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Reading New Moon: Chapter 6 (Friends)

The song for this chapter is Better Together by Jack Johnson (suggested by M.L.)


I know this chapter came in a day late, but I just couldn’t wait off on reading the next one, especially since any progress towards catching up with everyone would be wonderful, knowing What Happens Tonight. Finally, the day that everyone has been looking forward to for so long: I think Stephenie deserves a toast, for this evening she has her sure-to-be awesome tour kickoff in New York, and later, the release of Breaking Dawn!

Even The Old Masters Have Been Waiting

On to chapter six of New Moon!

It is a joyful sound to hear Bella laughing again, seeing how depressed she has been all this time. Again, Edward is not mentioned once, as if the remembrance of him has been pushed into the back of Bella’s mind to be only a distant memory. In fact, I don’t think I saw his name a single time in the entire chapter, now. It’s almost as if she’s really moved on. Bella’s happiness seems to also be visibly shocking to Charlie as he comes in to find her not sullen for a change.

I really like to see Bella with Jacob, even though I don’t know enough about him to really swear allegiance to Team Edward or Team Jacob yet. When you put Edward and Jacob side-by-side, there are so many noticeable differences, many of them far opposite. While Edward seems to be quiet and inward, Jacob is this bouncy energetic person who does lots of the talking when he and Bella are together. It’s almost as if Jacob is making up for all the happiness that Bella is currently lacking after Edward left. Jacob could be the best thing for Bella at the moment, because he is slowly drawing her back from her sullen sadness.

Where Edward, also, seemed to be so dangerous to Bella, I see that Jacob is a relatively ‘safe’ friend. I am guessing that there are probably vast things that I have yet to see (I can’t imagine Bella with someone who could be deemed completely ‘safe’). Does anyone agree? Are there other major things that seem to be different between Jacob and Edward that I am overlooking?

And then, yet another black bear, sighted by Angela. After already reading a book by Stephenie Meyer I know to keep an eye out for things like this, and anytime something is mentioned twice it means it’s especially important. The funny thing is, I have not yet been spoilered as to what part the black bears play. Are they really bears? With Emmett and Edward not hunting them, have the bears suddenly overrun the woods? I’m not really certain but I have my suspicions.

Looking For Clues To The Bears

The entrance of Sam Uley as a character of importance was something I picked up on when he was acting odd, that first time when they found Bella left in the woods. It was as if he knew what had really happened somehow, and like the others, he didn’t trust Edward. There’s something fishy going on…

Ha! How fun. There is a Seth in the book. I wonder if this Seth was named after Seth the Famous Webmaster 😀

I had an odd thought while I was reading this chapter. I started to wonder what Edward was doing during all this time away from Bella. I see how much it affected her, and if she reacted in this way to Edward leaving, how much more so is it painful for him? I’m hoping to find out what’s been going on with him later on in the book.

I also have a question for the Team Edwards in the comment box: do you think that Jacob at least plays a good part in bringing Bella up while Edward is gone, or do you loathe him completely and think he’s taking advantage of Bella’s loneliness by jumping in Edward’s place?


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  1. um… well I feel stupid. Clearly the answer is right above mine. Sheesh… I should read better. I am just excited to read your post on the next chapter.

  2. Interesting.. hmm.. You’ve given me quiet a bit to rethink in that book. 😛
    I do like Jacob for bringing her out of the ‘Black Depression’, and I kinda hated Edward for leaving her like that.

    But, since I love Edward on a deep level, I didn’t throughly /hate/ him.

    So far in the series, I see how Bella likes Jake and how Seth and all of them at the reservation effect her in a positive way.

    … I think I was rambling a bit there.

  3. WAIT WAIT WAIT! ever thinking that Bells could ever forget Edward in any way is blasphemy!!! (And this is coming from a Team Jacob all the way) She doesn’t think his name because it hurts so much to think about him (hence the numbness) the only time she can think about him without wanting to tear out her heart and brain is when she hears his voice. (which first time I read it I thought it was some kind of vampire vodoo and that he really was talking to her man was I wrong)

  4. Even though I hate Jacob, I do give him credit for being there for Bella when she needed him.
    I just wish he would have left when she didn’t anymore. kidding. Somewhat. Also, Ha. Bella safe with Jacob. That’s hillarious!

  5. At this point in the series I think that Jacob is a great friend for bella. The only problem (right now) is that he wants too much. Eclipse He is worse than Anything! And the first 2 1/2 books of breaking dawn. I have always been Team Edward -except for about 3 hours after I read that he left.

