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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 14 (You Know Things Are Bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude To Vampires)

June 5th, 2009 at 10:30 pm by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is All Or Nothing by Theory Of A Deadman


This morning I discovered, much to my dismay, that June marks the fact that half of 2009 has gone by already, and that there are only 3 months and 11 days until I turn that glorious age of 21 on September 16 (if I hear one more thing about sharing Nick Jonas’ birthday, I think I will randomly burst into flame). What has happened to the first half of this year? Where hath all mine time gone? I don’t think I can answer that question. The closest question I can answer is as to what I have not been doing, such as keeping my room clean:


This photo was taken 2 weeks ago. It is still applicable, because hardly anything has changed.

When I showed this to one of my former roommates, he simply laughed and said at least I didn’t have roaches and bedbugs. Oh course I’m lucky for that. I’m also lucky I don’t have scorpions and goblins either. Oh the joys of college living.

To help ease my mind from such frivolous troubles, I do what I usually do, and push all the mess into the corner and do something else: namely, reading the next chapter of Breaking Dawn. Much to my enjoyment, this chapter starts off with some immediate lulz, because just imagining Jacob Black in a sundress is nearly enough to make me fall out of my chair. I wish that I could conjure up some sort of Photoshopped image of this, but for Taylor Lautner’s sake, I will refrain and simply post the next best thing


Jacob makes a wonderful point about him and Bella: how her reaction to seeing him just makes it all the harder to stay away. He knows that she is married, and much to my dismay, he is actually trying to stay clear of her and Edward.

Finally, I get to see what is going though Jacob’s head when situations like this come up. Jacob isn’t so much sticking around so he can take advantage of any chance he has to steal Bella from Edward (though I have little doubt he would take this opportunity). Jacob seems to be staying simply because he, like Edward, values Bella’s happiness above his own, which I hadn’t really seen as his motivation as much before when I was watching from outside his head.

This interests me greatly, because the reason I’ve been annoyed at Jacob so much throughout these books is because he appeared to be so self-centered. But it seems as if Bella could just not want him around anymore, and he would retreat. The real reason he keeps coming around, and interfering with Bella and Edward, actually appears to be because Bella won’t be happy if he leaves.

“If she would just not care… Or more than that–really not want me around. It would be so much easier to stay away.”

So who really is to blame here? I keep asking myself this, and I have throughout the Saga after New Moon. It confuses me so much because there is no solution, and my rational brain demands one of this problem. There is a triangle with equal weight put upon all three people — Jacob Black needs to somehow find someone else to love, so that he will be happy; and in the process, be able to leave Bella happy, since she knows he will be alright.

I’m curious to know what other person actually told Rosalie the blonde joke about the mirror at the bottom of the pool:

Rosalie walks by.

RANDOM IDIOT: Hey! Know how to drown a blonde? You glue a mirror to the bottom of a pool!


and that's what you get for your blonde jokes

“That’s what you get for those blonde jokes!” Rosalie snarled.

It makes me happy to see Esme and Carlisle actually trying to help Jacob and his rogue band of wolves out. I have a very good feeling about this eventually playing a huge part in bridging the gap between their two peoples.

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: Do you think if Bella told Jacob to leave, he would actually do it, or would he continue to stick around trying to get her back?


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91 Responses

  1. Catherine

    hey Kaleb…something's up with your quote marks lol

  2. Megsie

    If Bella told Jacob to leave (which she never would), he would probably try. And fail. Haha he loves her too much ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Megsie

    oh and also, i feel sorry for you. sharing a birthday with nick jonas…ouch. haha random fans probably say that all the time. i can see how that would get annoying, especially if you don't really like them (like me. and i highly doubt a guy would…so i can just imagine how much more annoying that would be).

  4. devz30

    Yeah, I think he would stay away from her. If Bella really asked him to, then yeah. But she didn't. And she won't, for… personal reasons =)

    Okay, I'm in a hurrry… got 2 go.

  5. Shaddin

    Are you reading the House of Night series by any chance? Your name is the name of one of the horses in it. I don't like the series much. It pales in comparison to the Twilight Saga.

