A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading New Moon: Chapter 3 (The End)

The song for this chapter is Lonely People by America


Due to some research by Maureen Johnson, I realized that my busyness is quite common this time of year: nearly every writer I know is undergoing revisions, and is getting behind on everything else in the process. But, I managed to sneak away and tackle the dreaded Chapter 3 in New Moon…

I have never had a chapter that carried so much warning. In fact, my last chapter post had more comments on THIS chapter than on Chapter 2. You people have left me filled with dread of what I’m going to find in here.

First off, Bella’s caught the I’m-better-than-you-because-I’m-a-vampire disease:

It seemed strangely childish. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for normal human behavior today. Those pitiful, weakling creatures, sniveling like worms…

But then, things immediately get serious. I notice that Edward is different in this chapter, so much that I’m beginning to feel early on what could be coming. He seems indifferent and unaffected, as if he’s walking in a daze and really isn’t feeling anything. There is a numbness in his voice that seems to tell me that something is bothering him very deeply. I feel that it is the growing pressure on him that every moment he is near Bella, he is putting her in more danger. Seeing what happened in the chapter before, with Jasper, only seemed to strengthen this in Edward’s mind: not only him, but his entire family, is different, and dangerous to Bella.

Edward is in turmoil. Part of him wants so deeply to stay with Bella, because he loves her. The other part feels that if he really does love her, then he would leave, and let her have a normal life.

This chapter is so sad. It is different. I remember a Bella and Edward in Twilight who loved each other, and who were talking all the time: it just never seemed to end, their dialogue through the whole book. You can tell a lot about two people from the way they talk to each other. It seemed endless, the sweet words they exchanged for no reason, the jokes between them about vampires and humans. Their conversations were really what made them who they were.

But suddenly, Edward seems to have become a brick wall. He is no longer the same person, but brooding and depressed, even around Bella. I feel as if all the love is gone.

And then, it all comes down to Edward’s three words:

“Bella, we’re leaving.”

Through all the time of reading Twilight, I did not realize how attached I had become to the idea of Bella and Edward being together. This book, as you’ve read in my bio, is my first vampire romance novel. So I am not one to become attached to two characters being together.

But for some reason, there is a deep and vast connection between Bella and Edward that left me very down as I sped through the rest of the pages in this chapter. It was like a deep gloom had settled over my room.

I realized that I did not pick up the second book in this series to read about Bella, the main character. I didn’t pick it up to read about Edward either. I picked it up to read about Bella and Edward. To me, they were so close, they were nearly one. I wouldn’t have read this book if there was only one of them, going off on adventures as a vampire or a human. And now that one of them is gone, it is like half of the main character has been split away as well.

I hope you’ll forgive me for not posting anything funny this time. It’s really hard to find something funny in a chapter that leaves me so sullen. I will be honest and say that by the ending of it, I was beginning to feel very down; and also uneasy, as I realized I had become attached to these characters when I had tried so hard to keep a sane mind about me.

Somehow, right after Edward left, I really did start to care even deeper about what happened to Bella, and had a deep urge to want to comfort her; while the rational side of me roared in my ear: It’s only a blasted book! Sometimes, we do not listen to our rational sides; or more commonly, do not want to listen to our rational sides.

I don’t think I have ever read a chapter as long as Chapter 3. After thirty-one pages, it would be very easy to rationalize stopping. However, when I got to the last page of the chapter, and instinctively began turning the pages again, I realized that I was literally paging through the months, skipping ahead in time after Edward disappeared from Bella’s life.

Because I’m rambling already, and I’m still in the middle of Chapter 4, I will be posting about it very very early tomorrow (think 5 minutes past midnight again).  And to all the commenters: you were right. I really couldn’t stop at the end of Chapter 3 this time.

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400 Responses

  1. Believe me, my reaction to this chapter was much worse. I actually hurled the book into my closet and it came apart. In a million pieces. Or pages.
    And it was my sister’s book. She was not happy.
    Then I proceeded to cry for hours on end. I didn’t pick the book back up for two weeks. (Or, technically, the new book I had to buy for my sister).

