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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 9 (Target)

The song for this chapter is When They Came For Us by Shiny Toy Guns [suggested by Grant]


I figured since it is Thanksgiving in the US I might skip reading the next chapter until Monday, as many of my readers won’t even be here to see it. But then I realized that this chapter was shorter than most and that a great deal of people from overseas also read here, and I can’t just skip over them simply due to Pilgrimsy holidays or my recent and time-consuming investigations. Thus, on to the condensed post for chapter 9!

Of course, Charlie is at it again: always taking the side of Jacob Black. As we all know, the Blacks and Charlie go back for a long time, and I’m sure Charlie would love for Bella and Jacob to be together, instead of that crazy ever-present Edward Cullen fellow he simply can’t get rid of. I laughed out loud at how much joy Charlie is taking in the fact that Bella and Edward appear to be arguing:

[…] I just stared at [Edward] in horror.

Charlie’s expression changed. Abruptly, he was grinning. “If you two are having a fight… well, don’t let me interrupt.”

Exhibit A - Edward Cullen

Like Bella, the cleaning of my bedroom has fallen a bit under the pile of daily things to do. I certainly wouldn’t notice if someone came in and moved things about (people who have seen photographs of my unattended possessions know this already) but I would certainly see a pillow being gone, as I have an important need for it every night.

Edward, however, has a strange sense that a vampire has been in the house (do vampires have a certain scent only perceivable to other vampires?). Understandably, he reacts in his usual barricade-the-doors fashion and swiftly brings Bella back to the Cullen’s house — a place that has become one of the few safe havens for her. One of the oddest things about this is that Alice hadn’t seen anything coming, despite the fact that she can usually see the future and has had her mind on watching Bella for some time now (especially with all the run-to-the-wolves incidents). I’m actually rather curious as to who this mysterious person could be. I’m tempted to say that it’s Victoria who put on a disguise or something to change her scent, but at the same time I wonder if it is one of the Volturi, as Edward is expecting.

Also, the strange stuff about the missing pillow and the shirt. There are so many theories floating around in my head for that one: does it have Bella’s scent that they’ll use later? Are they going to use it to track her down again somehow? Every vampire I’ve heard of is loaded with money, so I honestly can’t imagine anybody who would go through all the trouble, unless they are building a bulky Bella-scarecrow

There are many things that Jacob should know not to suggest to Bella Swan, and three of those are:

1. Motorcycle-riding

2. Volleyball-playing

3. Cliff-diving

so I wouldn’t exactly recommend him suggesting that anytime soon. We all know that no matter how much he promises to keep her safe, Bella is afflicted with a type of danger magnetosis that has no cure.

Exhibit B -- Parachutes
Exhibit B -- Parachutes

But, of course, the biggest thing that stands out is how suddenly, Jacob and Edward actually had a decent conversation without one erupting into snarls and the other into wolf-form. In fact, it almost seems like they’re working together on something — the only reason, of course, is because the safety of Bella is involved. I think both Edward and Jacob know that at this point, there will need to be some compromise in order to keep her safe. So, it’s great to see at least a bit of progress on that end πŸ˜€

Again, posting today is short because of the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Question for the comments: When you read this chapter for the first time, were you surprised that Jacob and Edward spoke reasonably with one another and were able to make a plan?


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75 Responses

  1. Nahh, people always seem to forget that Jacob’s priority is the same as Edward’s: protect Bella at all costs.

  2. The pictures of Edward are killing me. lol. Considering that thanks to Edward, Bella has run off TWICE and nearly ended up killed the first time and to charlie, disappeared completely for three days the second time. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t like Edward. πŸ˜›

  3. I wasn’t surprised at how civil Jacob and Edward were with each other. When it comes to Bella, she’s the one thing they have in common. And when Bella’s safety is put at risk then of course they would put there differences aside to save her.

  4. happy thanksgiving πŸ™‚
    thanks for posting for us overseas people …but seriously i think everyone who DOES celebrate would be online for ur blog anyway πŸ˜›
    when i was reading ch.9 i was like..’oookay jacob what are u really thinking’ …but i was glad they did get along πŸ˜€ it helps team switzerland ;p

  5. Happy day after thanksgiving! πŸ™‚ As for the question, not really. All though they are very different, they have one thing in common for sure: they want bella to be safe. So, of course, they would do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even get along.

  6. Happy belated Thanksgiving Kaleb! πŸ™‚ Personally, I thought it was about time they got it together! Just kidding. Ummm….I thought it was nice? Yes. I thought it was nice they were civil. I don’t like when my two favorite characters fight. πŸ™‚

  7. Ha, you reminded me of a Much Ado About Nothing quote (I’m paraphrasing here):

    The count is not happy, or sad, or angry, but civil. Civil as an orange and something of that jealous complexion too. – Beatrice

    I got that all wrong, but I can’t find my copy so I can’t get it right. Either way, that’s what’s brought to mind. Damn my English teacher and her essays.