  6. ancha85

    She probably didn't lie, but actually thought it was. Many people think that mistakenly, because 5 de Mayo is what is celebrated so much in the U.S.
    In fact, we celebrate it more here, than they do in Mexico. It's a good excuse to throw a party!

  7. Monica

    The next time someone mentions you sharing a birthday with one of the JoBros, just remember:
    1. Your birthday is exactly a week after your book comes out!
    2. Your birthday is 3 days after Bella's.

    Jacob's actions will make a lot more sense in retrospect. You're probably not going to see it coming. I will be shocked if you do. But yes, it all makes sense at the end.

  8. Pragya

    I think he would stay away from her if she told him…….nd actually my DAD's bday is on the same day as yours sooooooooo……….just random u knw……….very short comment this time.

  9. justin

    i think he wouldn't leave, just not let bella see him. he's be all stalker-y, like he was when he ran around her house. i just wonder what edward would do in that sitch?

  10. Jessica

    I think he would leave. Like you stated, Jacob isn't around during this time to try to win Bella back. He's there mostly because she needs him, and he wants to protect her. Now, it's true that he probably wouldn't LEAVE the Cullen property until the pregnancy was over, because even then, she would need his protection from the other pack, and he would care enough to stay for that period for her safety.

    Another thing to remember, but not think too hard on, is that there are other things keeping Jacob near Bella.

    And that's all I have to say about THAT.

    Also, your birthday is the day after mine ^_^

    I feel your pain about the time restrictions. I leave to go to Germany for three weeks tomorrow afternoon, and I'm like, 1/4 packed. Also, my host family is still unaware that I'm a vegetarian, so I'm kind of freaking out about that as well.


    Good luck, Kaleb ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. CullenWannabe

    I would like to think that if Bella asked him to leave & stay away that he would. But knowing what happens later & thinking about things & what others have said, I don't know if he would. (It's hard to explain Kaleb since you don't know what happens yet, but it will make sense a little later on.) He has other reasons than Bella just wanting him around (even though I don't think he understands them yet.)

    While I was thinking about your question I thought of something I never really thought of before. I kind of hated Bella here for always wanting Jacob around (like you he really gets on my nerves with this immaturity and selfish, jerkish ways sometimes.) But mayabe part of the reason she wanted him around is because it seemed like before moving to Forks she never really had any close friends or best friend. She didn't keep in contact with anybody back in Arizona & she never really made good friends in Forks. Sure she got a long with Angela and I'd consider her a friend to Bella. But the person she got really close to & became good friends with and understands her pretty well is Jacob. So I think that might be part of Bella's problem and wanting him to stick around. (This is just my opinion of course & something I just thought of.)

  12. xJacobfanx

    May Birthday is in June which means ill b turning 16 in a few days which also means I'm one of the youngest people in my year which sucks!!!

    I Also loved Jacobs blond joke to Rosalie. That's one of the reasons I love him, that he's funny (and brave)
    I felt so bad for Jacob because he had to be around Bella and couldn't leave. Personally, I think that if Bella didn't want Jacob around any more, he would probably be on the run away in wolf form like he was in the beginning of the book.

  13. Alba

    Yeah! I agree with everything you said, and I'm really happy to see that a lot of people are trying to see the real Jacob Black too!

    God, Kaleb, I love you. lol You make me so freaking happy whenever you say good things about Jacob! At the end, you'll understand and love the character. You'll see.

    Greetings from Spain!


  14. Mia C.

    Kaleb, I completely get where you're coming from with the Jonas Brother references to one's birthday. Mine is Nov. 5, and last year, the lunatic fangirls in my school were all, “ZOMGG YOU HAVE [interchangable Jonas Brother]'S BIRTHDAYY!! U R SOOOO LUCKYYY!!!” Apparently one of them shares my birthday. Maybe I would like the reference more if it happened to be about someone with even a modicum of talent. As it is, however…

    And Jake wouldn't leave even if Bella told him too. He would reason that she was delusional and deep down, she wanted him to stay.

  15. Feven

    Well your birthday would be 10 days after mine! :p
    He would leave. Jacob, no matter how much you want to believe, is not self-centered. Like Edward, he sometimes thinks he knows what's best for her but if she really meant it, he would leave. He loves Bella and would do anything for her, but alas, she can't let go of him (all that soul mate stuff in an alternate universe blahblah), and will continue to break his heart until a resolution occurs.

