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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 22 (Fire and Ice)

The song for this chapter is Hot N Cold by Katy Perry (suggested by Melanie)


This entire week has been a rush of school and writing stuffs, and I don’t believe I have stopped for even a minute to take a breath. However, while I was out getting prints made for my photography class, I managed to check the fanmail PO box, and behold the return address on one of the packages:

Christian Serratos???
Mail from Christian Serratos???

From the star herself?! Wowsa, what could it be? You’ll know its mysterious contents soon enough πŸ˜€

Anyhows, after my psychology test, I managed to leap into the next chapter in Eclipse: the much-hyped and anticipated Fire and Ice! Usually, when I receive an odd amount of comments or emails from people saying they ‘simply cannnottt waitttt…lulzzz!!1!’ for me to read a certain chapter, I instantly know to be wary. The last time this happened, Bella attempted to extract herself from more than the usual amount of clothing someone removes during wintertime. Now, she and Edward are alone in the mountains in a tent. Whoops. Maybe I should skip this one…

Luckily for me, there’s still someone else to keep them company: probably wary, I’m sure, of leaving them alone. Not like it would matter. As half of the title suggests, there is quite a bit of chill up there: and not even half of it is coming from the vampire. I can say from terrible, horrible, oh-so-memorable experience that cold weather and camping do not mix well. In fact, on one such camping trip, it was so cold that my Boy Scout troop won the Polar Bear Award for actually surviving the night (true story).

Unfortunately for Bella and Edward, there appears to be no such award in Forks. But never fear: Jacob Black is still hanging around as always; and, he is all too eager to make himself useful. In the kind and total selflessness of his heart, he offers himself as a living space heater to Bella Swan, with the pure and noble intentions of simply keeping her warm through the night.


Smooth, fella. Very smooth.

I enjoy this confrontation between Jacob and Edward: partly, I believe, because they are forced to be together and not fight, for the sake of Bella. They really seem to want to kill each other: you can feel it in the tone of their words. But even in the midst of this verbal battle, there’s some type of common goal that they both must work towards, if they want Bella to survive.

I pick up a certain amount of uncertainly in Jacob’s words, something that he doesn’t show much when Bella is listening. I think that deep down, he knows that he will never convince Bella to leave Edward. Somehow, he seems to know this, but he is fighting it: hoping that somehow she will leave the vampires. And he is right: it might better for her to stay with him. I’m sure the prospect of leaving Bella to Jacob, and her staying a human, is quite a conflicting one for Edward. It would easily be better for her to stay a human, in a literal sense: but how long would she survive if Edward was gone? I don’t think he’s willing to take the chance again, after what happened in New Moon.

People have gotten onto me recently because of my disagreements with Jacob, and his obviously intent of stealing Bella from Edward. Admittedly, it is hard for me to see any excuse for Bella to keep both of them hanging on: it is something that is simply not done, in any sort of respectful relationship. But there is a great amount of truth in saying that Edward did leave Bella: he told her he didn’t love her anymore, and he would never return. Team Jacob people tell me all the time that Edward brought Jacob into the relationship because of that: and now, he must suffer the consequences of his actions.


Still, there seems to be a deeper, underlying meaning to this scene in the tent: an analogy, almost, to where Jacob and Edward stand in regards to Bella. Perhaps I am mistaken. But I seem to pick up on certain familiar images. I see Edward in the tent, wanting to help Bella but feeling unable to. And I see Bella not wanting to accept Jacob, but needing him in some way. And in the middle of this, I see Edward accepting the fact that for Bella to survive, he might need a bit of help from Jacob after all.

And isn’t this the core of their problems? Isn’t this what has caused so much friction between the three? As I have said many times, it is the nature of this triangle: you cannot remove one without the other two collapsing upon each other. If Edward was to leave, Bella would surely die. If Jacob were to leave, she would never forgive herself. And like Edward, perhaps I am slowly coming to understand Jacob’s special purpose in both of their lives πŸ˜€

Question for the comments: feel free to take guesses at what Christian Serratos sent. Oh, and I’d love to hear about any nightmare camping experiences, sans werewolf space heaters πŸ˜€


– Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I realize this is very anti-climactic for a blog studying a romance novel, but it is 2 AM here and I can’t make a proper card nor flowers πŸ˜€

– For anyone who enjoys my music, I just uploaded a new song that you can download for free — click here to listen!



125 Responses

  1. Greatest post I have read, Kaleb.
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    I really like your view on it.
    a lot.
    times infinity,
    thank you again.

