A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Twilight: Chapter 12 (Balancing)

The song for this chapter is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (suggested by Rebecca)


In hitting Chapter 12, I have come to realize that I am halfway into reading Twilight! Plus, I’m very close to the Chapter That Started It All, which I’m looking forward to reading with great interest.

I loved the title of this chapter, because it is something which Bella needs to take lessons in, especially as she and Edward venture off on a hike. She has a knack for causing accidents in the safest of places, but I attribute it partly to her lack of balance.

Also, I have noted, there are quite a number of things which could be affecting Bella the Danger Magnet. For one, I’m curious about how regularly she uses cold medicine to get to sleep. Granted, I suffer from bouts of insomnia more likely worse than Bella (sometimes past 3AM) but the worst I do is take some Tylenol for a sore back after tossing in bed for hours. Warnings on cold medicine include such lines as ‘this product affects your ability to operate motor vehicles’ for a reason.


“I made my way to English in a daze”

“The rest of the morning passed in a blur”


She’s practically walking with a huge haze about her head, much like Eeyore’s cloud but sunk lower so she can barely see. It appears to me like it’s time for Bella to take another trip to the doctor 😀

Doctor Nation - The Cure for Danger-Magnetosis

I can also sympathize with Bella’s aversion to a five mile hike. Granted, hiking is not all that bad, but when you’re going through raw forest with the hot sun, flies, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, and all sorts of terrible beasties coming at you, it can become quite a misery. I know this because before moving to the city, I lived in the country for years, and at the beginning our entire land was completely undeveloped. Now it somewhat resembles this:

Home For Ill-Tempered Animals

Bella, however, is lucky to not have a hoard of animals all over where they are going to hike. Because if she had a pair of pigs freeloading off the land anything like the demonic duo Siskel and Ebert from where I used to live, they would not be walking on the hike, but rather running for their lives. They’re cute when they’re little, but don’t let the Youtube’s fool you– pigs grow up, and massively. Pigs have a repulsive skill which enables them to hear you from afar. You had better be dashing at full speed before those little hooves start to shuffle behind you: because after all, the only reason a human would step foot nearby is to stuff their snouts with grub, and they’re willing to knock you down to get at it. I’m sure you can just smell my distaste for pigs in this paragraph. Understandably: There. Are. No. Pigs. At. College.

Isabelle, however, is a different story. You talk bad about Izzy, and I’ll turn you to bacon 😉

In this chapter, another thing I came to notice is Edward’s constant interest in what Bella is thinking. This is very interesting, since she appears to be the only person whose thoughts he cannot read. It seems to bite at him that he can’t enter her mind, when he so much wants to break in like he does with everyone else.

He makes up for it, though, by always asking her what she is thinking. This part of Edward is one that I’ve seen in previous chapters but I didn’t notice until now. He has so many questions about Bella– he just wants to know everything about her, from her family history all the way to her favorite color. It’s almost as if it’s driving him mad not knowing it all at once.

I am but a day or two away from reading the Famous Chapter 13. Chapter 12 ends with Edward stepping into the sunlight…but I’m left hanging as to what happens next! Wish me luck at keeping from spoiling the next chapter until then.


– For fun I made a quirky line of photos about what happened When I Met The Dragon, immediately after he starred in Dragons Discuss The Twilightguy video. The photos are on my Myspace.

– For the people who enjoy my music, I have gone back to record a new song (a score, not techno– but I have another techno track coming). I’ll post it on my other site in a week or so. I finally got a keyboard 😀

– Somebody said I got a mention on NoMoreMarbles, and turns out it’s true. In this video around 2:12 I get a mention. Thanks Bailey (if you read this)! And congratulations on the wedding 😀

– After I mentioned wanting to be on Stephenie’s fansites list, I magically appeared on her site. Thanks Seth!



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  1. love the song for this chapter!

    and Isabelle is a cutie!

    congrats on making it on Stephenie’s fansites list 🙂

  2. Hi Kaleb! I love reading your site but I have to tell you…. lately it’s becoming less and less about you reading the chapters! That makes me sad because I love reading your thoughts. I mean you’re a guy reading Twilight… I don’t know many guys who read this let alone TALK about it.haha
    So I really hope you bring reading Twilight back into your chapter posts.
    It’s great fun, and I like the other stuff you post…. just would really like the chapter discussions to get back to the point.

    Have a great day!

  3. I don’t usually answer comments, but I had to do this one.

    I’m sorry Bridget if you think that. But I have to disagree. Every single post I write is strictly about Twilight. That’s the whole point of why I started this site.

