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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 2 (Evasion)

October 23rd, 2008 at 12:02 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is A Little More by Skillet


The curious thing about taking a rest in the middle of the day is that sometimes, you simply do not wake up as soon as you had planned. Obviously, having been tired out from not doing my Calculus, I took a nap intended to be short and woke up 4 hours later: still not having read another chapter in Eclipse. Goes to show I need to either get more sleep, or seriously consider becoming one of those vampire folk.

I find Charlie so amusing. It is so very obvious what he wants, and that is for Bella to forget about Edward, fall deeply in love with Jacob, and make Billy Black, his best friend, also his relative through Bella’s marriage. It is the epitome of a dream wedding for Charlie: except for the fact that the bride doesn’t want to marry Jacob. She wants Edward Cullen, whom Charlie despises and has no qualms with making unwelcome in his house. This is understandable. As previously stated, Bella is insanely in love with Edward — Charlie’s observations stop at the ‘insane’ part.

Charlie, later on, attempts a rather awkward attempt at conversation with Bella about her and Edward’s developing … erm … relationship. I can think of many things Charlie would rather talk about, including:

1. Ingrown Toenails

2. Leprosy

3. The Blobfish

but he seemed absolutely determined to exercise his parental role and give Bella a good talking to. Not like he got much of anywhere (except the resulting chortles and chuckles coming from yours truly).

“Just tell me that you two are being responsible,” Charlie pled, obviously wishing a pit would open in the floor so that he could fall in.

If anything, the title of this chapter is exactly what Bella was practicing; and quite well I might add:

I sprinted for the stairs.

Good move Bella.

For Edward to so forcefully try to convince Bella to go see her mother tells me all is not well in Forks. It makes me wonder — what is happening in that town that makes him so intent on having her out of there that weekend? Even Bella notices it, and so I am wondering if he knows something we do not… something that Alice saw, perhaps? Maybe he hopes to convince Bella to leave town for that weekend, and avoid whatever it is that Alice had predicted.

I will admit that sometimes, I do not agree with what Edward does. Please, steady your nooses, blunderbusses and guillotines, comrades. The fact is that Edward intentionally sabotaged Bella’s truck so that she could not leave, and that is something than can be taken two ways. Many people might think that Edward, by doing this, is pretty much forcing Bella to do what he wants, rather than what she wants. So what if she wants to see Jacob? Does Edward really have a right to tell her not to?

However, what causes me to trust Edward is the fact that because he is a vampire, and because he knows so many things through Alice that Bella does not, he is probably acting in a way to protect Bella. He nearly lost her once, and probably is paranoid about losing her again. But it makes me wonder where the line is drawn? Is Edward really acting to keep Bella safe, or is it to keep Bella from La Push? One is in Bella’s best interest, but the other is in Edward’s.

I haven’t read far enough to know for sure what his motivation is for this, but it seems that Edwards has been overwhelmingly unselfish so far, and I don’t know why he would change now. That is why I still believe that he is doing this to protect her… and perhaps a tiny bit of his own selfish loathing towards Jacob, who has been trying to steal his girl for some time now. Edward may not be human, but he is still a man 😀

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: Do you think Edward has gone too far by sabotaging Bella’s truck, or is he just doing his best to protect her?


– Someone recommended Overprotected by Britney Spears for this chapter. In order to avoid my already imminent hanging, I declined.

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188 Responses

  1. Scott

    As a guy who is reading this book for the first time I feel Edward is going to far. Yes Jacob is a werewolf but Alice was absolutely wrong with her vision of Bella jumping off the cliff and who was there to save her but Jacob. Best friends are a big deal and it’s to much for a boyfriend/girlfriend to ask to keep them apart. And come on it’s not like the Cullen home is some safe haven Bella was almost killed by Jasper there just a few months back. I think that Edward feels it is for Bella’s best intrest and protection and not some sort of ownership issue but he is blinded by his own love for her and his predjudices of the werewolves to see the situation clearly. And to comment on what was said above me I don’t think Jacob would stop her if he could because he had that chance when she took off to Italy and let her go, because he loved her and wouldn’t stop her from doing what her heart desired.

