A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Live BlogTV at 6 PM CST (September 17)!

kalebnation– Broadcast your self LIVE I’m doing a live BlogTV show tonight with Ilana and Taryn from TwilightUnplugged and Twicon Canada! The show starts at 6 PM CST, September 17, on my channel. If you haven’t heard of TwilightUnplugged, you should check out some of their videos on YouTube, especially their Attempt At Explaining The […]

20,000 Subscribers! LIVE BLOGTV SATURDAY

ADDED NOTE: This show is over, but there is a new contest I announced. I’ll blog about it on Monday with my regular post. See you then 🙂 Hello people! I’m finally back and refreshed from my break from blogging — and what better way to kick off the new posts than a BlogTV show! […]

Twicon News — LIVE

On Saturday, October 25, at 8 PM CST I will be LIVE on BlogTV in the same room as Bailey (nomoremarbles), broadcasting from the location where TWICON will be held on Bailey’s channel. THERE WILL BE BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS Added: just FYI, it is 10AM on Saturday and people have already started lining up 10 hours […]


For those of you who haven’t heard the news, Jackson Rathbone, Michael Welch and Peter Facinelli have been added to the list of guests appearing at TwilightLive on November 16! As stated on the MTV movies blog, the TwilightLive event is set up to be a great time in LA before the movie premiere, and […]

Twicon 2009…in Dallas

As many of you have heard, an enormous Twilight convention is being held July 30 – August 2, 2009, called Twicon. Last night, on a live BlogTV broadcast, the organizers of the event announced the location would be in my own Dallas, Texas. Among a growing list of guests will be Evil Iguana Productions, Bailey […]