A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 28 (The Future)

The song for this chapter is Panic Switch by Silversun Pickups

Funny thing is how for every day I’m out of town, it usually means 1/2 a day of required rest time when I get home. It’s been three days since I left Twicon and I’m still sleepy! Twicon was loads of fun (as shown in the video evidence all over YouTube!) but exhausting at the same time. One can only take so much of videoing celebrities and eating room service food!

In Chapter 28, it’s very difficult for me to imagine a vampire actually swimming through the water. Something about just hopping off the shore into a big river and getting all wet doesn’t fit with the smooth and classy vampires I’ve seen. How fast do vampires swim anyway? Is it just like a steady zoooom through the water, or do they actually paddle their arms and legs at high speeds, making their limbs look like propellers in the process? For some reason, when vampires are swimming around, I imagine the stereotypical shark-fin sticking out of the water, with the cheesy music playing in the background.

dun dun dun...

dun dun dun…

I like how frivolous large things have suddenly become to Bella, now that she is a vampire. Oh, we’re going to take a trip down to Italy, then we’re off to study the Ticunas, but if that’s a dead end, we have friends in the Amazon who might help us out! While we’re there we might spend a million or so dollars on fresh fish and chips! All in a day’s work! With an easygoing life like this, who wouldn’t want to be a vampire? Pish-posh to all that changing pain and venom stuff.

I wonder if I was a vampire how I would feel about the new hunting grounds of the Amazon. I mean, if my diet had steadily been deer and mountain lion, I might actually welcome a jaguar or a panther or an anaconda. How different would these taste from what I’m accustomed to? Would a parrot be too small to even be worth trying out?

"Certainly you don't mean ME..."

“Certainly you don’t mean ME…”

I am quite shocked when the Volturi decide to rally up everyone and to come take down the Cullens. What’s the reason for this? Have the Cullens just become too much trouble to keep around, and their frolicking with werewolves simply becoming too much of a nuisance to the vampire bigwigs to let them stay alive? These Volturi are beginning to irritate me. I don’t really understand why they have to stick their noses into everyone’s business. Is it really all that important that Renesmee not exist, just to keep to the purity of their laws?


Bella begins to wonder, with good reason, if there is a natural law in balancing happiness and misery in someone’s life. Is there really any way for someone to always be happy? Bella has had the best time of her life the past four months – and suddenly, the ending of those four months seem to be heading for horrible sadness. If the Volturi do succeed in killing Renesmee, even if they spare Bella and the Cullens, Bella’s life will be left in ruins. Like Bella, I wonder if this is her fate: something that will balance out the joyful and happy times for her. Is there a way to avoid inevitable unhappiness that faces everyone at some time?

The good thing about the Cullens, though, is that they have friends. From what I’ve seen of the Volturi, nobody really seems to like them, but they respect them because of their power. I’ve got high hopes that the Cullens and their friends are going to have the upper hand on this one.

Question For The Comments: If you were a vampire and heading off to the Amazon, which of the new beasts do you think you’d like to try most?


– I am in and out this month packing up to move to a new state and apartment, so my posts will be scattered! I don’t know if I’ll make my goal of being done by September 9, but I’m going to try, and also double up on some chapters this month 😀

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  1. I've noticed on all of your comments, that the FIRST comment is the best one…i guess meaning that you are the most loyal to be stalking your website constantly…waiting for an update. Or it can also mean you are lucky. In my case both! yay! Great post. Can't wait to see more.

  2. second!

    i'd run after jaguars.

    & interesting point >>> “Like Bella, I wonder if this is her fate: something that will balance out the joyful and happy times for her. Is there a way to avoid inevitable unhappiness that faces everyone at some time?” i think this applies to anyone at some point in their life. in bella's case getting crushed by the volturi would have at least been more fair if she got to live in peace and happiness for more than 4 months. i mean, it's practically overkill.

  3. Bella has remained much the same in her way of blaming herself for everything that happens to the Cullens. She has also changed significantly in how nonchalantly she handles world trips and money in general. She went from freaking out about everything Edward bought her from the car to dinner to going to Italy and South America. It's partly because now, being married to Edward and a vampire herself she knows just how much money the Cullens have and that a few thousand dollars truly is no big deal for them. It also runs deeper, though. Up untill now Bella has never seen herself as worthy of Edward and she never believes he could truly love her that much. That's why she was so eager for Edward to be the one
    to change her. She had to know that he loved her eanough to want to be with her forever. After Edward has married her and is so concerned about her during the pregnancy that he is truly going insane and then changes her she sees that they both love eachother equally and eternally. She also begins to see herself as deserving of Edward, she sees them as equals which is why she doesn't mind him spending money on her such as with the Ferrari, which she has a less severe reaction to. This is a bigobstacle in their relationship they have finnally hurdled.