  2. E

    Just thought I’d add(over a week later) that I still love Edward. Jacob, Edward, AND Bella all behave badly in this book. I still love them all, in fact… if you’re holding out for the perfect fictional character, you’ve picked up a really boring book. *Rolling eyes*

  3. summer nicole

    see, this is why i’m team jacob.
    well, scratch that.
    i’m actually team jasper.
    but that’s beside the point.
    the reason i don’t like edward cullen is that, if you stripped away all his good looks and vampire powers, no respectable girl would ever want to go out with him.
    he’s emotionally abusive (if you think this is false, look up the definitions and signs of emotional abuse), and a stalker.
    i mean, it kind of makes me sick over the fact that some girls swoon about him creeping into Bella’s room and watching her sleep when she had now idea he was there.
    and, also, his character is just so bland.
    smeyer had the chance to really develop some of the other guys, and she chose not to, making edward a gary stu and building bella and edward’s realtionship on lust, not love.
    the series would have been so much better if bella left edward for jasper (or even jacob!) after edward left in new moon. 🙂

  4. Brenna

    I think Edward’s reaction needs to be looked at from both angles. From Bella’s perspective, yes, Edward went too far by prohibiting her from going to La Push. But from Edward’s perspective (and my opinion as well) Edward was just protecting her.

    I mean, he DOES know considerably more than Bella about the supernatural, so we cant say he’s just stupid. He has reasons, and has obviously thought this all through.

    I personally dont think his reasonings are just Jacob that Edward has a problem with, but rather his location. As we all know Edward cant cross the line, so if something did happen to Bella while she was with Jacob, Edward wouldn’t know, and couldnt just pop in to check on the two, which scares him. Actually, I think Edward would ABSOLUTLEY cross the line for her, which scares him too. He doesnt want to have to even think about doing something that would put his family in danger as well as Bella, so he resorts to avoiding the situation all together.

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  6. Clara Renee

    you NEED to have your song for eclipse be “almost lover” by A Fine Frenzy

    P.S. I can’t tell (or maybe am in denial) which team are you Edward or Jacob?

  7. Ruby

    well…. the sabotizing of the truck was too much!! but there also is a fact we have to clearout!!

    you don’t give up your friends for the person you love, BUT and this is a big BUT PEOPLE! you do give up your “other” love interests for the person you love!!!

    And Dear Jake is deffinitly a LOVE INTEREST!! Bella was allmost about to let herself be with jake in New Moon – Don’t forget that. Jacob is VERY interested in her and in some way (not nearly as much as with Edward) she also wants Jacob.

    I haven’t read any further in this book, so I don’t know what’s coming.

    Many Twilight fans either hates or loves jacob or Edward… i hate the entire Love triangle!! Not the persons! i feel grateful for the fact that both Edward and Jacob loves Bella so much and wishes to Protect her. I am in no possible position to hate them for what they do, because no matter what they do, they do it because of the love they have for Bella… and that is reason enough even if what they do is stupid!! Bella needs to choose between them – And that IS a tough choice (a person that roots for either Edward or Jacob might have a problem realizing that) but she just has to. And that is why I never can and never will hate Bella either.

    Hugs to you all ^^

  8. Amanda

    Sabotizing her truck was a little bit too much, but it’s not like he wasn’t doing it for her own good. It could have been worse…

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  10. Michelle

    I’m so late into this!! I’ll give Team Jacob this one pass: Edward definitely fell into the creepy Bella stalker territory with the truck disabling move. He got the idea from Charlie, though. Haha!

  11. Oreo

    Are you kidding?? I think Edward did awesome in destroying Bella’s uglu truck. Who needs that thing anyway.

  12. Poppy

    oh if he did that to me i wouldnt care i love him too much n hes just trying to protect her i mean hes in love with her i mean like what if the person u trul truly are in love with disapears from the future i know i would be freaked out and make sure it didnt happen again so i think hes just very protective which i think is very very cute bless him. xxxx

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  14. Gothhic Goddess

    I have been in a relationship where a guy would constantly “go too far” but it was only “for my own good”.

