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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 26 (Ethics)

The song for this chapter is Best Of Me by Sum 41 (suggested by Samantha)


Surprise! A week is simply too long to go without blogging, especially when it comes to the ending chapters of Eclipse! Also, I’m in a very celebratory mood. Teachers and biology professors should perhaps look away from this paragraph, as it might cause you to abhor me. But I made a remarkable discovery: and that is my performance on Biology tests is inversely proportionate to how long I study. On the first test, I studied for three weeks, and did horribly. For yesterday’s test, due to all the travel and work, I only had two hours to study all 200 pages of material… and somehow, somehow, every single question on the test was exactly the things I had studied.

Coincidence? Luck? Perhaps. But it left me ready to leap in the air in the middle of the test, as I read down the questions and realized every single one was still fresh (especially the one about the occipital lobe, as anyone who has seen Pink Panther 1 will never forget). Due to this wonderful happening, I’ve read the next chapter of Eclipse as a reward to myself πŸ˜€

Everyone in Forks and La Push has had a very long week. Not even counting the townspeople scared out of their minds of wolves and deaths, the werewolves and vampires have just finished up a battle right on their own land. I doubt any of the townspeople will give even one word of thanks for saving all of them from some horrible demise. I guess it’s reward enough for Jacob and Edward that Bella is still safe, as high as the odds were against them in the beginning.

Again, Charlie’s words need some sort of translation. When Charlie is waiting at the door for Bella to return, and says:

“Hey, Bella. How was your shopping trip?”

What he is actually saying is:

Don't ask my why he's talking lolcat...
Don't ask me why he's talking lolcat...

or something to that effect. For some reason, I keep wondering if Charlie really does know what is going on but just isn’t saying anything. I mean, he’s been friends with Billy Black for far longer than Bella’s been friends with Jacob. It seems odd that after all these years, Billy hasn’t spoken a word about the werewolves or the legends to his pal.

Still, poor Charlie: the wool always pulled down so far over his eyes it’s covering the bottom of his nose. So, there just happened to be a wolf howling outside, echoing about the house so loudly you couldn’t talk to Billy; then all of a sudden, the howling stops, and you hear Jacob Black shouting and cursing? The only reasonable explanation is Jacob and the wolf are the same thing while Jacob was riding his motorcycle, he hit a random wolf right in his path, who proceeded to wail and howl, whilst Jacob was sent flying into some rocks, which broke half his bones. Odd, I tell you, very odd…


It’s good for Jacob and Bella to finally talk, without Edward or the others listening in. Now that the battle is over, and things have calmed down, perhaps she can say what needs to be said, instead of letting her fears of losing Jacob get in the way. Because there are many things they need to talk about. She can’t go on forever with Jacob thinking he still has a chance with her: though I doubt her simply telling him will change any of the hope he will retain.

The reference of King Solomon from the Bible is perhaps the best eye-opener for me so far in this book. For those who aren’t familiar, King Solomon was judging over two women who both claimed the same child. After hearing their case, he offered to cut the child in half, and give each woman a piece. While the false mother agreed, the real mother said she would rather give the other woman the child than to have the baby hurt. I understand now just how much Jacob really loves Bella: that he is willing to give her up in order for Bella to remain whole, even if it means that Edward is the one who gets to keep her. It gives so much insight into Jacob’s mind: behind all the manipulation, and the harsh words, and the toying with Bella’s heart, he still loves her enough that he’d be willing to give her up.

As I finish this chapter, I feel as if I’ve just witnessed a very hard breakup between two people who still love each other very much, and could very easily have stayed together forever: but who are not meant for each other in the end, just by some supernatural force which drives them to others. It’s hard enough for Bella, but she has Edward to go to. Jacob has no one now. He is alone.

I’m sure any guy who reads my site can attest to how it feels to be rejected: even more so for Jacob, who knows that Bella loves him, and knows that he has done everything he can to show he loves her as well. But his best is simply not enough to win out over Edward. Why? Because there is something supernatural here, something that spans far beyond anything that Jacob or any other guy can do to win Bella’s heart. It’s something that has gone to her very soul, where not even she can change it. The bond has beaten out every attempt Jacob has made to convince her. Edward had Jacob fighting against an unstoppable force. When something that big is thrown into the ring, how can either of them play fair?