    The mayhem of everyone after Alice's vision is subdued at first but you
    can hear the ominous notes of panic. Through the worry Bella has so calmly figured out what is going on like she always does. Not without
    her own panic for her family of course. Alice's crazy reaction is so unsettling and unexpected that it blows your mind. What Bella tells Edward is so ominous it leaves you at a loss for breath and words.

    I would so want to wrestle an anaconda!

  4. Not a snake, because the scales would definitely be weird in the mouth, I'm a stickler for food texture, I can't eat coconut because of it. Definitely a panther – large, graceful, powerful, lithe. Probably tasty as all get out, if you like that sort of thing : D Plus, I like giant cats, with the exception of lions because they sleep about twenty hours a day. Not to mention the fact that all snakes do is wrap themselves around something, squeeze it a little, and then eat it whole. They're very rude creatures, they don't even bother to chew their food. Where did they learn their manners?

  5. I think I'll go with a panther if I'm a veggie vampire in the Amazon… I'm not sure why I picked that animal but I have a feeling that they'll taste good… ROFL…

    In the case of the Volturi, they are simply rallying everyone up because even though they are friends with Carlisle, the Cullens are inevitably one of the biggest coven out there. They need to show the vampire community that they are still in control. Also, the Cullens are fair, have morals, natural pacifists (so there would be less conflicts) and are not obsessed with power. They can easily win over most of the vampire community and take over as the leaders if they want too. Therefore, they are seen as a big threat by the Volturi. You'll see later that it's not really about Renesmee but more about the Cullens as a whole. I'd say that they barely care that the Cullens 'broke' the rules. As long as they can find a reason to get rid of them or at least make sure that they 'gifted' ones are on their side, the Volturi doesn't really care what the reason is.

    Btw, I don't think you'll like to eat a parrot. There's too much feathers to pluck…. XD

  6. Jaguar or Panther (not sure if both are located in the Amazon). They give you the chase and they fight back – so I imagine if I were a vampire I'd want the excitement.

  7. hmmmmmmmm…… I dunno. I'd have to try a bunch to see which tastes the best!

    But yeah, I think that Bella seems like one of those people who will never be handed exactly what she wants in life, she has to fight for it. So if anyone's happiness has to be balanced out by conflict and sadness, it's Bella's. btw, not sure if anyone cares, but I think vampires would swim like dolphins. Not sure why.

  8. I'd try out the humans….muahaha. I don't eat animals as a human, sooo its just expected for me to go after somthing OTHER than animals…hehe. I'd go after the enemy clan who is bullying everyone else for their selfish needs.

  9. The Volturi don't know Renesmee is a half vampire, they think she is an immortal child which, as we learned earlier in the book, is an extreme danger to everyone, vampire and human. So I get why they would go and fix the problem. The weird part is the entire guard, including the wives, coming. But if you think about it, in New Moon the Volturi wanted Alice and Edward to join them. Now Bella is something extremely desirous and if they learn what Renesmee actually is, then they will want her, too. The whole guard is coming to break up the Cullens and take the best parts while destroying the rest.

    For the animal, I would go for an ocelot. Yummmmm

  10. I would so have to eat a crocodile…Do you think that the anaconda and a crocodile would taste good being as they're cold-blooded?

    If cold-bloodedness is a factor I would have to go with eating a leopard.

  11. I don't think, even as a vampire, that I would want an Anaconda. That's just freaky.
    Finally, everyone who's been complaining can rejoice. Everyone's been sentenced to die, you can stop booing about how easy everything is.

  12. Hmm…something very fast! Maybe a leopard or a jaguar. It would be to try and outrun it 🙂 Thanks for the post Kaleb!

  13. I'd totally try t catch hummingbirds! They are said to be very fast….well…..Muhahahah

  14. Btw, I love your insite into the chapters.

    I think I would go after some big animal I have never tasted…
    Jaguar perhaps?
    an Andaconda would be fun too.

  15. Well…if it were a different location, I would say an ostrich. That would be an epic chase haha…I can totally picture Edward trying to chase down a ostrich. Maybe that would've happened if the Cullens had to go to Africa or something….Anyway, I suppose for the amazon I'd settle for a monkey or a capybara haha.

