A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Peter Facinelli’s FAVORITE Scene From New Moon!

Can’t see it? Click here. Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) reveals his favorite scene from the NEW MOON movie! Also check out our other interview question with Peter: If you weren’t Carlisle, which other Cullen would you want to play? I was up until 5 AM last night uploading some videos and I managed to get […]

Robert Pattinson’s Favorite Type Of Cookie?

Can’t see it? Click here. The fans wanted to know… so I asked! I think this is one of few questions Robert Pattinson has not already been asked 8,000 times. His handler obviously didn’t think it was that good. You can almost hear her growl at us as she pulls him away: but now, Twilighters […]

LIVE From The NEW MOON Premiere!

I’ll be tweeting live from the NEW MOON Premiere red carpet down in Westwood, California, today! The big events start sometime this evening, and I’ll be posting as many photos and video clips as I can grab between doing my interviews: You can also follow me at Twitter.com/KalebNation.

Charlie Bewley at NEW MOON Live Webcast!

Can’t see it? Click here. I was at the NEW MOON LIVE Webcast at Borders Westwood, and Charlie Bewley (Demetri) stopped by to talk with everyone there! In the video above, Charlie gives some little spoilers to a scene in New Moon, when Bella, Edward and Jane are in an elevator going under Volterra. I […]

Send Questions For The NEW MOON Premiere!

Can’t see it? Click here. Yes, I am going to the NEW MOON premiere, and like last year, I have been invited to interview the stars on the red carpet! Before getting my list of questions together, I wanted to give YOU a chance to send in your ideas of what to ask the stars! […]