  16. Alba

    I've always understood the side of Jacob you're seeing right now, Kaleb. In Eclipse, Jacob thought that Bella would be happier with him, so he insisted until she told him she would never be as happy with him as she was with Edward. And in Breaking Dawn, he sticks around because she's happy to see him around.

    I always thought that Bella was the selfish one. God, she should have been brave and selfless a lot of times before and up to this chapter! She should have told him to back off a long time ago, if only for his sake! He's hurting even more around her. She should have sent him away. She would have been unhappy, but she should have done it for him.

    She's selfish. That's why I can't really like her.

    Greetings from Spain!


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    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 14. poglavje knjige Breaking Dawn (You Know Things Are Bad When You Feel Gui… […]

  18. Alba

    I forgot to say that, of course, Jacob would go if Bella told him so. If she really wanted him gone, he would leave. Maybe he would watch her from the distance just to see if she was allright. But he would stay away from her life.

  19. FabiolaBlack

    Happy Early 21st Bday!!!
    Jacob is actually a good person, hes not trying to stole bella from edward anymore he's just trying to keep her happy & alive, even if it is hard 4 him, Bella needs him more than he imagines. You'll know why….
    Actually your bday is on the same day of the mexican DIA DE INDEPENDENCIA is likee 4 of july for u americaan peooplee, if u liveed on mexicooo u wont have classes that day and the day beforee….it would be great dont u think??
    havee a nicee day Kaleeb and keep writing
    PS. i hope u 2 someday make us that epic photoshop of taylor lautner in a summer dress…

  20. Jackie

    Well I think that if Bella really meant it, than Jacob would leave. He wouldnโ€™t deny her of that, like you mentioned in your post. He puts Bella before himself and it would also help him get over her eventually.

    Ahhh you birthday is coming up. Iโ€™m going to try and remember that, for when I go on, on that day. Although I might get the day wrong, because of the whole time-difference thing. Itโ€™s the thought that counts right.

    Oh I love the picture of you in the boiling pot. So funny!! My mum even laughed when she walked by my laptop!

  21. Steph

    Yes, I'm aware that I commented over 24 hours ago, and it does seem weird that I'm back here, commenting again, but, really, I just don't care. I thought of something.

    I really, completely, utterly loathe blonde jokes. They are one of my biggest annoyances. Seriously, why blondes? Why not just make some racist jokes? It's the same thing, really. Creating stereotypes of certain demographics, based entirely on their appearance.

  22. Gisselle

    I think He would leave because he really does love her that much. ANd Kaleb, you also share your birthday with Mexico. September 15 or 16th (I can never remember) is Mexicos Independence day.

  23. Linnee


    Happy early b-day to you AND Nick. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    aww.. I'm sorry for teasing you.

    Look on the bright side, you're legal enough to drink, but if you come up here to Toronto, you're already legal. Not that I'm saying anything.
    I'm 15. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think if Bella did tell Jacob to leave, he won't do it.

  24. jussie

    I too was just a little pissed at Jack through out the saga but about now in BD found that it was all for something in the biger picture that I just couldnt get.

    It was Bella that NEEDED him there but even she was like what is with this Jake walks in the room and I almost jump out of my skin haapy ???? and Edward was just happy that Jack was giving her that in what he thinks is her final hours I think that if Jack was to leave now Edward would go get him or at least send someone to just to keep Bella happy as long as he could and there is a brother like relationship forming with them too and if they were to loss Bella they would NEED each other as family.

    I think Jack gets away with the blonde jokes because Rose see what he means to Bella and Edward and she wants them to be happy but I think she has a breaking point and Jack is on thin ice maybe the next book in the saga could be called Breaking Jacob LOL *Lame I know* LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Niza

    its so great to be born in Puebla! my favorite celebration is 5 de Mayo and its not the same as in the US.

  26. ancha85

    How cool that you were born in Puebla!
    One of my teacher friends spend a Summer in school there and said it is beautiful. She could see Izi and Popo from her window.

