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Reading Twilight: Chapter 1 (First Sight)

April 18th, 2008 at 8:32 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Seven Days of Lonely by I-Nine:


The first thing I noticed as I read Chapter 1 (First Sight) of Twilight was the usage of big words like inconsequential, omnipresent, claustrophobia, apprehensively. I feel as if I’m reading something from Jane Austen, which I am actually quite convinced is the point. Sorry for starting off on this tiny detail, but using the word ‘inconsequential’ on the first page of one’s book is an instant plus-3-points on my end, since most books these days would just say ‘no matter what’ and miss that Meyer flourish. Already off to a good start.

I actually like Bella for some reason, right off the bat. She isn’t stupid and she doesn’t have her nose in the air. When her dad gives her an old red truck, she is actually pleased with it. She’s normal but not a complainer, and that really stands out.

And speaking of her truck, what’s the first thing you think of when I describe a vehicle with a “...faded red color…big round fenders…one of those solid iron affairs that never gets damaged…

Fire Truck

In fact, if Bella was driving that special vehicle, she’d get the best parking at the school and just sit it right up front in the Fire Zone.

Also, I really liked the name of Coach Clapp.

Principal: Class, may I present to you…Coach Claptrap.


Coach: It’s Coach Clapp, sir.

Principal: Apologies. Class, may I present to you…Coach Crap.

Even more applause.

So overall I am quite enjoying the read and I’ll be onto chapter 2 sometime this weekend, and perhaps find out more about this Edward fellow. I am actually looking forward to it, so I’ll write about it Monday-ish.

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131 Responses

  1. Brice

    I just lost faith in humanity…

  2. Brice

    You seem to have read my mind. I could be very evil and ask if you have ol' Eddie's gift, but then perhaps literate people think alike?

  3. Brice

    Thank you, Briana. In fact, I felt “chagrined” at the comparison between Austen and Meyer. 😉
    Before fans chase my with torches and pitchforks, I should mention that I have no issue with people having a guilty pleasure, I just believe in reading with discernment. I love many books, but am capable of acknowledging flaws and even of laughing at the silly bits.

  4. Mickey Not Mouse

    Lol, glad to see you're keeping an open mind as you read this ^.^ most guys who've been driven to read Twilight just act like they hate it because they've convinced themselves they will before they start ^.^

    love the fire truck bit <3


  5. Twritebite

    I was so thrilled to read Twilight. What I liked about Bella's description in the book was the fact that she is described as looking just like me. It's as if Stephenie Meyer knew me well enough to describe me in her book. The only thing off would probably be the clumbsiness. I'm more graceful, like a vampire, but everything else about Bella is just like me.

  6. Lisa

    I also love this chapre. You're right, the words that Bella uses are very big, long words, and , I agree with you, for some reason it makes me like the book more!

    I, personally, absolutely ADORE the gorgeous, sturdy Chevy. And I'm also very pleased with Bella's reaction towards it. She doesn't hate or stick her nose up at it. She is delighted with it, appreciates Charlie's effort and doesn't complain about it!

  7. Amanda

    i said to READ it to me! you fuckin returds!!!

  8. Thebeezneez

    Well, Bella may not complain much in the Twilight Saga, she sure does in the second book New Moon! she can be an idiot at times. Though, Meyer's books are different from other Vampire romances, I liked the first book sort of; though Edward I have to say isn't a great character. Jacob is a good character, especially in the second book. I'm not fond of the series, but I would say that Twilight is the best one.

  9. Beca2102

    Bella doesn't complain? wow, you must be reading a different Twilight book… In the one I read all she ever did was bitch and moan about everything…

    Also, long and “complicated” words are not equal to good writing. In fact, since this is a teenage romance written from a teenagers perspective, I think Meyer would have done well in using words that most teenagers use…

  10. ashley

    i like the move of twilight because edward is really cute acaly he is hotter then jacab becuse i liked the part when he went to the woods with balla and he sparcals in the sun or the sun made him sparcal all over and i like his eyes but i think balla and edward look great toghter.