It will be interesting to see what happens in the final chapter, and in the future of Bella and Jacob. My next post will be on the final chapter of Eclipse, and then the Epilogue.

Question for the comments: Jacob brings up an intriguing point of view: what would things have been like, if not for vampires and werewolves thrown into the mix of their relationships? Might Bella have really ended up with Jacob Black instead of Edward, if not for the supernatural forces at work?


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– I just heard Best Of Me by Sum 41 for the first time today, and it had to be today’s chapter song. Good possible pick for the Song for Eclipse?



134 Responses

  1. Yay. For orange penguins.
    People(Penguins) for the Ethical Treatment of Werewolves.(and Penguins).

  2. Really thought. If Edward didn’t exist (or any other vampires for that matter) Bella would be dead.

    Picture this. A nice January day. Bella is stricken by emotion at Charlie’s thoughtfulness in putting snow tires on for her. Tyler hits the ice wrong, Bella looks up. No Edward. SMOOOSH!!!!!!

    Or later on in Port Angeles. Walking in alley. Get’s cornered in. No silver volvo comes around the corner. Guys abuse and murder Bella.

    Sorry for being so emo but she really wouldn’t be alive if Edward didn’t exist.

  3. I have this theory…that I will tell you completely once I read breaking dawn, but since you’ve read Eclipse here’s the part I can tell you.

    Bella and Jacob were meant to be if Edward were not a vampire. Period. Because Bella was always shy, and basically didn’t want any guy, but she was never really shy with Jacob, because she knew him from childhood. Therefore he would be the one guy, not vampiric, who would get under her skin …causing her to love him.

    Mike and Tyler are not that bad looking, yet she doesn’t want to date them at all. Even before she saw Edward in the lunchroom. She just wanted friends…and that’s how she would be acting with other guys. Hell, she didn’t have a boyfriend in Phoenix, and she’s not a bad-looking girl. Soo…that’s part of my theory, the other part will be to come once you read Breaking Dawn, if you wish to know.

  4. If there where no vampires and werewolves, I think Bella would have stayed with Edward. She was with him first and I think she would be happier with him.

  5. Oh, Kaleb. You understand Jacob. I’m so happy.

    That long post I made in the comments section of the Fire & Ice chapter in the midst of the Jacob Debate (yes, it gets capitalized)–these were the things about Jacob’s character I was trying to express. Surprise surprise, Stephenie did a better job explaining him in one chapter, without actually “explaining” anything at all.

  6. I have a friend who read this series recently and completely missed the fact that Bella actually loved Jacob back. My friend didn’t so much as “miss it” as she considered the entire idea complete bologna. And this, from someone who finished the series as a Jacob sympathizer (not being a true Twi-hard, she couldn’t quite grasp the idea of Teams). I only mention it because in the midst of all this talk about the overwhelming evidence of Jacob and Bella’s love, I think of my friends take on things and it makes me laugh. It’s amazing how people can read the same text and come away with completely different meanings.

    But just piggy backing off what has already been stated by some . . . I did not see the King Solomon line as a show of love for Bella. I saw it as Jacob still playing games. Jacob’s “acts” of love did not become real for me until BD.

    As to your question . . . I do think it’s possible that Bella and Jacob could have become a couple if Edward did not exist. But that’s only because I think it’s possible for any one of us to fall in or out of love with any number of potential candidates in our lifetime. The fact is, if Jacob managed to mature in both mind and body without the aid of werewolf hormones, he could have very well had a shot at wooing Bella and succeeding in an Edward-less world.

    I think the real question should be; how epic would THAT love affair have been? Would it have measured up to what she found in an Edward-full supernatural world? Or would B/J have remained an average relationship between two average people? Complete with the real world potential for failure. I don’t know if I have seen enough of Bella and Jacob’s characters (sans Edward) to support anything otherwise. So I guess my answer is yes, I think Bella and Jacob could have been together if Edward did not exist. Yes, they may even have been happy for a time. But do Bella + Jacob in the ‘real’ world equal a definite Happily Ever After? I doubt it.

  7. Hi Kaleb! You make me laugh, you and your comments about the chapters. I found your website by chance and I’ve been reading your post for the last couple of days.
    About your question I think the only way possible that Bella ended up with Jacob is if Edward never showed up because its more than magic it is LOVE… that keeps Bella stuck to Edward, simple as that!
    Keep doing your comments!
    Regards from Argentina!!!

