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Send Questions For The NEW MOON Premiere!

Yes, I am going to the NEW MOON premiere, and like last year, I have been invited to interview the stars on the red carpet! Before getting my list of questions together, I wanted to give YOU a chance to send in your ideas of what to ask the stars!

Visit this video on Youtube and leave a comment there (I’m trying to keep all the questions in one place, so please don’t leave any here or on Twitter!). I can’t wait to see all the ideas, and to be at the New Moon premiere line again this year!

If you can’t make it out there (I know that the line has already started now, days before the event!) then be sure to follow me on Twitter. I’ll be posting updates during the event, and videos if I can get them filmed between the interviews, and hopefully I can make it the next-best thing to you actually being in LA!



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  1. umm hi kaleb huge fan! I think i have a pretty solid question for kristen Stewert.please ask her “kristen,if you were bella in real life would you move on to jacob or keep fighting for edwards love?”

    thanks kaleb 🙂

  2. This is for Robert: Who was a better villain to fight in the saga so far? James or Victoria? 🙂

  3. For Kristen Stewart: If Alice didn't come back and tell Bella that Edward would commit suicide, do you think Bella would end up with Jacob?
    For Robert: If Alice didn't see Bella jump off the cliff, would Edward just keep on enduring the pain of losing Bella?

  4. hey just wanted to say love you. your sooooo cool for setting up this website thank you soooooooo much… any way my question is for the cast…. could you ask them “how does it feel to have a male director giving you his perspctive of the film rather than a female e.g Cathrine Hardwick?” Thank you sooo mcuh again i give you all my respect and hope to meet you in person xx

  5. For all of the cast, you could ask them “what is your favorite scene from the Twilight books?”

  6. For Robert-
    If bella and reneesmee ran a race, whould bella win because of her newborn abilities?

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