  8. Ok, you asked some questions that I’m pretty sure is ok to tell you. πŸ™‚

    1. Do vampires have a scent/Will they use Bella’s stuff to find her?
    Yes. In Twilight, Edward describes Bella’s scent to her, and states how each human has a different scent. Vampires have a scent too. Plua vampires have an excellent sense of smell. Way more so than humans.

    2. You said something about every vampire being loaded with money. I’m not sure where you got that, because most vampires are savage – so to say. They don’t use money at all; they drink human’s blood and hang out. The reason the Cullens have so much, or at least my opinion, is first of all, Alice can easily predict the stock market. And secondly, Carisle is a doctor, and has been for hundreds of years. They make good money.

    And that’s all I have to say πŸ˜€
    That is, if you read all of these. There are a lot…

  9. Yay! another post!

    A yes…the rising action. Wow, you have better foresight than the Cullens, but that’s all I’ll say. You’ll eventually read it. Be flattered, however, that you can predict things better than a groups of ultrasensory supposedly genius-minded vamps, one of which can actually /see/ the future.

    I love your exhibits, btw, which reminded me how I cracked up when I read that Charlie thought they were arguing. No such luck Charlie-o.

    Hm…when i first read the chapter? I thought ‘HA! In your faces Team Jacob! Edward keeps his word AND can control his temper. Unlike a certain mutt.’ Ok, that wasn’t exactly verbatim, but you know what I mean. (Then again, I was also kinda hoping that Bella would stay mad at Jacob for at least a bit more than 48 hours, but then again, as Edward says, “Holding grudges isn’t one of her many talents”.)

    Seriously, however, I thought, “good” because the one thing that I didn’t like at first was the stupid werewolf vampire prejudice. I mean seriously, as long as we’re going against every other cliche in the monster myths, why not go against THIS cliche? Don’t get me wrong. I many be an avid and obsessed Team Edward, but I still like werewolves (just not Jacob and ocassionaly Sam, who does sometimes acts like a butthead).

    However, the NEXT chapter (if I do recall, is called ‘Scent’ or something along those lines), i have mixed feelings about. Parts of it are my favorite parts, and other parts I want to rip apart and burn (vamp girl, remember?). Ah…you’ll see what I mean. What I can say is the next chapter will prove to be very amusing.

  10. Uhhhh… maybe it surprized me. It’s been a while (almost 6 months now) since I’ve read Eclipse soooo I don’t remember.

    Anyways, Eclipse was a blur to me, so that also adds to my not remembering.

  11. “do vampires have a certain scent only perceivable to other vampires?”
    –> Yes and No, it is hard to explain without ruining the fourth book for you.. but you will learn this closer to the end of Breaking Dawn. =D

    “Also, the strange stuff about the missing pillow and the shirt. There are so many theories floating around in my head for that one: does it have Bella’s scent that they’ll use later? Are they going to use it to track her down again somehow?”
    –> Bella’s scent would be attachted to something she has worn, or used daily.. well because human scents are much stronger for vampires.. and remember in Twilight how after the baseball chapter Bella switched clothing with Esme to throw the other vampires off of Bella’s, trail just long enough for her to flew from forks.

    You have already started reading the other chapters, so this entry may be meaningless, but I just hope I could have helped. =)

  12. Take a deep breath and jump with one of many experienced switzerland clothing paraglider pilots – let the wind gently lift you up and carry you off the side of a mountain, over hundreds of toothpick-sized pine trees.

  13. I love exhibit A .. about the question: i wasnt really surprised that they both could talk and come up with a plan because they both care about Bella and wouldn't want to do anything to hurt her emotionally as well as physically. if they were to argue or fight they would just crush her.. so i really wasn't surprised i was actually proud of them πŸ™‚

  14. I think the part in this chapter which made me so mad at Charlie was when he said “Forgiveness is divine.” Because, it doesn't just show that he's a hypocrite (since he hasn't exactly fully forgiven Edward), but also because he's being bias and siding only Jacob. Lol.

  15. I think the part in this chapter which made me so mad at Charlie was when he said “Forgiveness is divine.” Because, it doesn't just show that he's a hypocrite (since he hasn't exactly fully forgiven Edward), but also because he's being bias and siding only Jacob. Lol.

  16. At first i was suprised then I realized that the only reason why they are getting along is for Bella's safety. They both couldn't bear the thought of Bella getting hurt or worse dead. So I think the only time they will get along is for Bella's safety and when it comes to Bella's happiness.

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