    Lol good stuff, right? Anyway liked your summary, thought it was great. Keep it up Kaleb. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  16. I wanna monkey!!! I love monkeys! Is tiger an option? Cuz I'd want a tiger too!!!!
    Has anybody else ever wondered what would happen if a vampire drank a half vampires blood? How would that work? Would the hybrid die? Would it taste like a human? I just wanna know!!!


  17. Oh, I'd be all over the big cats like the jaguars. I'm rather cat-like myself, so I've been told, and would expect to bring that into my vampiric self. I have literally been described as a jaguar or leopard sometimes, and thus I think my preferences of animal would reflect that, as Edward's enjoyment of mountain lion and Emmet's enjoyment of bears.

    What about YOU Kaleb? What animal are you like? What animal do you think you'd enjoy feasting upon, if you were a vampire? Glad you had fun at Twicon, I was going to go, and then I realized I couldn't afford the ticket price AND the air fare AND the hotel cost. Sucks being a poor college student, doesn't it?

    I too question the balance of joy and despair. I've recently been abandoned by the Edward in my life, and completely empathize with her in New Moon. It's like I used up all of my enjoyment in my time with him, and now I'm paying for it with months of emotional agony. Is there some law of equivalency in life? Was I too happy in college, happily wandering campus hand-in-hand with a man I thought I would marry? And now I'm doomed to live my days in a depressive self-hating daze?

    Oh, I'm sorry, I've gone off on a terrible tangent. Forgive me.

  18. yeah you are right. I thought about it before n the pain is really nothing comparing to the the joyful life you can have after it. n Id probably consider jaguars and stay away from gorillas, they dont look so appetizing -yuuck- and macaw animals sound cute too, but i dont think they are quite satisfying xp lol

  19. Such a funny question to end such a dramatic chapter! LOL!
    I dunno what I would wanna eat in the Amazon! If I ever went, one fear that would constantly be in the back of my head is snakes. I am dead serious when I say I have a pathological fear if snakes. Of course, as a vampire, I wouldn't have any reason to fear them. But I would probably want something big and fun to fight like a lion! (Are there lions in the Amazon? What kind of animals are in the Amazon?)

  20. Kaleb,
    Through all of the other Twilight books, you have gone much more in depth with every little detail. But for some reason in this book (more specifically the last few chapters) it seems like you just read it and add little notes on to things. Where has all of the depth gone?


  21. On the happiness/sadness-balance… I think there's a real truth to the adage that someone can only grasp the full intensity of either one only when he/she has experienced the intensity of the other. Less cryptic: to really appreciate happiness in all its wonder, you have to go through some comparable tragedies too. You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone – that sort of thing.
    On a positive note: I guess when they manage to get through this, their feelings of bliss will be so much bigger yet. And since they've survived the very worst case scenario in their vampire world by then, I don't really count on another rough patch coming along – even it was only because the book doesn't nearly have enough pages left for such a story to unfold… *sigh* the downside of books (movies too, if you're watching the clock too closely).

  22. well, i've noticed others would like to try something scary and fast, but what about the mediocre animals? i might just start with, say, a sloth (which would taste rather like dirt, i think) and work my way up. after you have an eternity, right?

  23. How do the vampires look when they swim?
    Back in Eclipse, in chapter 11, Legends, the Quileutes describe a vampire swimming.

    “She swam after them like a shark, and broke the bow of their boat with her incredible strength…She swam so fast she was a blur….” (page 257).

    Vampires seem to be good at many things, especially anything physical. Think of Michael Phelps at the Olympics. And then think way faster.

    Also, on Isle Esme, Edward and Bella went swimming, but I guess Edward swam slowly to stay close to Bella.

  24. I know that this is totally random and doesn't go with the post but it goes with the note so I have a question and maybe I missed the memo or whatever but my question is why are you moving to california?
    just wondering cuz all i heard was that you were moving and i am just wondering why. thanks 🙂

  25. I'd probably want to try jaguar or something. I dont know.

    What I definately wouldn't want is anaconda, or any other type of reptile. I don't think their blood would be as good to vampires as that of mammals. when they mentioned that Emmet wrestled an anaconda, I took it to mean he was doing it just for fun and did not bite it afterwards. I dont think cold blooded animals would really sustain vampires the way warm blooded ones do.

    But that is just my theory.

  26. I would definitely luv to eat a liger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY…………..!!!!! and i would also like to climb trees

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