  2. With the triangle analogy, I think you hit it dead on. It makes complete sense, and that’s how I saw it. Personally, I think that Bella needs to toughen up a little. It’s sort of pathetic how she does this, and it a cruel and unusual punishment to Edward and Jacob. I don’t like people who are weak, so Bella gets on my nerves a bit. But then again, I can sort of see where she’s coming from.
    As for the Christain, it’s either
    A) a letter
    B) a card
    C) an autograph
    D) something else that I’m not saying or do not know….
    And if you want a bad camping story, I’ve got one for you.
    I was at girl scouts, and they decided to takes us on a three day hike.
    Day 1 – Hike.
    We walked 15 miles, the last 5 of those in the rain. We found out that the counselors forget half the stuff back at the camp, but it was too dark to go back to get it – since we left at like, 5 or 4 PM. So we ended up using our shoelaces to tie the tents together. And then we were told if we put up the counselors tents, we’d get another hot dog.
    Day 2 – Bike.
    We got up at the crack of dawn, got dressed, got our shoelaces back in, and then walked a mile to the place where they had the bikes all ready and waiting for us. Half of the brakes didn’t work, and then the smallest bikes were too big for the little people – like me and my friends Kate and Lily, and a lot of other people. Somewhere around 35 miles of biking, a 15 minute break for every 5 miles or so. It took us a while. The evening was the same as the one mentioned above.
    Day 3 – Canoe.
    On the third day, we woke up later. We put our shoelaces back in – where they would hopefully stay – and walked about 2 miles to the canoes, and then 5 minutes to the water. Half of us had never canoed a day in our life. There was a race to the other side. And we were told there was food waiting for us. For starving children, we wanted to get to that other side. We were not told that there was a current. Everyone was spining around in circles, almost everyone flipped trying to stop spinning, two girls got sick, and then, when everyone was finally on solid ground, we discovered that we had missed dinner.
    That night, back in our “cabins” – they were actually giant tents – we plotted to kill our counselors – Lollipop, Pickel, and Lizard.
    And so there you have it. The day we left, L, P, and L woke up to find they’re shoelaces missing, they’re shoes wet, and honey, chocolate sauce, and silly string dried into they’re sheets.
    Just goes to show that you should never anger evil girl scouts. Especially when they want revenge, and have the ability to get things normal girl scouts can’t.
    We didn’t even get in trouble, cuz there was no evidence, and we couldn’t possibly had the resources to sneak in the kitchens and take stuff. Even though the windows don’t have locks and there aren’t any cameras and no one gaurds the kitchens. He he he…

  3. ah camping. Last time I went camping I had mosquitos the size of small birds attacking my camp and I kept running into saw palmetto. For those who don’t know what it its…Basically its a tree with saws in the shape of leaves that can cut through clothing. I spent a week in that. Plus with no working showers or toilets.

  4. Comment #104. Yes it has.

    Edward told Jacob that Bella had been talking about the third wife in her dreams and that when he asked her, she said it was an old Quiluete legend. Edward asked Jacob what the legend was, and he showed him. Edward comments that Jacob should understand exactly who Bella identifies with in the story.

    Alice has also warned him that Bella wants to throw herself in danger’s way.

    That’s all I said. That Bella wants to throw herself in the middle to help. That’s how she convinced Edward to stay with her in the first place…

  5. Ok, my guess of what was sent is either a letter explaining that she loves the site or an autograph for you to give away in a contest. lol. Or maybe she’s trying to help you get in the set of New Moon! Now that would be awesome! πŸ˜€

    Ok, about this chapter….

    I have a feeling that when mentioned all the Team Jacob people getting on to you for bashing Jake, I was included in the mix. (correct me if I am wrong, Kaleb) Sorry for freaking out, but it honestly frustrates me when people hate Jacob or don’t even try to understand his motives. They truly are honorable motives, even if he is trying to steal Bella from Edward. Even though he does some things that he shouldn’t, I believe he is doing what he feels is best for Bella.

    I love this chapter. It shows that Jake and Edward could actually get along if it weren’t for Bella being in between them. It also shows that they can easily work together if the need arises. They both care enough for Bella to keep the fighting verbal-even though that can get a little terrifying- and that’s always good. They really care.

    I love the fact that Jake was able to help Bella here. Of course, when I first read it, I hated Jacob for it, but as I thought about it, I realized that its ok. There is nothing wrong with him helping her this way…after all, he has a permanant fever, why not use it? πŸ˜›

    As for interesting camping trips, I’m not sure I have any…unless you count us freaking out at a church camp out because wild horses were creeping around outside all night and coyotes were howling in the distance.

    Kaleb, I’ve suggested this song twice in the “suggest a song” but I’m mentioning it here too. Please use Inevitable by Anberlin for the next chapter, 23, Monster. It works perfectly!!!! Thankiez!!!

    Great post Kaleb!

  6. Yes, I HAVE been waiting for you to read this chapter. But, oh my, you’re becoming awfully perceptive, Kaleb. Watch out, or you’re going to start spoiling Breaking Dawn for yourself…
    Although, I wonder if it hasn’t already been spoilered for you, about Rene-
    Oh, never-mind. You’ll find out soon enough.
    But the chapter I’m REALLY waiting for you to read is Chapter 23: Monster.
    Oh my.

