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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 21 (First Hunt)

The song for this chapter is Confines Of Gravity by PlayRadioPlay!

I discovered yesterday to my great amazement that one of my favorite singers, Plumb, is not only a Twilight fan, but happens to be writing three songs for her next album that are inspired by the Twilight Saga! This is majorly epic news for me. I’ve been a Plumb fan since I was about 15, and then had the strange chance to interview her when I was 18. Now she’s into Twilight. Hopefully this means epicness in the near future . But for now: Chapter 21!
The importance of Bella’s first hunt is obvious because of how big a thing it was for her in Twilight — Edward wouldn’t let her see him hunt, probably because he was afraid it would scare her to see what he really was. I don’t blame him either. If this was the other way around, and I was with someone I loved, strolling through the woods, and then she suddenly leapt through the air and start to drain the blood of a nearby forest creature, I would admittedly be a bit shocked.


Like Jasper in the previous chapter, I’m a bit confused as to how Bella is able to control herself so well. From everything they have said before, Bella should be a wild, almost invincible monster attacking everyone around her in order to relieve her thirst. I remember in Eclipse when the Cullens had captured the newborn from Victoria’s posse (her name escapes me, but it was around page 570). That girl had been a newborn for a bit of time already and was still thrashing about in the dirt just smelling Bella from many feet away. Perhaps it has something to do with Edward injecting his venom straight to Bella’s heart — maybe causing the transformation to go faster? Still, I find myself like Jasper and Edward, just waiting for Bella to snap into a frenzy.

There’s a lot riding on Bella jumping out that window with Edward, too. It’s almost symbolic — a lot like what Edward did with her the first time she came to his house. It shows that she is really a vampire, something that can go jumping out of windows and not get hurt. Especially in stilettos, which I imagine are not the best thing to be jumping in (just thinking about this makes my feet hurt). Of course, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Bella was to be the world’s only clumsy vampire.


If I was Bella, I think I would be going a bit mad by now simply because of my new hearing abilities. If she can hear such minute sounds as hearts and teeth, how irritating must it be just to step into a mall or even more so, say, a dentist’s office, and be forced to hear every little whir or chip or scratch or brush that every cleaning instrument makes. Even in the forest I imagine every little wriggling worm or squirrel will catch Bella’s attention. She can hear Jacob’s heart beating? She can hear Alice’s teeth grinding?

“his perfect voice, his breath, his lips brushing together as he spoke, the whisper of birds preening their feathers in the treetops, their fluttering heartbeats, the maple leaves scraping together, the faint clicking of ants, the heartbeats of said ants, in symphony with the molecules and cells that made up the ants’ hearts, gently bumping against each other in rhythm, as their protons and neutrons continued their quiet motion, echoing in my ears.


I was jarred to my sense when I read this part

“I made a face. “[Deer] don’t smell as good.”

“Herbivores. The meat-eaters smell more like humans,” he explained.

“Not that much like humans,” I disagreed.

Bella Swan, who not so long ago was disgusted by blood and needles, is suddenly aware of how human blood smells. She is a completely new person than what she was before.

It makes me wonder about what will happen to Bella and Edward’s relationship now. I remember liking a clumsy and imperfect Bella, the Bella who was insecure at times and who had to live with the fact that her boyfriend was a vampire. Not that it is a bad thing for Bella to be a vampire now, but Edward fell in love with the old Bella — the Bella who wasn’t stunningly, vampiricly beautiful, the Bella who just loved him for who he was despite him being a vampire. If I was Edward, I wonder if I would ever miss the fragile Bella I fell in love with.

And then Bella has a wonderful thought:

“Perhaps my sense of security was false, but I did feel pretty good about not killing anyone today.”

Good job Bella. You stepped outside and nobody died.

Question For The Comments: If you were a newborn vampire, what do you think you would like to hunt first? Lion? Elk? (Human?! *hides*) ?


– Michael Welch (Mike Newton from the Twilight movie) is in an upcoming movie called “Unrequited” and just appeared in a behind-the-scenes video for it on YouTube! Check it out here.



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  1. Plum on the sound track…that's really neat! I used to listen to one of their songs when I was pregnant. It was so beautiful and sadly sweet.

  2. Edward didn't want her to see it because he lets go and controls by senses, if Bella were there, he would kill her. He said that she could use a little fear, it wasn't about showing who he was, but fearing he would kill her.

  3. I think i would stick to the carnivores,as for what to eat 1st….probably a shark or a lion.

  4. If I became a vampire, I would go to Pandora and hunt thanator, and toruk if one flew too low

  5. I have a question for you. what animal does Edward like to hunt. I'm sure the answer would be mountain lion, but the options are sheep, horse or elk. which one?

  6. I have a question for you. what animal does Edward like to hunt. I'm sure the answer would be mountain lion, but the options are sheep, horse or elk. which one?

  7. To me, I like Bella both ways… as a vampire and a human. I would hunt a mountain lion. They are Edward's favorite!

  8. hi my name is danielle virant i have a question i want to copy and past the breaking dawn book in microsoft office word but i can’t find the book online any were. can some one please help me find it online

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