    And when I read how Edward was doing this, I got mad at not only him, but Bella too. She doesn’t try very hard to get him to see her side, in fact she gives up almost right away. I think he went too far with that move, and that she didn’t go far enough.

    And yes, Edward is a bit paranoid, but come off it dude, you left her on her own, with a shattered heart, for how long?

    Just my thoughts.

  15. Briana

    I think that you can not expect anything different from Edward at this point, I also think it was kind of funny that he disconnected her truck. He just wants to keep her safe, and he will do whatever he has to now to not lose her again. Edward knows too well the risk of werewolves, and even if Bella and Jacob do not see a risk, what if there was one? Sometimes I am scared that Jacob can’t hold his anger together when Edward is being talked about.

    Just my thoughts, I don’t think he is being paraniod. I think he is just looking at what he can do to keep her safe, I mean she is a magnet for trouble right?

  16. twilightobsessedtwilighter

    I'm Team Jasper too… personally, I would have done what Bella did- shut the window and tape a sign on it saying “DO NOT TALK TO ME UNTIL I SAY SO” I mean, I love Edward (Jasper and Emmett are my fave though) but if he took apart MY truck, he would have gotten in a lot more trouble than he would have ever imagined. Yeah, it IS kind of creepy that he watches her sleep- I mean what if she puts a hidden camera in her room or something? Majorly creepy. And then there's the “I-hate-you-but-now-I-like-you” with Jake. I mean seriously. I don't blame bella and Edward for the imprint-nessie thing (I would have come after Jake with a crow bar and all of my vamp powers, but that's just me.).
    I wouldn't want Bella with Jasper- poor Alice- and not Jake. Actually, I thought it was a little funny watching Bella have this nervous breakdown. But I would have made Eddie beg on his knees for leaving me.
    Girls like Edward because to some of us, protectiveness makes us feel important. And if he wasn't a vampire, there is no way he would have been able to get in the window without waking Bells up, so therefore he would'nt have tried. And having a guy read your mind? Awkward…

    ILOVE YOU JASPER! EMMETT! SETH! CARLISLE! And u 2 Eddie… just don't EVER piss me off again like you did in NM…

  17. Bella




  18. angelica

    what if bella gos 2 see jacob eny way and jacob tackes bella some wher with him and edword cant come on there land or the pack will kill him so what shoud he do?

  19. br

    edward is going overbard but he is protecting her but its still wrong

  20. sally

    i dont know about this yet bcuz i aint got the book but my friend does and she doesnt know i finished new moon and it is sunday so tommorow at school im going to tell her and then she will give the book eclipse 2 me and i will make my own website and type the book for everyone 2 see. it will be called the twilight book collection and you could read the entire book for free online. which includes twilight,new moon,eclipse,breaking dawn,and the first chapter of midnight sun.

  21. Sandra

    IT was wrong for him to do but he just did it for her protection.. he doesn't know Jacob or his pack so therefore he did whatever he could to keep Bella from going to LaPush. He just doesn't want to lose her again and feel like he could of done something to prevent it.

  22. dhriti sharma

    luv u meyer………im dyin 2 read midnyt sun

  23. Impy

    i believe he did go a little too far with the truck, id hurt my bf if he did something like that, but i wouldnt really do anything except tell him im going to see my friends wether he likes it or not, its not like edward would leave bella anyways, he's totally in love with her

  24. Alex

    I know Edward is trying to protect Bella, but I think there is a distinct line in a relationship between trying to do what's best and being controling, and I think he crossed that line when he sabotaged the truck.

  25. ummhedaya

    Although I may not agree whole heartily with what Edward did, we must remember that he is in fact 110 years old and has seen more terrifying things than most… he truly knows the danger possibilities better than Bella… but still, he is new to love… he's just gotta figure out the balance… Bella makes him act over-protective because he knows, all too well, how breakable she really is.

