A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 31 (Talented) and Chapter 32 (Company)

The song for this chapter is Everybody’s Fool by Evanescence (suggested by Tony)

ADDED: after nearly two weeks of being down I think the site is FINALLY working! Luckily, I was able to restore this post. Because I am moving in 2 days, my next post might take a few days to get up. –Kaleb

As seems to happen every time I fly out of town, my websites have been down for the past week. PRAY TELL, you ask, HOW DOES YOUR SITE GO DOWN SO OFTEN? This is a questions I cannot fully answer, because it is beyond me how such a simple task of keeping a website UP and AVAILABLE is so hard to accomplish for professional web hosting companies. Thankfully,the hosting company was able to work with me to get most of the files back, and I managed to keep a backup of all my main posts, though some of the comments are lost. So I shall suffice it to say that I’m BACK and HOORAY for that at least!

Tanya and her company of pals seems like a good sort of people, which is exactly what the Cullens really need right about now. It was a little surprising how they so quickly threw aside their inhibitions with working with werewolves because of Renesmee, though. It seems suddenly that the little half-vampire baby has become the center of everyone’s world: she can just say something, and everyone believes her. It’s certainly a gift. She’s literally just turned mortal enemies into somewhat-allies. Not even hundreds of years could do that. It makes me wonder a bit at how these other vampires are acting. Is there a longing within them to have children at some point in their long lives, so that when they see that Renesmee exists, they are simply enthralled by her?

“She is so special, that little one,” Tanya mused. “Hard to resist.”

When they first met her, they seemed to want to kill her right there. Now I’m just waiting for the real fight to break out on who gets to hold her.

I’m really loving Eleazar’s discovery about Bella’s previously-hidden vampire powers. A shield? That sounds like it’s exactly what they’ll be needing very soon. If Bella actually has the powers to act as a shield against other powers, she can protect Edward while he fights, or even give the Volturi enough of a distraction to make them listen to Renesmee. I think Renesmee puts it best:

“Momma, you’re special.”

I apologize to anyone who thinks that Carmen is perhaps one of the best vampires in the novel, but every time I see her name I can only think of the only other Carmen I’ve ever heard of, and suddenly Carmen the Vampire becomes:


So as I’m reading all of these scenes with Carmen, I imagine she is wearing a floor-length, red trench coat with a hat, and is swinging about the room using a rope attached to a helicopter.

There is quite an interesting assortment of house guests arriving at Cullen’s house nowadays. Can you really fit more vampires into a house at the same time? The smell has got to be choking the life out of the werewolves by now. Woe be to any creature still pumping blood who happens to show up at their door around dinnertime.


I’m getting a bit dizzy from all the new vampires and their corresponding powers. They’ve got people coming in from all over the world to this little house. Amazons, Irish, Egyptians… you name it, they’re making their way to the Cullen’s home. If anything it will be a wonderful multicultural experience for little Renesmee (that is, of course, if all of them don’t get slaughtered by the Volturi, in which case this would turn out to be rather nightmarish).

Question For The Comments: Out of ALL the vampires in this chapter, whose powers do you think you would want the MOST in a big vampire battle?


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  1. honestly I think besides like Edwards, Bella's, and *tear* Alice's powers I like Zephrina's and Benjamen's, but my favorite new Vampire is definitely Kate ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean Soibhan whole want something hard enough is interesting but…yeah not as impressive as ripping the ground apart, just saying

  2. zephrina's.. totally. the many things that one could do for so many with the power of illusion..

  3. I can not remember all new vampires with all their powers… but to attack the enemies I'd want Emmetts strengh or Chelseas power to make people change the sides. Bella's shield is also a very important power for the defence. I suppose you can't fight against a vampire army only with the power to create Illusions or to control the elements.

    I think the best way is to fight together with other powerful vamps, you couldn't make sure to fight a vampire on your own.

    Love, True.