  6. Jacob IS a good friend at this point.. it’s only later that he does seem to take advantage somewhat… and you know.. he can fill in the cracks in Bella’s heart.. but he can’t fill her heart 😉

  7. New Moon is an intense book. I think Bella and Edward belongs together, no question. But Jacob shouldn’t be hated for being there. Edward left Bella, no matter for what reason, but I think it was not okay to just, Kaboom, and disappear. i feel her pain. and Jacob really did help in aiding the heartache. He’s a distraction. But i pity jacob though, Bella seems like a pretty selfish person isn’t she? Just my 2 cents though.

  8. and I haven’t yet decided on which team I want to side in, although of course I’m leaning towards team Edward for various reasons. And mostly because I think a vampire is way cool than a filthy animal(as my friend would say it). But Jacob is only 16, he’s so young, but at least still manages to make Bella happy.

  9. I’m completely Team Edward never wavered. Though I’m glad in ways that jacob was there to help Bella out of her slum- i also wonder if that was better leading to attatchments. Jacob, where edward would drag Bella to talk, for the most part monopolizes the conversation- whether it be becasue he sees the pain and how much it strains her to be normal or because he’s just the arrogant jerky 16year old boy that is taking the chance to win Bella’s attention while she’s down in the dumps and hurting because of Edward.

  10. Okay. I’m so Team Edward, it’s crazy! But, I’m working my way through the series again, so I’m reading your old posts as I finish the chapters again myself. I know you read the comments and don’t always reply, but this is the second time I’ve heard you mention that you wondered what Edward could be doing, how he feels. Have you ever read the New Moon extras on Stephenie’s website? If not, please read them, and if so…what did you think? Did you like getting a glimpse of what Edward was going through?

    And as I said before, I’m an avid Team Edward fan, but reading the book again has really helped my opinion of Jacob. I do like ihim more now, though I’m sure those feelings won’t last once I get through Eclipse the third time(yeah, i read eclipse out of order, it’s my favorite).

  11. k so I know this is a late comment but this is my first time reading this blog (I’m going through & reading all of them now)

    I am totally TEAM EDWARD! And I actually like Jacob in NM I think he’s a good friend for Bella. It isn’t until Eclipse that he REALLY gets on my nerves & bugs me & makes me mad & reminds me of an annoying immature jealous teenage boy.

  12. Team Edward, though that does not,however, mean that I abhor Jacob. In all honesty, I love him! He's such a funny character, even in Eclipse, when everybody else is like, “Um, Edward's back…why are you here?” Which is stupid, because in New Moon it was established that Jacob is in love with Bella, so it would be incredibly inept to believe that he would just go, “POOF!” gone. And by the way, Kaleb, I know I'm not spoiling things for you because you're on Breaking Dawn now. So please everyone, if you happen to be reeeaaaallly unobservant, and don't notice the date on this, don't reply like, “OMG she like totally ruined it! Poor Kaleb!” Teenage girls, (or guys – this IS twilightguy.com) if you don't happen to speak like that, I'm sorry, that just happens to be my common perception of most girls who read Twilight. Yes, this fandom is full of crazy fangirls that make me want to slap someone. P.S. Kaleb, I can't WAIT for your book. Luckily, I only have to wait for three more days. Yay! I love you Kaleb! -Kate

  13. MMMM, I´m totally Team Edward, and I think is great Jacob made Bella a little happier, ´cause if Edward came back and saw Bella so depressed he´ll try to kill himself, I really didn´t hated Jacob untill Breaking Dawn, I mean, he deserves a happy ending but, he promise to love Bella forever, he promise that Bella would be the only girl he´ll love and he IMPRINTS HER DAUGHTER!!!!! That´s why I hate him, but I have always been Team Edward, even when he leaves I cry.

  14. MMMM, I´m totally Team Edward, and I think is great Jacob made Bella a little happier, ´cause if Edward came back and saw Bella so depressed he´ll try to kill himself, I really didn´t hated Jacob untill Breaking Dawn, I mean, he deserves a happy ending but, he promise to love Bella forever, he promise that Bella would be the only girl he´ll love and he IMPRINTS HER DAUGHTER!!!!! That´s why I hate him, but I have always been Team Edward, even when he leaves I cry.

  15. Jacob wasn't taking advantage of Bella.  I think that Bella needed him to get out of the dumps that she was in.  BUT that being said, he does be come a complication in the future…

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