky that you didn’t =P

    haha “Problems? Much.” you have no idea how right you are…lol!

    I like the point you make about the Cullens keeping other vampires away…I really wish Bella would’ve thought of that and informed a certain werewolf of this fact, maybe there would’ve been a tiny bit less lameness later on… =D are you gonna start reading faster?? Cuz you’re getting to the good part and it’s driving me crazy! =P

  3. Way to predict like the whole book!
    You’re gonna ruin it for yourself before anyone else can =P

  4. haha…
    Like alex said, you’re gonna ruin for yourself b4 anyone else can.
    I actually wanted to read each chapter with you. alas, i finished the whole book about 3 days ago. It seems that I couldn’t help it.

    good luck w/ school work. I won’t be asking you to read faster, but I’ve got to say that I can’t wait for your next insightful post.


  5. I too, liked the point you made about the Cullens keeping other vampires away.
    Congrats on the spoiler free prediction, haha.
    It must be extremely hard to:
    1. Escape from all of the spoilers and;
    2. Not spoil it for yourself by reading ahead.
    I somehow end up spoiling EVERYTHING. I end up opening to the exact page of a book by random, where all of the ‘action’ happens and have ended up spoiling every single surprise party I’ve ever had.

    Happy reading (:

  6. TOP TEN! Yay!

    Classes start for me today…I’ll probably have a full load of homework too. πŸ™

    The pictures are back!! Very nice, LOL

  7. I’d never thought about how the Cullens were keeping other vampires away. Very insightful.

    Oh, and it may have been a typo, but didn’t the Blacks forbid the Cullens from stepping foot on their land? Not the other way around.

  8. ^AJ’s right.^ πŸ™‚

    Ooo, calculus… Calculus is cool. I mean, I’m glad I’m done with it (unless I decide to do more), but it’s cool stuff. Speaking of which, I should get back to my precalc right now… what I DON’T understand is why we do all this stuff in high school and have to repeat it in college.

    Good job on the prediction! πŸ˜€ Bella kinda bugs me in New Moon. All that should have been obvious to her.

  9. HAHA, your just like my friend!! He predicted everything that was gonna happen too, so I’m gonna tell you what I told him……just read and dont predict anything!! lol and if you fight back I’ll say what I told him…..no, your a vegetable reading a book, so shhhhh!!!HAHA, yes I know, I’m weird, lol!!! But I’m happy your getting time to read New Moon πŸ™‚

    Good luck on the school work!! ugh, I start school tomorrow and its my first day of high school, fun……..:( haha

  10. Eww… school! I start next week and I’m already dreading it! *sigh*

    Glad you’re enjoying the book so far! I’m a huge Jacob fan, so I love New Moon!

    Just wondering… have you headed over to SM’s website at all to read her outtakes/extras from Twilight? If not, you really should… and there are some New Moon ones too you should take a look at when you’re done with the book!

    (Especially the first chapter of Midnight Sun and “Being Jacob Black”, which is a peek inside Jake’s mind during Twilight & New Moon)

  11. Wowsa…Oh, That Jacob. That’s great! And it’s so true! I can’t wait for you to finish the rest of the book!

  12. i say you start reading 2 chapters at a time and make really long posts…

    and i can’t believe that i have to start school next week…. tomorrow i have to go and get pictures and my schedule and blah.

  13. hi kaleb, sorry you got home work on the weekend, i hate that, my science teacher used to give our class home work on the weekend, too. btw, the cullens did not tell the blacks to stay away, the blacks told the cullens to keep off their land while they are living in washington, so the wolves are not the reason the cullens left, if you were wondering, just clearing it up for you. if you could just read faster or more and get on to eclipse……

  14. Everything about Bella’s life is the definition of the word danger. Victoria being around is only one small piece of the ‘danger’ that follows her everywhere she goes… you’ll see πŸ˜‰

  15. @ Katie Beth — yeah i’m doing pre calc too this year, and it’s *oh so much fun*. Not. By the time I take it in college, I will have forgotten everything I learned in HS, and will have to start all over again looking like a complete fool. Just what we all REALLY want to do.

