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New Moon Has Arrived

newmoon-2-low.jpgThose of you who came Saturday evening got to see the unveiling of the new header for New Moon. I must admit, I was really sweating it out. See, I order my books on Amazon. Last week, I realized that I had forgotten all about the fact that to get books from Amazon, they must be shipped. Whoops.

Luckily, there happens to be an Amazon warehouse within 30 minutes of me, and thus the shipping that should have taken 4 days took 24 hours. Wait, forget I said that: I have a new alibi. I couldn’t wait another second for New Moon, so I paid loads to have it overnighted. That sounds much better 😀

I don’t exactly know what my expression in this photo (<—)  is saying. One second I look like I’m stunned because someone sees me reading New Moon; the next second I look rather annoyed and about to whack somebody with a club. If you want to see the rest of the photos, look in this direction.

This post, also, happens to be the first in the category known as New Moon. So here’s to starting the book! My first chapter post will be here very soon. And I’d love to know what you people think of the new top design 🙂



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