    Keep reading. It gets better. Even if Jacob comes in. *Evil glare*

  2. Believe me u weren’t the only one sadden by this chapter. When I read those words and reality set in that he was leaving with out her I was pouring tears out of my eyes. It went on like that for 10 minutes until I finally calmed down. Truth of the matter is when he left Bella I felt something inside me break. Weird I know, it’s only a book right? But, it was like I was attached to him, like me and
    Bella were one and we had lost him together. Every paged I turned that showed the months go by felt like I was there with Bella and had experienced what she had. The mind numbing pain. That’s what makes Stephenie Meyer a wonderful writer. U relate to Bella in ways u wouldn’t have ever imagined. So much so that anything Bella feels u feel. anything she thinks u think too. Meyer makes u connect to her characters on a deeper level than any other authors works I have read

    I just hope Breaking Dawn won’t get my hopes up =(

  3. I read up to chapter 4 of New Moon while I was waiting for my boyfriend to get out of a class at school. I had driven two hours to see him, but the second he got there, I couldn’t even talk to him like a normal person. He took one look and was like. “Oh. What have you been reading?”

    Because this is one of those moments in a book where you are just going to need to take a minute and be upset. Because even though it isn’t real and they aren’t real people, you know the characters better than you know most of your better friends, and something tragic has just happened in their lives, and, therefore, in yours.

    That being said, one word: fortitude! I’m interested to see how you feel about the things that come to pass and the way that Bella reacts to the situation she has been left in.

    Thanks for a lovely site and good blogs!

  4. Now you understand why we are so hooked to these books (specially the characters)?

    I didn’t cry in New Moon but in Eclipse… wah… I diiiiiiiid really cry in Eclipse.

  5. I felt the same “its just a book!” but I am an Edward Cullen obsessive and to hear my sister tell me that it would be more than FOUR HUNDRED pages till he came back. that made this book my least favorite(although still necessary to the story).

  6. this book is really good and i am addicted to the series. right now, i;m waiting to get my hands on breaking dawn at the library. when i read this chapter, i shut the book and screamed into my pillow. i wanted to skip all the sad stuff and read about edward and bella TOGETHER. it was real heartbreaking, even if its only a book.

  7. I felt exactly the same way, turmoil, sullen, down. As I read I couldnt believe what was happening. Here was two main characters that were inseperable. That they loved despite the odds, and all it took was one drastic realization to tear them apart, practically tore me apart, as if I was reading about two people I have known and become quite fond of. Its just a book, but that shows you how powerful attachment can be. I became attached to these characters, to the point to where I actually care what happens. What an amazing book series.

  8. That chapter makes my stomach clench. Just hearing your take on it… *shudder*
    So sad. All of my friends admitted to crying during it. It puts me in the worst mood…
    Reading it for the fourth time, I just skimmed what I consider to be the boring parts. Dang it, giving away stuff and I have no idea how far into it you are. I’ll stop now.

  9. good song for the chapter. and for me, it’s the saddest chapter in the twilight saga. it’s just…sad. i’m sorry.

  10. I was heartbroken when I read the words, “I did not resurface.” or something to that affect. I’ve known the pain of losing the life you were building, and its a death and when I saw those months past with no comments. I knew exactly how she was feeling. I felt like that after my divorce. The thing I love about Stephanie’s writing is that the emotion she writes is real to the characters AND the situation.

  11. This is for me, the saddest chapter of all the books. I literaly felt like someone riped my heart out, stomped on it, ran it throught the dirt, took a chunk away and shoved it back in my chest. I was unable to stop reading the book when I got here, i pulled an all nighter. When the clouds came rolling in I felt like I was drowning and untill I finished the book, i couldn’t come up for air. I was glad to be done with it. But I’ll tell you something, everytime i read this chapter, my gut still sinks and darkness lomes over me untill the end of the book… Ugg

  12. a few months ago, i never imagined myself crying over a book. but after reading this chapter, i had to stop myself so my mom wouldn’t make fun of me lol.. but after reading everyone’s comments i can’t help but cry. i was so anxious, i flipped through the pages noticing Edward won’t be back for a while.. I kind of feel like it’s going to be boring now.