  11. DearAlice

    This site is great I am a girl but I love the fact that guys are reading the books and like the movies they can get into the battle scenes and danger just as much as we can

  12. What.

    what what what

    I mean, sure they're “big words” in the sense that they have lots of syllables, but really? You're applauding the use of the words like claustrophobia and apprehensively? Did you even make it past elementary school?

  13. Alishakinnear1234


  14. Dylan

    Wow, I just got finished with reading the first chapter. I'm never picking that book up again. Meyer has left so much detail out. She doesn't mention anything about the airport, what it looks like, its security regulations, waiting for the flight, the airplane, and the flight itself. What laziness. She literally goes from being the car, to boarding the plane, and a few paragraphs down, being with her father in a completely different state. So much potential detail has been omitted. In the matter of 1.5 pages, Bella has gone from riding in her car, getting out of her car, walking inside the airport, going through security, waiting for the plane's departure, boarding the plane, riding the plane for four hours, leaving the plane, retrieving her luggage, exiting the airport, and meeting her father. Why did Meyer leave so much information out?

    Abysmal writing, really. That was my first time trying Twilight and certainly my last. Terrible.

  15. Molly

    Actually, the book opens afterward. She's already gone through security. But yes, still, I think it's ridiculous how on the top of page 5, she boards the plane, and half way down, she's already there. No description of the flight whatsoever, when she boarded it (other than her saying “I got on the plane”). I agree, true laziness.

  16. Viena_17

    wOw!!GrEaRT!i JuSt wATCh OnlY iN t.V!!
    I dOnT hAvE bOOkS!!hEhEe!!

  17. Concerned.

    Dear Kaleb.

    You really must be congratulated. Its quite a feat to encourage an entire generation of potential readers to put down their classic and much loved literature, in turn for a series of poorly written, imbecilic “books” that fail to spark the intellect of even the most challenged individual.

  18. Hello world! | Sprinkle Some Glitter On It?!

    […] that you have never picked up that Twilight book, and just sneaked a look inside? Well this guy did https://twilightguy.com/2008/04/18/reading-twilight-chapter-1-first-sight/. Kaleb Nation, if you haven’t heard of him…is an average run of the mill guy, whom […]

  19. 700R4 Transmission

    This is so interested! Where can I find more like this?

  20. Guest

    What are you talking about, seriously??? The reason there is no detail as to the airport or flight is because it's totally irrelevant to the story & NO ONE CARES about the freaking flight. Wow…I would be really interested to see the kind of books you like if that's what you look for. You know she also leaves out cleaning the toilet (well, except for that one time in New Moon) & taking out the trash…oh the shame…

  21. guest

    Actually, I know quite a few of those “challenged individuals” who have been inspired by the Twilight books to read, for the first time, such classics as Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heights & Sense & Sensibility.

  22. Teamedwardusa

    u rock for reading it and giving it an honest opinion and not just being like, “i'm a dude, so i have to say it sucks!!” i appreciate ur honesty 🙂


    I'm just gunna say that i am a MAJOR twihard… i found you by watching Destionation Forks and stephany thought you were funny, so i thought i should check you out… i must say… your pretty funny. i'm glad that “FINALLY” a guy hasnt made fun of Twilight without reading it… keep up the goodness 🙂

  24. Felipe

    Well, i'm exciting to know that i'm not the only guy who likes the twilight saga…  😀 (happyface)

  25. Djrevuijkrlrhgjui

    Harry Potter!

  26. emily

    im enjoying the first book i read it ever night and with my bed times it hard o and i say bed time because im the best fan of twilight when im 11

  27. emily team jacob

    when Jacob coming

  28. Fiexyoung

    ch. one of twilight was incrediable. i could't help it. i thouht that i was bella and i had to put myself in danger to save my mom. i really enjoy it and i'm dying to read new moon. i bet this is going to be more dramatic than twilight.

  29. Jasmine

    hated first sight,just coz' she's new doesn't mean she needs all the attention(by she i mean bella)

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