  16. I’m a little curious by your thoughts that there are other vampires in the woods that have kept the Cullens away. True, it is definitely a vampire attacking the people. However, I always thought it was just Victoria, and then Laurent. The pack only ever mentions those two. So, in that case, the Cullens really didn’t keep the other vampires away. They kind of attracked them through Bella.

    I’m sure when vampires cross their path, the Cullens try to eliminate carnage in the area. Carlisle asked James, Victoria, and Laurent not to hunt in their “hunting” range because they have to stay inconspicuous. However, I don’t think they always seek them out. Often, the others will come to the Cullens after picking up their scent.

    So, overall, I guess what I’m saying is the Cullens tend to keep bad vampires away when they are present, but there wouldn’t necessarily be a hoard of vampires attacking the Olympic Pennisula just because they are gone. The vampire infestation is due to the Cullens this time, and their killing of James.

  17. Haha. I’m not in school yet… but starting in 8 days… =P
    Can’t wait until you’re on the chat again!

  18. Heh, it’s the second week of school for me and I just turned in a 5 page paper today. I actually bought a hoodie off of cafepress.com that says ‘Quileute High Protectors’ on it with a snarling wolf logo, and I love it to pieces.

  19. Wow. I know I’ve said this a million times, but you have to be the most perceptive person I have ever come across. You really have a right to gloat about knowing there were vamps in the area, because I never guessed it. I just love the wolves! They’re so sweet and adorable! This is why I like New Moon. It isn’t my favorite because Edward is gone, but it is a really good book when you get past that absence. Good luck with school!

  20. Nice post Kaleb. I’d like to point something out though…

    ‘the Cullens told the Blacks to stay on a separate place of land.’

    It is quite the opposite, I guess you just haven’t realized. I don’t think this is spoiling you but it is the /Blacks/ who are very adament about the Cullens staying off their land. It was the Blacks who were there before the Cullens, and yeah. The vamps have no aversion to the wolves. It’s the wolves who never fully trust the Cullens, so they made sure there were boundary lines so the Cullens couldn’t get to close to the humans living in La Push….

    Anyways, good luck with classes and such. (:

  21. β€œProblems? Much.” you have no idea how certain you are…!
    Funny conversation πŸ™‚
    greetings from uruguay!

  22. I’m glad that you are enjoying New Moon as much as you enjoyed Twilight but i must forewarn you, take caution in reading Breaking Dawn. It is the most incredible let down I have ever read. I will not tell you ha=ow it let me down because I want you to see it for yourself but please Kaleb take my warning into consideration.

    P.S. Read Breaking Dawn very, very carefully and see if you can spot various typos.

    Happy Reading

  23. Classes started here also! lol and I too recieved homework on the first day.
    Bummer I know.
    Awesome post K!

  24. Ah! Homework. Don’t miss it a bit. The Cullens don’t keep other vampires away, so much as they don’t let them hunt there. Remember when Laurent asked them about their range in Twilight?

  25. Awesome post as usual, but needing some clarification:

    1. The only “bad vampires” in the area were and are Laurent and Victoria. And they only showed up again about 5-6 months after the Cullens left (it’s spring at that point in the book, maybe March I think? And the Cullens left in September).

    2. The Cullens did not tell “The Blacks” to stay on their own piece of land. True, the Blacks were involved, but what’s referenced here goes back to the treaty signed by Jacob’s grandfather and his pack, with Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett. So that would have been in the 1930s. The treaty was signed prior to Alice and Jasper joining the family.

    The Cullens had only moved back to the area 2 years before, and soon after is when Sam changed into a wolf. There had been no wolves since the Cullens left the area back in the 1930’s, which is why Billy never became one – he missed out πŸ™‚ There must not have been any other nomadic vampires in the area either to trigger the onset of wolfiness during all that time. But occasionally they come through, like with James, Laurent, and Victoria…and because James was killed, they’re still dealing with it (too bad Bella smells so darn tasty :)).

