You’ve seen it before. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon your girlfriend penciling portraits of some guy who is Certainly Not You, while she swears it’s ‘just Edward’. Or perhaps you’ve tried to call a girl on the phone only to have her mom say she’s busy reading a book whose title has something to do with moons or various stages of light. Or maybe you overheard a chattering, giggling crowd talking about some new guy named Jacob Black, and thought it must be a rockstar or actor; and then you hear them say how much they would love to have their boyfriend bite them, and you run from the room as fast as you can, only to find that you are completely wrong, in the dark, and very behind on the times.

For, fellows, the thing the girls are all talking about is a book.

Once you found out about all this frenzy, you may or may not have cracked open a copy of Twilight (in secret, of course). Either you wanted to know what they were crazy about, or you wanted to know How To Become The Living Edward Cullen. No matter why you got to it, somehow Stephenie Meyer has cast a spell over this planet, and now us guys are starting to feel the bite as well.

If you have experienced this strange phenomenon in any way (as I have on many occasions), I really would like to hear from you about your experiences of reading Twilight. You could get a mention on the site (anonymously, if need be):

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