    This post specifically goes off subject at a point. The reason? This is one of the few Twilight chapters where not extremely much happens. And since I don’t want to bore everyone with a super-short post, I went off on a tangent to show my point. Chapter 13, I am certain, will have a lot more to discuss.

    I do all the extra stuff, like the TwilightGuys Reports, because I can’t post every day and because Stephenie enjoys them. If she’s the only person on earth who enjoys those, then I’d keep posting them.

    I do my absolute best to keep everything strictly on Twilight here. But I need you to hang in there with me on chapters like these where it’s hard to find stuff to talk on. 🙂


  4. THE DOCTOR BWAHAHAHAHAHA……. That was freaking hilarious and sooo trufax LOL!!!!

    The piggggg awwwn Izzy <33 we love izzy :))

  5. How much do I love the fact that both of the animals in your little farm are the ones used to post the hate mail from your most devoted anti-fan? Ha ha! I laughed so hard. It’s awesome that this site is getting its own in-jokes now.

    So Kaleb you hit the nail right on the head with your observation about Edward. This is one of the reasons why girls love him so much. He treats Bella, who thinks she is totally ordinary, like she is the most fascinating thing on the planet. He cherishes her. That’s what women want: to be cherished. And one of the ways to show it is to act like the most minute details about a woman are completely fascinating. All guys should take notes on this!

  6. Regarding your comment to Bridget, I really enjoy your tangents and updates and all the other stuff. It makes the interim between chapters interesting.

  7. I have to say, the random tangents are quite funny. Can’t wait for more of your music! 😀

  8. Hey! Thanks for the reply, that was nice. Like I said in my first comment I love the site, and the idea. I like the tangents and the extra posts you do and I’m looking forward to the next chapters because you’re in for a treat!haha
    I think I’m just in need of new Twilight perspectives because August is way too far away! 😛

    Take care!

  9. The famous Chapter Thirteen? I often wonder why exactly it is so famous. Perhaps I’ll have to read it again.
    I know why others consider it the best chapter, but personally, I can’t agree. I love the whole book. Plus, I’ve only read each book once; twice if you count skimming the entire thing..

    My Random Thanks That I Will Put On This Site As I feel I Should “Tell” Someone:
    I just realized, from that article that Kaleb posted about Stepenie Meyer..(that was forever ago)..
    She got me back into reading. I was so stubborn and sort of going through what Bella was going through in New Moon. Just as long, too. (For those who think her mourning is unrealistic, you’re sort of absurd.)

    And so I finally got over my stubborn “Vampires are completely lame” concept, and read it.
    If I never would have read it, I think I wouldn’t be enjoying reading or writing as much as I do now. I did previously, but I stopped and for about two years, I only picked up about three books total for my reading independent from school.

    So, thanks to Stepenie. For making me rediscover my passion for reading and writing. (Because of Twilight, I’ve been able to actually finish short stories for assignments!)

    And thanks for making this site, it really makes me laugh. Also it shows that guys don’t need to live up to “Romantic War Images”., and so on.

  10. Awesome post once again Kaleb! XD
    One thing that made me laugh, is the pig Isabelle, because that’s my younger sister’s name XDDD
    It’s spelled the same too! XD

  11. Aaaaahh so close to the 13th!! Yes I agree with you this chapter isn`t one of the best and indeed nothing cool happens but prepare for what is next!! The good stuff is about to come! You always make my day, love ur posts!! 🙂

  12. I totally agree with Katie Beth
    I love all of the tangents you put in between chapters, especially the Twilight Guys report, not to mention all of the random pictures ((Danger Magnitosis, LOL)) and GJs hilarious letters.
    Also, I cannot wait untill you read chapter 13!!! I absolutly love that chapter! Im gunna go read it again….

  13. Oh and I forgot to mention: Good luck putting The Book down after the next chapter…

  14. i’m shocked you didn’t continue on after chapter 12. i don’t know how you could do that! i love all the tangents and twilight guys posts.

    Teehee, I can’t wait ’till you read the next chapter!! It is my favorite chapter…. *sigh*. It’s when the story REALLY picks up!
    I hope you like it! (Warning: If you don’t I will have to kill you…) :)!

