A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 39 (The Happily Ever After)

The song for this chapter is Inevitable by Anberlin


And thus I have come to the final chapter of Breaking Dawn: the last book in the Twilight Saga. And what a journey it has been. My part in the Twilight fandom has been the most wonderful time of my life, and I say that with the deepest of sincerity. I have met more new friends in the past year than I have in my entire life. I have been to film premieres, bookstore events, midnight showings… all of these things that I never once expected to experience. This fandom has changed my life in immeasurable ways, some ways that I know I won’t even realize for a long time. I remember when I very nearly deleted this site the night I started it. How would my life be different if I had done that? The best memories I have were made with people I met through the Twilight fandom.

As for the ending of the Saga itself, it was just as sweet as I had hoped when I first picked it up: Bella and Edward are happy, as I think all of us have wanted them to be from the day both of them met in Twilight. Their happiness, I think, is just a reflection of how this book ends for everyone; but not only that, but it seems to tell of a strong, deeper ending to the entire Saga, and the lives of Bella and Edward.

In reflection of how this story ends, I like to think that there is someone out there for everyone: this one person who can make us complete, and with whom we are meant to be, and who we are, sometimes inadvertently and without fully realizing it, searching to find. I loved the Twilight Saga because I loved this concept — because I want to believe in it. A belief in fate or destiny aside, the idea that someone like Bella can go to a little town in the middle of nowhere and find someone like Edward seems to say that there is someone out there for each of us, somewhere, who might perhaps be searching for us right now, and who we could meet tomorrow, or a week from now, or next month.

It is easy to forget, after all of this, that Bella didn’t really like Forks when she first got there. She didn’t want to go to that school, or meet Edward, or be followed into the alley, or pretty much have anything to do with the rainy, miserable city of Forks. But if she hadn’t, she would have never met Edward. It seems to say that even the worst, most miserable times of our lives might perhaps be leading up to something extraordinary.

There is a depth of love that permeates the entire Twilight Saga, one that holds Edward and Bella together even through deaths, and wars, and heartbreak. I like to believe that the love each of us will eventually find will be just as strong as that, something that is so powerful that it can break down even the strongest boundaries, just as they did for Bella and Edward.

I think that what most of us want in life is this “happily ever after” in some form or another. Will we reach it one day? Have some of us already found it? Will we even know when we get there? As I have discovered with the Twilight Saga, it isn’t so much the ending that matters, but the journey we take to reach our own ‘small but perfect piece of forever’.

“But most significant in this tidal wave of happiness was the surest fact of all: I was with Edward. Forever.”

This post is short for a reason. Something more epic will be posted soon.




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  1. I think you summerised very well why the book meens so much for the fans. It is hope ! hope to find The love of our life, to turn our worst moments of life into the greatest ones, to find The place where we can shine, The extraordinary experince that can lead us to our own “small but perfect piece of forever” . Thank you Kaleb for all your reviews… I am a girl who believes boys and girls thoughts are not essentially different. I'm amazed by your review because it proved me right as I share many of your thoughts about these books.

  2. Hey Kaleb!!!
    I bought the movie “Twilight in Forks” almost a week later it was released, that´s when I saw you for the first time. But now I see you blog specting something new everyday. I have finish reading your chapter reviews and I absolutely LOVE them, I remember that your comments and “that was what he/she was thinking” made my almost pee.
    I was wondering. Are you going to write “chapters” to Bree Tanner, though there are not really chapters in that book. But you´ll figure that out.

  3. me too!! well i havnt really listened to it but if i did i think i would love it!!(maybe)

  4. ello!!!!!! sorry i just randomly feel like replying to someone i dont know 4 a change

  5. me too!! well i havnt really listened to it but if i did i think i would love it!!(maybe)

  6. ello!!!!!! sorry i just randomly feel like replying to someone i dont know 4 a change

  7. Hi Kaleb. I'm a a big Twi-hard female fan, and I of course DEVOURED the 4 books, and I of course loved Edward more than Jacob,but i want to say one thing : I liked reading all your posts. They allowed me to see this story from someone else's point of view, from a different kind of logic. I was searching for something like your website. I read about your daring project in some girlie mag, and I was so curious! And I was SO rewarded 🙂 ! Thanx Kaleb 🙂 .

  8. Even reading it for a third time, the ending of the Twilight saga is a huge deal and quite sad…

  9. I can honestly say that when coming to the final conclusion of the Twilight saga something inside me bagan to hurt. After reading all four books in the course of a week and two days I felt like i've formed a closed realtionship with every character ( excluding the Volturi, Luarant, James and Victoria). I've never read a book or seen a movie where two people are so in love as Edward and Bella are, and to think of all that she has given up inorder to be with him for and eternity has really got me thinking: Is it possible to love someone so powerful and to never get tired of them? I really fell inlove with Eward Cullen after reading Twilight and his special qualities has given me an idea of what to look for in a soul mate, Now I can honestly believe that Love is real and that maybe someday I would find my Edward Cullen….

  10. Thank you so much for all the time you have given to us. as a young person, it takes a lot to go on continuing your promise to finish the whole 4 books let alone being a male reader. You dont know what you did to us. To those who are hungry to have any thing written to suffice our need to read more about the Twilight story. There is nothing new to read, Stephenie would probably change her mind and continue where she left off The midnight sun. Or maybe writing a sequel about the life and times of Renesmee and Jacob. Or exploring the other characters of the likes of Alice pursuing to find out where her last remaining living relative is at. introducing herself as one , or if she continue to remain a secret. It is endless but we are hopeless waiting and it is all up to Miss Myers. When that time comes, we hope for you to find time, no matter how busy you are to do the same chapter by chapter. Have a nice life Kaleb..may you be succesful with everything youdo. Be safe.

  11. that was absolutley amazing and exactly how i feel, i can i only wish one day i find a love like there. i get emotional everytime i read these books because of the deep love which is the heart story of all the books 🙂

  12. Im just now about finished with breaking dawn…i remember the first time i read it at the end i cryed… im such a big baby!!! LOL. im pretty sure im going to cry @ the movie to!! i cant belive it's almost over..*tear tear* i wish it could go on forever… 🙁 to bad steph isnt a vampire.. or IS she..? hmm soo many questions.. 🙂

  13. I quite love the twilight series.
    It shows how hopelessly inlove one could be. The thing is is that after reading New Moon I thought that it would be great if Jacob could be with Bella instead. Jacob seems immature and hilarious to be around, unlike Edward who seems so serious and overprotective. But when I read the last book I finally understood the entire thing on how it involved Jacob. Renesmee seems like a perfect match to Jacob in her own way. How much she has changed Jacob is great.
    I was hoping that Stephanie Meyer would write another book, this time based on Renesmee and Jacob instead of Bella and Edward. I mean, there would be a lot for the new book to hold. Like that other half vampire-half human vampire who seemed so intrested in little Renesmee because she is the only other of their kind who is not related to him. And how she is immortal but Jacob imprinted on her.
    I would love to see people get excited over new characters in the book, more love, romance, heartbreak and action. Renesmee might not ever happen… But I will still be her biggest fan in a way.

  14. Sigh… I feel extremely sad that twilight saga is over. Even though stephenie meyer is gonna write midnight sun, well, i wanna twilight sequel… 🙁

  15. I love twilight forever…
    And loved your site man !!! Is W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L

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