    I love to teach my students that leyenda. It is soo romantic.
    It's something Edward would do for Bella, don't you think?

  27. Aadya

    All Jacob wants to make bella happy. He will surely go if she really really actually wants him to.

  28. Rachel

    Hes Called Jacob Not Jack Lol

  29. Mylles

    Okay…This chapter was my ultimate downfall. Jacob wasn't as selffish as I had always thought him to be. This was the chapter I decided that maybe…and I mean maybe…that Jacob was still the funny, happy, loving we knew him to be before he became a werewolf and became elligible for those ever tedious anger management classes. But I still don't think he would leave. What really struck the flame that became my despise for this character was a mere few sentences near the end of Eclipse. He told Bella that he was like the true mother in the story of King Solomon. That did it. I knew I would never forgive him for that. It meant something more to me than it did to Bella. It meant he thought they were meant to be, as meant to be as Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet, Esme and Carlisle. And I have vowed to never believe that. Whats more I have always known Edward deserves her more. He's lived much longer than any of us. He's fought his very nature to keep the humans, who by the way of the food chain were meant to be his dinner, ALIVE! Edward who cares so much for Bella he would risk everything, and I mean everything, for her life. But Jacob has always seemed to think he wa more worthy. My response to that…ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME!!! Some of my friends call me prejiduce, that I just can't get over the fact that Bella loves Jacob. And no I can't. It makes me angry with her to see her nearly throw aways a man three hundred time the man Jacob will ever be, thats my own opinion though.

  30. Mylles

    But yeah I guess Jake deserves someone. *wink wink nod nod*

  31. RosalieC

    I think that if she told him to leave (and meant it) then he would. It would be hard for him though. It would be the same as if Bella told Edward to leave. He wouldn't be able to stop thinking about her and he would still love her. He and Edward are quite similar in my opinion.
    Also, I think you pretty much exactly share my opinions about Jacob. He seemed selfish until you got to see the motives behind it all. And part of that is that he is human and therefore not as smooth as Edward or other vampires. Edward would seem very selfish if you looked past the part where he can think super fast and come up with excuses for it and deliver the line like he had been thinking that the entire time. I try to look past Edward's awesome hair and see all sides of him. I try to look past Jacob's rockin body and see all sides of him. Yes, I am a fangirl. And you can really see the good and the bad of both and that, ultimatly, both want whatever Bella wants. This doesn't mean it would be easy for either of them as you can see with both of them. It hurts Jake to stay but he won't leave Bella and it hurts Edward to watch Bella kill herself to have mutant spawn (and I mean that in an extremely loving way, not being sarcastic at all) but he will let her because it is what she wants.

  32. Claire

    Oh yeah! I read that legend before. Of course, Edward would do that for Bella. Well, to answer Kaleb's question.. I think Jacob wouldn't completely leave Bella. What I mean is that well he would always love Bella, so emotionally he wouldn't leave, but he'd totally leave phisically.

  33. jussie

    How shame I ment Jake as Bella calls him *Blush* LOL Thanks for the heads up Ill have to watch my typing ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. ancha85

    I agree, Claire.

    Only thing is, I think Jake would TRY to totally physically leave, just be around protectively as a wolf or catch news of the Cullens through his brothers, but the minute Bella would be in trouble for her “danger magnet” thing, Jake would be able to stay away, he'd be right there.

    And then them seeing each other again, would be hard, and he'd have to force himself to leave again.

    Also, even if Bella were truly over the “love thing” with Jacob, I cannot see it in her for her to just brush him off. She would TRY to do it for his sake, but most likely Jake would see right through her (bad liar, remember) and wouldn't really totally leave.

  35. ancha85

    meant to say “WOULDN'T beable to stay away”. Sorry.

  36. Rachel

    I Totaly Agree Wiv U!!! I Hate Jacob!!!!!

  37. Brianna

    I blame Bella, she just can’t be just a little uncomfortable and be the bad guy? She needs to cut Jacob loose and let him get over her. End of story!

  38. marissa

    ah yes, my room looks like that too.

    but personally I wouldn't mind having a goblin or two roaming around ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

  39. Nina

    There is also this page to German??

  40. GraceLautner


  41. GraceLautner


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