  4. I think i would want Bella's or Zafrina's, because with Bella's i could sheild myself and others, and with Zafrina's I could blind people which would be an advantage ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. That's pretty hard… It would probably be Renesmee's(since I could help people who've lost their memories) , Alice's [It would be nice to look at the future] or Edward's [Mind reading…=D] powers.

  6. i would probably want benjamin's powers! it would be so cool to manipulate the wind, water, fire, and earth!!! I COULD SHOOT FIRREBOLTS FROM MY FINGERTIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA LOL

  7. Probly Zafrinia's
    But my favourite vamp is Garett.
    i LOVE what he says in the end but i wont say no more x

  8. I know Alice isn't technically *in* this chapter (not physically present, I mean), but it's her power I would want. To me, hers is the most versatile.

    Before the battle, Alice is an excellent strategist. She knows what the enemy is going to do even as they are deciding it for themselves. As their plans change, she sees it, and can change her own accordingly. Alice can see which defences/attacks will work and which won't, and even when the outcomes aren't clear she can still gauge better than anyone else which options have the best chance of success.

    And as we learned in Eclipse, when there's no more time for plans and strategies and it comes right down to the hand-to-hand stuff, knowing what your opponent is going to do before they do it is a pretty cool advantage (bearing in mind that this means you would also know which opponents have powers you can't compete with, and so you'd know which fights to pick and which to avoid).

  9. I forgot to add that, although Alice doesn't have an especially devastating power in battle, knowing beforehand what will be needed in the fight gives her the opportunity to try and gather the right allies.

  10. Bella's. her's may not be the coolest power but it is like a protecting power rather than an aggressive/active power if u get me. so id rather protect myself and others rather than physically fight. i think Renesmee has a cool power too and i love Edward's and Kate's but yeh deft Bella

  11. I like Kate's power, the electric current thingy. I'd love to be able to do that. I hate when people touch me, so that would make them back away, eh?

    Other than Kate's, I love Zafrina's power (I read the other people's comments and people, spell it: Z-A-F-R-I-N-A).

    And any other power that can let me live out my sadism.

  12. I think I would like Benjamin's power to control the elements. That seems pretty useful, if you're going for offense.
    However, they do say that the best offense is a good defense, in which case I'll have to go with Bella.

  13. i guess i'd like a little bit of mostly all the mind powers: like a little bit of janes, zafrinas, bellas, once in a while alices, and edwards! hahaha cool huh?

  14. WOO HOO!!! Welcome back!!

    I would want………… hm, hard decision. I like Zafrinas – pretty pictures, but really Bellas is the best. It's bad enough that my twin tends to know what I am thinking let alone anyone else. Actually, maybe Maggies – I am so gullible at times. Um, Kates' would also be cool. Too many new vampires, too many new powers. ARGGH.

    Ok Definitely Bellas. LOL

  15. Oh how I've missed your blog, Kaleb! Yeah, I figured you site was down when I kept trying to get on and got a “could not connect to page” or something like that.
    If I could have any vampire powers during a battle, I'd probably want Alice's power to see the future. Then I could see everything that's gonna happen and always be on top of things! Hence, kick major butt! =)

  16. I think I would want Ben's powers (at least I think it was Ben) who could control the storms and what not. Either his or the girl that can shock people, was the Carmen? I really need to read that book again..it has been too long.
    I love you Kaleb you always make me laugh! Good luck with the move!

  17. For a battle I would like Bella's power, but for everyday I would sooo love to have Siobhan's… To will something to happen just by desiring it so hard… Beware of what you wish!!

  18. The caption for the carmon picture just killed me. That was so funny. If I was in a battle, I'd want the Amazon's power. The character I identified with best though was Siobhan. she and I are a lot alike.

  19. It's a difficult choice, considering all the NEW powers that have come to light since the others have arrived at the Cullen's home, but if I had to choose just one, I'd choose Bella's shield. Although she's a new vampire and has not had a lot of experience in battle (or any for that matter), Bella is strong — strong enough to fight well, but she also doesn't have to worry about any other vampires having a MENTAL ADVANTAGE over her. For example, Jane is one enemy I'd be very concerned about. It's very hard to fight when your mind thinks it's in such horrible pain that it has no control over itself. If Bella can block that intentionally, it would definitely be more of a fair fight.