    ..never thought i’d get so attached

  13. Never in my 19 years of life (which, granted, isn’t very long) had I read something so…heart shattering. I’m not gonna lie, I bawled my eyes out, and how could you not??? Even though this is one of the most depressing books I have ever read, New Moon is my favourite out of the Twilight series.

  14. Don’t feel bad Kaleb. The words that I screamed once I read that chapter were, “WHAT THE HECK!!!??? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING??????? YOU ARE SUCH AND IDIOT!!!! GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW! STOP!! COME BACK!” Then I started crying. My mom came rushing in and asked my what was wrong, but all I could say was, ” Bella *sob* Edward *sob* IDIOT *sob* and I *sob* and he *sob* JUST READ IT!!” Then she looked down, saw New Moon, muttered the word “obsessed”, then walked out the door. The I read the whole book, not skipping a page, in 2 hours to see if Edward came back.

    And despite all of this, New Moon is one of my favorite books in the series because of how essential it is to the rest of the series.

  15. I was so irritated when I read this chapter. I didn’t cry, but I felt strangely morose the following day. So sad.

  16. New Moon was a real page-turner for me… literally speaking. I skipped every chapter waiting for Edwards name to turn up again. The most depressing chapter I have ever read

  17. I was dieing for you to read this chapter! I actually cried for like a half hour, after that I called my friend that had just finished new moon and screamed about how edward couldn’t do that to bella for the next two hours!

  18. It is SO nice to hear about someone reacting so strongly to this, especially a guy who is partly analyzing everything, and still getting so much out of it. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple hours, as I’ve only come across it this evening, and I am so excited to get up-to-date! You have definitely made me feel like less of a goober than I have been the last month, or so.

    I think the difficult part about this book for me was that–although I knew there were two more books coming that included their somehow mended relationship–reading it was physically painful to me. I cried, wondered how in the world things could possibly go back to being “normal” (I am very aware of my loose definition of that word), and yet it did.

    The second time I read it I just completely skipped over the entire middle section. Today I found out, due to random avatars available out there, it’s a very popular thing to do… but it removes all suspense from the rest of the books, if you are reading them again in sequence.

  19. Yeah I have watery eyes when I’m reading this part and after a while I didn’t notice I was crying already.. It’s the saddest part ever 🙁 to much emotions..

  20. I am reading this summary late, i know, but it just hit home how much i miss this book in particular, even having read it three times already. I remember crying on the pages as i tried to grasp that edward was gone, and realizing that bellas mood in the book was becoming my mood in reality. Its been years since i got so into a character that i started to physically feel the emotions written in the pages, and it hurt. Im a little eccentric i know. just being honest.

  21. I totally agree with the “a deep gloom settled over my room” thing. Except when I read this chapter, it was in the middle of gym class-I sat out just so I could start reading-and I started crying in the middle of the kick ball game. Anyways, I was sad all day then. Never thought a book could make me so depressed.

    I’ve read this book at least 8 times now, and–apart from the very first time–I skip over the middle chapters.

  22. i honestly did cry at this chapter. mainly because it reminded me of how me and my boyfriend broke up for a while. it felt like i was reliving it. and thats another reason y we love these books. not because we’re crazy and love to torture ourselves, but because when u take away the vampires, the werewolves, and bring it down to a more human level, its very easy to relate to. to have someone ur in love with just leave, to feel like a part of u has been torn away, to feel like u might as well just lay there on the floor with a hole in ur chest because u dont want to get up. then have someone come along and make u feel better [im guessing u might get wat im saying cuz ur done with this book] and make everything almost ok, to where u feel like u can at least survive. and then hurt them because ur heart is not with them, and the one who has ur heart is the one who broke it. it can feel very real.