  8. wow its been forever since I’ve commented but everything I want to say I think I’ve said before. I’ve always thought that without supernatural forces and Edward dying naturally in 1918 Bella and Jacob would have ended up together eventually.
    Kaleb, I’m glad that when you read the king solomon bit and Jake says he’s willing to give bella up rather than tear her apart you saw how much he truly cares and have a better understanding of him now, thats good…
    Oh and about the Charlie thing. in new moon I think, near the begining charlie says something about billy and the people down at the rez being prejudiced against the cullens, and at somepoint he also says he never bought into all the superstitious nonscense Billy’s talked about, and agian somewhere else (and all these instances are scattered through new moon and eclipse)jake says something about billy once telling charlie about some of the legends and charlie getting mad about it, charlie also says something (and I think this was in the chapter you just read) that even though he doesnt beleive in all the superstisions stuff at la push he was freaked out by all the wolves howling and all that coincidance stuff.
    so I think from that we can concur that charlie has been told by billy the legends but he’s chosen to ignore and forget them because he doesnt believe in them, and that he does know Bella lies to him alot about edward and the cullens and the stuff they do, but he chooses to believe the lie because its easier…I think edward says that in eclipse actually in that torid chapter everyone was waiting for you to get to…the one where edward proposed (or maybe that wasnt the chapter… but I think it was) anyways charlie doesnt know anymore or any less than he puts on…he’s been told but his own disbelief has blinded him and he’d rather believe the tales the cullens tell than look a little closer at his daughters life.
    πŸ˜€ melissaturkey

  9. wow, you typed a lot. I love the way u write down ur feelings for the chapter you read. You take time && i didnt it was so hard for me to slow down and read slowly b/c the events in the book are so exciting! but u puttin down the details makes me think more about how Jacob is feeling. πŸ™‚ I love the character Jacob i think i might love him more than Edward.

  10. i have a reccomendation for the last chapter of Eclipse “Second Chance” By Shinedown

  11. Thank you for agreeing with me Jacque (#67) I agree with you too! I am glad someone understood my comment. I was afraid that it wouldn’t come across the way I wanted it too! I read your other comment (#1) & I agree with that too! hahaha! πŸ˜€

  12. I noticed that several people think that Bella would have been dead without Edward there to save her from Tyler’s van but how do we know that she would have really died? I mean people have survived worse, right?!
    I just thought I’d throw that out there for consideration!

  13. the kaleb’s question is a great hypothesis but i’m more pragmatic and if there were no supernatural forces the book wouldn’t had any sense at all.so no vampire and werewolf stuff…no twilight…new moon…eclipse…breaking dawn…midnight sun…so that’s why i prefer supernatural forces and bella being with edward πŸ˜€

  14. I have a theory about Bella being clumsy and all her near death experiences and since in the comments there is alot of speculation about whether or not Bella would have survived situations like the van and the port angeles situation without Edward there to save her, I decided now would be a good time to share this theory.

    In the partial draft of midnight sun (not to be spoilery or anything, and yes I’m talking about the one steph released to the public not the one that the released illegally, I waited) Edward muses about Bella being designed by a foolish reckless angel who blindly sent to earth the perfect girl that could catch and hold his attention. breathtaking blood to tempt him, a silent mind to keep his attention and interest…and there was more but I cant remember it all, but my theory is that the near-death experiences and all that could just be another thing to that list only one that justifies him sticking around, at least to protect her, a reason to be selfish in his eyes you see what Im getting at?
    Bella in a way is just perfectly designed for attracting the attentions of someone like Edward dont you think?

    But if there was no Edward and he died when he was supposed too and there was no such thing as the supernatural? Bella would have no reason to be quite so clumsy or accident prone, no reason to get in situations quite so dangerous.

    Even if like Charlie she inherited his non verbose attitude, a little uneasy on the feet and everything else that makes Bella, Bella do you really think there would be a reason fate would throw an average human in an average world into so many dangerous situations it has to be more than cooincidance? I have a friend that is very accident prone but he doesnt get into terrible sitations as nearly as often as Bella does like the fates see her coming.