  16. Yeas, I love all the tangents. It keeps things interesting, no? I agree with Liz, what Bella went through in New Moon is totally real. I think that what really was so good to me about that book, I was going through that type of thing as well, except not for the same reasons. And it just kind of helped me cope. I love your Izzie, she is adorable. Not that these books helped me love books again, but I just couldn’t stop trying to find good books after these. It ’tis hard too, nothing can compare to the Twilight Series and The Host.

    Keep all the randomness coming!

  17. Forgot to say that I like the whole book, I never measure things in the chapters. Personally I don’t even remember what happens if you say just the chapter number.

  18. So I’ve never commented before but I soak up every word you write! I couldn’t stop myself from wishing you luck on keeping yourself away from the mystery that is Chapter 13…until you’re “ready”!

  19. I am very impressed with you. all of the guys I begged to read the book turned it down except one. (of course, he got sucked in) Im very happy that a few guys can see that The Twilight Series arent just for girls. Only the tough guys read Twilight.

  20. I’m actually jealous that your about to read the next chapter. Maybe I should just drop what I’m doing and read it again myself….

    But props to you for actually being able to put down the book after only reading one chapter. You need an award or something for being the most patience person in the world while reading Twilight.

    Anyways, have a great week & enjoy the next chapter! =)

  21. Oooooohhh, almost at chapter 13! It’s THE best chapter!:) Keep reading. I can’t wait to see what you have to say about it!:) How can you just put down the book after finishing chapter 12?! I couldn’t stop reading! I LOVE the song for this chapter! Snow Patrol is one of my favorite band! Right now I’m really into the singer Jason Mraz, you know of his music, Kaleb. Part of the song Geek In The Pink is in some of your videos. 🙂 Again, keep reading and I can’t wait to here what you have to say on chapter 13!:)

    Stevie was here

  22. You stoped reading after the huge cliffhanger in chapter twelve. I want a five page report on chapter thirteen with ten outside sources! You better start after you read this. Ha ha, jk.

  23. I’ve had a long night working on my Zoreasterinsm paper for my Comparitve Religion class, if you were wondering where that post came from. Yeah for five-week college summer courses.

  24. I’m Grace from Puerto Rico and right now it’s 4:13 am. I discovered this website about an hour ago and spent that same amount of time reading every single post. And you’re almost on the THE CHAPTER. 😉 Enjoy it.

  25. This was a really great post from you. I liked how you really analyzed the chapter and I would like to see you doing it more.

  26. KALEB NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You better listen to this right now!!!!!!
    If you’re going to be listed on Stephenie’s sacred fansite list then you BETTER change your little opening thing that says in BIG letter’s that this is NOT a Twilight fansite!!!
    Ok, I’m done being your mother, now do it!

  27. hahah loved the doctor! hilarious! can’t wait till you get to ch. 13 :DD and idk how you only read one chapter a day, i would go mad! hahah thats me though 😀
    keep up the great work kaleb =]

  28. I love twilight so much and I found this website. Just read the whole thing and subscribed in a matter of like 20-30 minutes, LOVED IT!!! Thanks Kaleb, it’s great to see a guy’s point of view on twilight!!

  29. Ahahah! You’re completely right about the “head in a haze” thing! That’s so weird…. She’s completely out of it half the time.
    Nice song, by the way. Love Snow Patrol.
    Ooooh, the infamous chapter 13. Full of wonder and… other such enticing words.

  30. I just figured something out after re-reading this chapter. It’s a good thing that Edward can’t hear Bella’s thoughts, because hearing everyone else’s has spoiled him, kinda. So it’s good for him.
    Please pardon my randomness, I just thought of that now…

  31. Aw Izzy's cute! lol, yeah but if you think about it Edward is just so use to knowing everything about a person in like a day of meeting them. Bella is a mystery, so he's kind of going mad with ignorance….


  32. http://www.cafepress.com/twilightsaga5
    I like reading your opinion about the chapters. My opinion on this chapter is:
    I would walk through the woods with Edward. I saw the movie first, so I was so confused as to why Edward always said “Stay away”, or “What if I'm not the superhero? What if I'm the bad guy?” Well, even when I read the book, I realized that Bella's not afraid to go with him in the woods. He keeps her safe. He lifts her over the areas that he thinks she might trip and fall. And he's patient with her. I tend to think like Bella. He seems like a good guy, so how bad could he be?
    Kaleb, I must say, your writing is infectious, just like Stephenie Meyer's books.

  33. It must be very flattering for Bella that an amazing guy/vampire like Edward is so interested in, more or less, every detail of her life! (Although, I can imagine his constant questions might get a tad annoying after a while . . . !)

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