  26. Danielle

    Well, I don't think he's gone that far, I mean he can put the car back together…..somehow? I don't know, having Alice distracting her by doing her dress-up things, now that is too far (It would be cool for Alice to that to me!). So he's just protecting her in my case and he didn't go to far…. but I would get a little angry if he did that to my car.

  27. Danielle

    Yeah1 I really need to revise thing anyway I just forgot to add the two buts (Wired?).

    Well, I don't think he's gone that far, I mean he can put the car back together…..somehow? I don't know, but having Alice distracting her by doing her dress-up things, now that is too far (but it would be cool for Alice to that to me!). So he's just protecting her in my case and he didn't go to far…. but I would get a little angry if he did that to my car.

  28. Danielle

    Well, I don't think he's gone that far, I mean he can put the car back together…..somehow? I don't know, having Alice distracting her by doing her dress-up things, now that is too far (It would be cool for Alice to that to me!). So he's just protecting her in my case and he didn't go to far…. but I would get a little angry if he did that to my car.

  29. Danielle

    Yeah1 I really need to revise thing anyway I just forgot to add the two buts (Wired?).

    Well, I don't think he's gone that far, I mean he can put the car back together…..somehow? I don't know, but having Alice distracting her by doing her dress-up things, now that is too far (but it would be cool for Alice to that to me!). So he's just protecting her in my case and he didn't go to far…. but I would get a little angry if he did that to my car.

  30. Nicole

    It is in the interest that Bella does not get hurt. But Also I think that Edward is a little jealous of Jacob. Because in Twilight Edward does say he is still a man even though he is not human.

  31. Rosa

    Omg, that Blobfish is REALLY NASTY!

  32. Maandacs

    Edward is just acting out for Bella's best interests and safety…I would probably do the same if i knew something will happen thru a sister like Alice. Cant blame him, he waited for so long and every chance of her getting hurt is not even a question to ask whether he should or should not?Maybe he is also acting out a little for personal reasons, but wouldn't you if you have the power to do so?

  33. Rheema

    Edward is becoming very possesive about bella , I think he must give her some space.

  34. Die Hard Twi-Hard

    I think he is trying his best to protect her like you said he almost lost her once and he doesn't want to risk losing her again.

  35. Kalmay

    Yes, Edward went too far! I understand his fear and wanting to keep her safe, but that was over the line.

    Okay, so I’m now answering this long after the book is out but I just found out about your site and had to check out all your insights. You’re very intuitive.

    As for the book Eclipse, I did find Bella a little less mature than the previous two. That disappointed me. Her reaction at being ‘forced’ as she termed it, was extreme. No one was holding her down. She could have confronted Edward. Like, what was he going to do to her if she didn’t ‘obey’ him? If he had responded truthfully of his fear, it would have had more of an impact on Bella. She would have then been torn between not wanting him to worry and fear for her safety with the desire to see her friend. It would have created a better conflict between them.

    When I first read the series twice over it was purely for entertainment. Way to go, Stephenie! What a wonderful story you’ve weaved. But now after reading it the fourth time I find myself getting more analytical about it.

    Like the scenes with Charlie, I can understand him wanting to protect Bella as well and not see Edward – who had been the sole cause of her pain and misery, but his suddenly being ‘hysterical / apoplexie’ and all red-faced was a bit much. Being a cop, if he would have used a more authoritative voice that boomed as if he were shouting at a criminal, I think that would have had more of an impact.

    But that’s just my opinion. Stephenie’s Twilight series is awesome! If only I could write as well as her!

  36. Kalmay

    Ah, there is just one more thing that bothered me about Twilight. The part where Rosalie was telling her story, how she could never have a baby, when they change into a vampire they are frozen. The women can’t have babies because their bodies need to grow and change to accomodate the new life growing inside of them.
    Well, being frozen, wouldn’t that apply to the guys as well? I mean, they can’t “grow” “enlarge” either, you know what I mean? Ergo, no honeymoon, technically.
    Unless…when they turn and become a vampire a certain part remains “enlarged”??? Sorry, I’m trying to write this g-rated, I hope I have done so. Didn’t mean to get all technical but it just made me wonder…they’re frozen, like stone these vampires. What does that mean????

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