    I dont think Bella would have nearly as many accidents if something bigger and supernateral wasnt at hand. so in this hypothesis that it is a normal world with a normal amount of coincidences Bella would be fine, before she met Edward her “ticket” wasnt up, she survived being the way she was in Pheonix for 17 yrs, I think life would have continued on just the same for her in a natural world. She would have made it to the point in the road where she was reintroduced to Jacob, whether at the beach or someother time, likewise even with the age difference she would have eventually saw more than his crush that developed so quickly, eventually sometimes through the years before she went off to college or prehaps after when she came home for a break, she would have noticed Jacob, and they could have gotten together with much less drama.

    just my thoughts, I love the cullens and the supernatural and all that that makes this the twilight series, I wouldnt like it nearly as much as if it was a normal human story of Bella coming to notice Jacob, it would have been sweet but not like the wild ride it is in the series. I love Edward and I dont wish for a minute that he didnt exist in the “natural” world for this series, I just think Bella’s life wouldnt be quite so dangerous without him πŸ˜€ melissaturkey

  15. Oh by the way someone asked me once and I should probably clarify on here too, if when I say in a human world Bella would end up with Jake, I’m saying this from the point of view that Edward is not alive in Bella and Jacobs time period, that he lived and died in the same time and fashion that he would have, if we’re talking about a natural human world where Bella, Edward and Jake all lived in the same time period then it would be more difficult, it would depend on alot of things but I think that she would end up with Edward in that situation.

  16. Melissa (melissaturkey) comment #115 is very well put and I agree!!!:)

  17. Like everyone said, Edward would be dead & gone; but, even if he were still alive, I think Bella would’ve ended up with Jacob. I know that might be a dissenting opinion, but all of the intrigue and beauty that had initially attracted Bella to Edward would’ve been gone. Instead of being this 108 year old enigma, he’d just be a normal 17 year old guy (hello Mike Newton!) Plus I’d imagine that her and Jacob would’ve been an item before she’d ever meet Edward. Bella & Jake would have just connected so easily, because in that human non-supernatural world, they’d be soulmates.

  18. If Edward didn’t exist, would Bella be with Jacob? Maybe. She could have ended up with ANYBODY, happy but not having the type of love she shared with Edward. But if Bella had met Jacob first, would she have chosen him? No. I strongly believe this is why SM included the Sam-Leah-Emily parallel. Sam met Leah first. and he didn’t mean to break her heart, but he just had to. There was no werewolf magic involved where Bella and Edward were concerned, but it was just as intense and real. It’s kind of ironic that Edward was really the only one who thought he would lose Bella to Jacob– that love triangle was blown wayyy out of proportion and I hate how people seem to use it to define the books when that’s not the case at all. It was also disconcerting, like you pointed out, that Bella had Edward, who had to comfort and see her cry because she couldn’t have her cake and eat it too.

  19. I’m just going to say that I love you! Your description of the bond that Bella and Edward have made me sorta get butterflies while I was reading it LOL. Thanks!

  20. and I quote you
    ” mean, he’s been friends with Billy Black for far longer than Bella’s been friends with Jacob. It seems odd that after all these years, Billy hasn’t spoken a word about the werewolves or the legends to his pal.”
    Billy did- remember in Twilight, when Billy and Jacob come visit, Bella asks if Jacob thinks Billy will say anything about her being with Edward. Jacob says he won’t bring it up, because this is a reunion, because Charlie got mad when the kids from La Push wouldn’t go to the hospital Dr. Cullen worked at. Billy and Charlie got in a fight over the Quilute superstitions when Bill told Charlie about it.

  21. Meggy,
    I commented on this too! yay! finally someone else!
    yeah, Its mentioned more than once that charlie knows about the quileute “superstitions” he just doesnt believe, thats what I was getting at, thanks!
    πŸ˜€ melissaturkey

  22. I think that they might have ended up dating, but it would have been a completely different relationship between them. She wouldn’t have been desperately in love with Edward and trying to mend herself by using Jacob, so it would have progressed differently. Would she end up with him forever? Who knows.

  23. It’s interesting how a lot of you say that Bella would be dead. If I remember correctly, she was staring at Edward when the van almost hit her. So, if Edward hadn’t been there, she probably would have made it to class safely.

    About your question, Kaleb, I really believe that Bella would have started a relationship with Jacob.

    I have read comments saying that Bella wouldn’t love Jacob because she got to know him when Edward left and he became her sun. I disagree, because I’m sure she would have met him through Billy and Charlie’s friendship. And seriously, guys, the age difference isn’t that big! They would have been together in the end.