  23. This chapter is one of the saddest things i’ve ever read- more so than the outsiderss with poor Johnny Boy.
    Bella and Edward go together they are two puzzle pieces fit perfectly. And i agree with Briana about being more on a human relatable level.

  24. When I read chapter 3 I cried for about an hour, and I went numb. I literally couldn’t feel any part of my body.

  25. Unlike most, I did not cry at this chapter. I was sad, but I don’t think as sad as those who did cry, because I trusted that at some point Edward would come back. I thought of the chapter logically, realizing that since this really was Bella AND Edward’s story, and that there were two books left to go in the series, Stephenie Meyer really couldn’t eliminate Edward from the story permanently in Book 2.

    However, I do really love the technique used, where you can flip through the months of Bella’s life. I think that is just so expressive of how the next few months passed for her: In a blur, in a haze, and unmemorable.

    New Moon remains my least favorite of the four books, because not that much actually happens, and yet I still love the book so much.

  26. Toni Schmitz–
    I know, I read The Outsiders, too! So sad, about Johnnycakes. And poor Dally, as well!

  27. I just wanted to get to the good part of the book after reading this chapter. I admit I did flip to the end of the book to see if I saw the name Edward otherwise I don’t know if I would have kept reading
    I also remember trying to get to that good part of the book, I finally decided I had to go to bed at 5 am and it was a very bad nights sleep I wanted Edward back it was so so sad.

  28. that chapter is the saddest chapter i hav ever read in my life and belive me, iv read ALOT of books

  29. I was sad when I read this chapter, but not as sad as some of my friends. One of my friends threw the book at the wall. Then she told our other friends, who were just starting the book, that they shouldn’t read it in a public place.

  30. i really don’t blame you for not finding one funny thing about this chapter…i sure didn’t. and i might even be a little offended and disturbed if you did…
    probably one of the saddest chapters i’ve ever read!
    i tear up everytime i read it!

  31. aaawwww
    that chapter is really sad

    (lol it is funny that almost everyone here is a girl)

  32. I felt like dirt reading this chapter, and just like Bella, I beleived every word out of Edward's mouth. I slammed the book shut when I could see it again (I was crying really hard), and launched it into the oblivion that is under my bed. It took a while for me to cry myself out, and then alot longer to dig the book back out, but I lived.

    So depressing 🙁

  33. I felt the same way you did while reading this chapter. They way Edward behaved seemed very familiar to me and I wasnt even sure why until the part when he said he was leaving. I once dated a guy who acted very strange in the week before he broke up with me. I knew something was wrong the way Bella did and the same as Bella I didnt see it coming. The whole chapter mirrors the way things went for me all the way from Edwards acting strange and leaving to her reaction and asking him to stay and the way she feels when he is gone, though I didnt wander through the woods and become catatonic. However I felt such a horrible gloom when the next pages to follow were the months. Unlike you I had to step away from the book. It was hard to pick it back up because I knew sadness was going to follow.

  34. chapter 3 was wow changed everything 4 me and 4 bella 4 me i was no longer team edward he hurt her alot. and 4 bella she cant bare to be without her edward so… well i cried my eyes out in chapter 3 it was sad… very heart breaking

  35. I remember, when i read this chapter, and wasn't as addicted to twilight as i am now after reading all four books, this was the first time i understood how much this book effected me.
    Sephenie is just amazing!
    This is the saddest chapter in the whole saga!
    Love, L.

  36. i did not cry like u guys did i just got numb all over—much,much worse than crying

  37. i didn't really mind when Edward left i knew he be back cuz their was more in the saga so the guy got to come back some time an well i new what Bella was going through so see get over it soon.

  38. to this day every time I read this chapter i cry and go to pieces even though because of reading it so many times I know it is coming and I still cry every single time

  39. to this day every time I read this chapter i cry and go to pieces even though because of reading it so many times I know it is coming and I still cry every single time

  40. This chapter was VERY difficult for me to read, even after having seen the movie. I cried for about 2 hours and then continued on. I got very attached to E and B as a couple as well.


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