  20. In a fight, Jane's power still creams all, except Bella's. although jane technically isn't in this chapter, she's mentioned, so I'm counting her. I think I would want Bella's because she beats the otherwise unbeatable Jane, but in a fight that isn't volturi-vs.-cullens and friends, I would want janes because it's much more fighty.

  21. I would want Jasper's power because by manipulating their feelings you can change their opinions and decisions. With this you could possibly prrevent it from coming to fist to fist, or should I say power to power. But it won't prevent any type of confrontation as once they leave they remember their feelings.

    Bella's power is extremely useful as it protects against all mental attacks. To be able to guard against most powers is a huge advantage in a vampire fight. It doesn't, however, prevent against physical attacks.

    Alice knows what will happen. She predicts the opponents every move making her almost untouchable. But in a fight she can't help everyone at once so is not much of a group asset.

    Edward's would give you a similar omniciense but without Aloce just knows the now and not the later.

    Zafrina's power would be cool because it can cause everyone to be blind. But although the opponents can't see they still have their other super vampire senses.

  22. I would want either Alec's power or Bella's power in a fight. Benjamin's power is REALLY COOL, but in a vampire fight it really wouldn't be that useful, because a vampire isn't going to be harmed by any physical object you throw at him (boulder, tree, etc.) unless it's fire. Alec's would be the most useful, because you could completely take away your opponent's ability to fight you, or even sense anything going on around them. Also, you don't have to feel like such a monster, because when you kill them, they don't feel any pain. Bella's power—obviously useful for defense against people like Jane and Aro and Alec.
    And although I would NEVER want Jane's power in real life, I suppose in a battle it would be very useful—especially if you REALLY HATE your opponent. MAKE THEM SUFFER! MUAHAHAA! Okay, just kidding =D

  23. lol. AVON! anyways, i would absolutely love to have Ben's powers! & he reminds me of a nicer version of Alec & Jane, so he would definitely be a good ally were they to battle.

  24. I think Bella's power… and I won't explain further than that due to not wanting to spoil anything.

  25. Siobhan power to will things to happen is the best. I believe her talent made to where bella could control her shield were she had a hard time before the fight.

  26. So hard to choose! In a battle, I'd have to say Benjamin's or Bella's – either be able to fight them or at least protect yourself. In normal situation (as if there would be a normal situation if I had any powers), I'd like Alice's. Don't think I'd like Edward's as then I'd know what everyone thought of me and I may not like it…

  27. In a vampire battle I would, oviously, love Bellas sheild. If i were a mom I would protect my daughter, no matter what.

  28. ok i havent read this book yet i read the first 3 is bella a damn vampire yet im waiting for that to happen

  29. and one other thing are me and the twilight guy the only 2 twilight dude fans???

  30. ok i havent read this book yet i read the first 3 is bella a damn vampire yet im waiting for that to happen

  31. and one other thing are me and the twilight guy the only 2 twilight dude fans???

  32. Ive lost count on how many times ive read the saga and though alot of people choose eclipse as their favourite book i have to say mine is breaking dawn. I feel like all my questions get answered. Though I have to say, I feel like it was slightly rushed in the middle. We get the wedding and the honeymoon and then bang she's pregnant and they're flying home so they can kill the baby and then days fly past pretty quick and ok, the baby is growing fast but come on! nothing is really explained properly. Jacob has to have had more emotions on seeing hearing about the 'killer' that bella was having? Then bella is a newborn and the story slows down again. I know this is all people read to get to and i was one of them but on the third or fifth read, i really wondered what the reaction of the other characters were when they got home of their honeymoon. How did rosalie feelwhen she got that call and what went down at the airport? Anyway….got to say loving the fact you have this site! Now Im off to convert my other half into a twiguy!

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