    Someone talked about what happens in Breaking Dawn and the reason why Jacob and Bella have such strong conection. Again, I disagree, and Stephenie said it herself in an interview. Jacob and Bella really love each other, and there isn’t anything supernatural in their love. What Jacob meant in Breaking Down when he told Bella what you all know (God, it’s difficult to talk without spoilers…) wasn’t that their love hadn’t been true. He was talking about how they couldn’t stay apart. He meant the unnatural force that kept him there even though he just wanted to leave half the time, not their love.

    And do you guys realise that, if the supernatural didn’t exist in the Twilight universe, what you guys meant about Breaking Down wouldn’t exist either? No vampires, no werewolves, no imprinting, no supernatural relationships, no supernatural pulls.
    Bella would have spent her life with Jacob, because they were meant for each other. But Edward is there, so everything changes. That’s what Jacob meant in Breaking Dawn. That at the end, there was a reason for his pain, for all the suffering he went through. But the feeling was real, and Stephenie herself said so.

    Anyway, Kaleb, there’s something I think you’re not considering here. If you read Jacob’s point of view of Twilight and New Moon in Stephenie’s website, you realise that he didn’t fight just because he loved her, just out of jealousy or whatever. He fought because, from a werewolf point of view, she was going to die. He wanted to save her life, her humanity. That’s why he fought so hard, and so manipulative. Because he was fighting to save her life just as much as he was fighting for her love. Jacob doesn’t understand the Cullens. The wolves don’t see them as people, so he hates the idea of Bella becoming a vampire. That’s why he fought like that. It’s not that Bella is with someone else. It’s that she’s with HIM. In the same point of view, you can see that, in addition to that, he doesn’t hate Edward so much just because he’s a vampire, or because he is with Bella. He hates Edward so much because he left Bella, because he broke her.

    I think there’s much more inside Jacob’s head than everyone here think. There’s a lot of hate here, and it’s sad to know that all the hate comes because Jacob loved Bella and stood between her relationship with Edward. If Jacob had been just the best friend, you guys wouldn’t have hated him. Maybe you would have loved him. He’s the best character in the series, and that is demonstrated in Breaking Dawn.

    Sorry for the long comment and for my mistakes.

    Greetings from Spain,


  24. yo dude this is my new favorite website!!!!
    if yew havent read the rest of the books, then yew should!!! they are so qud!!! im tellinq everyone about this website!!!!! =P (in love all over aqain)

  25. Okay, good question. I am not sure if Bella would end up with Jacob if the supernatural forces were not at work because a “werewolve” (actually a “shape shifter”) is supernatural. Maybe she would have fallen in love with him even if he wasn't a werewolve, but who knows. I think Jacob belongs with Renesmee and Edward belongs with Bella. That is just how it is meant to be. Even though I am Team Jacob, I still believe Edward and Bella are perfect for each other. Plus, I will take Jacob. Haha. (:

  26. she only almost go crushed because she was focusing on watching edward if she hadnt she would have been more aware and jumped outta the way

  27. I still would have a hard time choosing who would of been better for Bella. If none were werewolf or vampire,, i don't think that it would lift a heavy weight and make it easier to choose. I could see why she would of ended up with Jacob because both of their fathers are really good friends so .. they would spend a lot of time seeing each other. If Edward wasnt a vampire.. he wouldn't of ignored Bella the way he did on her first day of school. His beauty would of defenetily attracted Bella to him but i think that the friendliness that Jacob had the easiness to talk to him would of won over Edward and his more serious , mature behavior. Jacob did become Bellas sun.. after Edward broke up with her but she was already attracted to Jacob before she met Edward.

  28. I still would have a hard time choosing who would of been better for Bella. If none were werewolf or vampire,, i don't think that it would lift a heavy weight and make it easier to choose. I could see why she would of ended up with Jacob because both of their fathers are really good friends so .. they would spend a lot of time seeing each other. If Edward wasnt a vampire.. he wouldn't of ignored Bella the way he did on her first day of school. His beauty would of defenetily attracted Bella to him but i think that the friendliness that Jacob had the easiness to talk to him would of won over Edward and his more serious , mature behavior. Jacob did become Bellas sun.. after Edward broke up with her but she was already attracted to Jacob before she met Edward.

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