A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)


Can’t see it? Click here. As I said when I first started this website, two very long years ago: “I do not read vampire romances, nor werewolf romances, nor hobbit romances, nor any other romances“. However, I lived through reading and reviewing the entire Twilight Saga. And as such things go, it only follows that […]

Finally: A Chapters List

Ever since I finished reviewing the last chapter of Breaking Dawn way back in September of 2009, a lot of readers have been asking for a full chapter list of all the posts, so that when you’re reading (or more likely re-reading) the Saga, you can easily reference my thoughts. Well ask no longer: for […]

Stephenie Meyer’s Advice For Writers! [Video]

Can’t see it? Click here. Stephenie Meyer tells her biggest piece of advice for writers! Also check out my other interviews with Stephenie from the red carpet of NEW MOON: Stephenie Meyer On TWITTER? Stephenie Meyer’s Picks For Twilight Soundtrack Bands!

I’m Still Here

Don’t worry, I’m still alive. I’ve just been in the process of moving to California. My moving truck was three days late, so I’ve been sleeping on the floor without my copy of Breaking Dawn and only a small netbook to keep me connected to the internet. HOWEVER my stuff arrived this morning, and that […]