    Hope that clarifies! πŸ™‚

  26. obviously some people got way too lucky on the first day of school.

    i got, 3 pages of calculus, 5 pages of physics, and asked to bring a grain of salt to school on my first day.. and yes, a grain of salt. not a packet. not a scoop. one. grain…

    i don’t know whats up with that yet..

    but i wish i didn’t have any calculus homework. and i’d like to find the person that said that homework on the first day of school was a good idea… i have some good ideas of my own to inflict upon him…

  27. pwahahahahah “THAT jacob” AHAHAHAHAH… and the image with the rifle LOLOLOLOL!

    good luck with your homework!!! No more chapters soon? Wahhh BAD SCHOOL BAAAAAD *hates school* hahahahh ok enough <3

  28. you just summed up basically the entire series there
    “Problems? Much.”

    and you haven’t even gotten to the best part of New Moon yet πŸ™‚

  29. I loved your Bella-Billy conversation. It was very “Princess Bride.”

    Westley: “Give us the gate key.”
    Gate Keeper: “I have no gate key.”
    Inigo: “Fezzick, tear his arms off.”
    Gate Keeper: “Oh, you mean THIS gate key!”

  30. I know how you feel about the homework situation. Tomorrow’s only our third day and I’m already having my first AP Chem test. Hope school doesn’t take up too much of your time.

    β€œProblems? Much.” Haha, you have no idea.

    You don’t even need spoilers, you’re already getting things right on the dot. πŸ˜€

  31. Ew. School. Somehow, even though I’ve only been back 6 days, I already have had to write two essays. Three, if you count Spanish. Ick. But, I don’t have math till next semester… and then it’s pre-calc. So, thats good. πŸ™‚
    And, I’m telling you, right now (or if you want to wait till after 14) go back to right after Eddy leaves, and read where Sam finds Bella. That whole page or whatever.
    Do it Do it Do it Do it…
    Happy reading!

  32. Claire, on the Princess Bride connection: My thoughts exactly. πŸ™‚

    This is where I think New Moon starts getting really good. Happy Reading ahead! Well, except for all that homework. I feel your pain. I had to read 20 pages of history and 37 -Thirty freaking seven- pages for chemistry. GAAAAHHH. School is so lame.

  33. The same teacher who thought it would be funny to give me homework over the summer gave us a 30 question test the first day. It wasn’t even one of those dumb “fun” tests It was full on language literature test.

  34. I can sympathize with you only partly because I am one of those evil teachers that give homework on the first day. Some insight from a teacher’s perspective: If you start with homework right away then your students will settle into the homework schedule more quickly, so that as a teacher I can be more focuse on whether the students are learning the material, than are they finishing (remembering) the homework.
    And thank you Kaleb, I know that when I come to your site that I will be refreshed with your writing, and as I did today literally laugh out loud.

  35. As always, insightful. But I would like to point out that is was not the Cullens that told the wolves to stay off of their lands, but the wolves who told the Cullens to stay away. The Cullens were outnumbered when this happened, so it’s nice that the wolves were reasonable with this negotiation and I believe it was fair for both parties. I don’t know if you have to fix that though, even knows. Just thought I’d fill you in! And again, good post.

  36. Heh, I’m in the same homework situation as you. I just got a boat-load of homework and two projects, just in the first two days of school. Gah.

  37. Oh, you mean THAT Jacob…


    Yeah, I know. School is mean. Life was so much simpler without it.

  38. I am impressed at your forseeing. That’s something about Stephenie’s writing that I love. As the reader you can feel really smart and guess at the future and be right, happily surprised and it still ruined nothing. I liked that. I did not have any spoilers about the book at all. I smelled them werewolves too! However, I didn’t smell Laurent’s apperance.

  39. “Wow… Cheif Swan, those wolves are very big… bigger than bears even…”
    -Charlie cocks gun-
    “Damn straight. Let’s kill ’em.”

    That’s kinda how I imgained them after I saw your picture up there.

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