  7. you got it man! i knew what it was but never did word it: that jacob is so stubborn because hes trying to fight that Bella WILL indeed pick the vampires. he knows deep down that she wont choose him but rather, edward.

  8. omg!!!!!!! i love the song choice soooo much! katy perry is an awesome singer and the chapter where jacob forcefully kisses bella, the song should be “i kissed a girl” by katy perry. if that were the song, i would’ve laughed soooo hard! i liked the post and i think chistian said that she really liked ur site and it made her laugh and to keep up the good work. this is my favorite chapter in eclipse and i liked ur thoughts on it.

  9. Kaleb, remember that last line you wrote, “And like Edward, perhaps I am slowly coming to understand Jacob’s special purpose in both of their lives.” That’s very important. Very,VERY important. You do not understand how crucial it is that you remember this for Breaking Dawn.By the way, that previous post about Jacob being an almost-alpha werewolf, that’s kind of important too. You really do pick up on everything, and it’s getting so hard not telling you about what’s coming next.

  10. “…and his obviously intent of stealing Bella from Edward.”

    Should that word not be ‘obvious’?

    But other than that: Daaaamn, you would be my english teacher’s favourite student with all your perceptiveness and understanding. Geez man, reading your posts always make me want to reread the book (unforetunatly I can’t at the moment due to the fact that I lent it to someone)

    So as always, love, love, love your humor! πŸ˜€

  11. Sorry you keep getting all that crap from Team Jacob people, just as people think Edward fans are very defensive, I think they are also very Jacob fans are overly offensive. Edward is not perfect.. but neither is Jacob!Edward made a mistake by leaving, but no one can say he wasn’t trying to do the right thing. And it’s sad that some people can’t understand the type of sacrifice that sometimes comes with love. As for Edward having to deal with having Jacob around, that just sounds mean and spiteful. I think he’s been quite tolerant already.

  12. what made me laugh during this chapter is when jacob said”of course, you’d warm up faster if you took your clothes off.”
    then bella maneged to say easily
    “C-c-cut it out, Jake.”
    lol i’m only 11 and i’ve read all of stephanie meyer’s twilight saga. started last month and couldn’t put it down!!! Iβ™₯EDWARD!

  13. So… I'm gonna be the late commenter! LOL. the ppl under me are from 10 months ago! (Its not like i havent read the books — i read them ttwo years ago, b4 any knowledge and all the crazy fandom of the movie. GO ME!) This is my favorite chapter. I think this because in this chapter, you can see how much they all need each other. Bella needs Edward, her unnatural true love. Bella needs Jacob, the true love she would have if Edward didn't exist, as he shouldn't. Edward needs Bella. He has gone round and round with no dedication, waiting to be a soldier and keeping his eyes on his goals too much to take interest in anyone. He needs Jacob because since he loves Bella too, he kept her sane and alive when he couldn't! (New moon, When she was cold, etc.) Jacob Needs Bella. As I said b4, She would be his true love if not for Edward. And again, Jacob needs Edward cause of Bella. YOu can really see that edward and Jacob struggle, see that even though Edward is perfect in Bella's eyes, he's afraid of losing her to him — to anyone.

  14. my friend told me about this website and shiverguy.com. i just finished reading “Shiver” last night. i took me one and a half days to read. at the end, my mom was watching the olympics and i was reading. my lip started to quiver about a page before the end, then with the last two sentences, i started bawling my eyes out, even though it was a happy ending. i love the “Twilight” Saga, and my favorite book is Eclipse. i also think that you are cute, kaleb. thank you for making a site like this to make me laugh.

  15. i read abberrzzs' <(i don't know if that is correct) comment, i want to comment myself on the fandom. i think it always seems like i end up liking something before it becomes popular, then it becomes really ANNOYING to me. like the song Fireflies by Owl Citie. i got it as a freebie on itunes and then it became really popular, now i can't stand the song or the band. anyway that's my take on the subject, bye.

  16. My parents have always been big on camping… therefore, we all had to suffer due to their enthusiasm. My most horrible experience was when we went camping in the mountains and it started raining buckets and then to make matters worse our tent started leaking in the middle of the night and we all got drenched and were freezing… and they wonder why I'm not an outdoorsy gal anymore??? πŸ™‚

  17. Hiya Twilighters…

    This was my fave chapter out of the whole saga! I feel for Edward knowing that he'll never be able to forvive himself and for Jaccob knowing that she'll never be with him in the way he wants. That's why I loved it at the end when he became part of the family that suited all of them. I think this chapter is when they both learn to exept eachother as what they are…

    I'm not on a team… I'm team Swizerland! x

  18. Hiya Twilighters…

    This was my fave chapter out of the whole saga! I feel for Edward knowing that he'll never be able to forvive himself and for Jaccob knowing that she'll never be with him in the way he wants. That's why I loved it at the end when he became part of the family that suited all of them. I think this chapter is when they both learn to exept eachother as what they are…

    I'm not on a team… I'm team Swizerland! x

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