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For those of you who haven’t heard the news, Jackson Rathbone, Michael Welch and Peter Facinelli have been added to the list of guests appearing at TwilightLive on November 16! As stated on the MTV movies blog, the TwilightLive event is set up to be a great time in LA before the movie premiere, and if you are in the area you should definitely stop by!

I will be involved in the event as a quick panelist with Bailey (nomoremarbles), so if you want to come see us before the premiere, as well as loads of great guests from the other Twilight fansites, head on over and RSVP for the event (more info here).

As usual, all events I will be at are on my events calendar.

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Also, on October 25, I will be doing an extra-special live BlogTV IN THE SAME ROOM with Bailey, from a yet-to-be-disclosed location (erm, people might already know where it is, but I don’t know if I’m supposed to say or not). As usual, we will cause you to scream with laughter so loudly, your ears will fall off and your ribs beg for mercy. I have spoken with Dragoat‘s agent, but have yet to receive confirmation of his appearance.

But then again, if you’re not watching us, how will you know? So cancel all plans for Saturday evening (time TBA) and come watch.



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  1. brb crying over the fact that I won’t be with you :'(

    Bailey promised me at least a couple minutes of co-hosting! I need the details! Enjoy every moment for me, both of you!

  2. I’m staying at a friends house right now.
    If she doesn’t let me watch I shall throw her in the closet after beating her off the computer chair.

  3. Love the picture of Dragoat’s agent, btw. Though I would like to know how he got involved with shady characters like Nero and Brutus.

  4. You’re quickly becoming one of the Twilight celebs, and you thought you were wasting your time when you bought the twilightguy domain name.

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  6. hmmm…well i AM babysitting that day while my fam and some of their friends go out to party…(wow thats sad, a party that doesnt include me???? 🙁 :O )lol. well anyways…since im gonna be at my neighbors house taking care of their kids and my bro i think ill borrow (without asking jk) their computer and definitly watch it! yea!! im excited! 😀 see ya the there!

    ps: hope dragboat can make it too! 🙂

  7. People like Dragoat’s agent are the reason they want to up restrictions on who can have access to guns. And I can’t say I blame them. Just look at her eyes… she’s clearly on something illegal…

    Also, I like the little Kaleb head on top of the Twilight Guy logo in the picture. 😀

  8. Oh man oh man oh man. I’m actually not busy that night, as far as I know! (It is my best friend’s birthday, but I don’t think we have anything planned.) Must. Not. Forget!

  9. Depending on the where & time you broadcast, it should be around lunchtime Sunday my time. I’ve never seen BlogTV before, so if I’m home and remember, I’ll try and log on.

  10. I can’t be there. My friends and I made a deal that if i go to homecoming, (unwillingly, i might mention) then they’ll go see twilight with me. (they don’t like twilight, it’s weird.) and if they don’t go with me, i’ll be forced to go with my mom. =[ not happening.

  11. soooo cool… JACKSOOOON! Im faintig his voice is soo inexplicably sexy it makes me swoon… but cant be there… shamefully I live in another continent.. meaby someday

    BTW, kaleb you tottaly rock, hope I can meet you someday!

  12. Loony_Lovegood, I get you complitely… i had to watch all the 5 existing harry potter movies (I hate harrybpotter i only saw the 4th one because of rob… its not a joke) and promise to see the next movies, in order to get them to go to see twilight with me… haha 🙂

  13. Seriously ya’ll make me wanna cry! You talk about all these amazin’ things but I never get to do ANY of ’em! I live in Idaho…nothing amazing-wonderfully-cool happens here! UHHH!

  14. wana gooooo!!!!…
    but i cant….
    love jackson sooooo much….
    kaleb!!!!!!!!!!you're such …..

  15. wana gooooo!!!!…
    but i cant….
    love jackson sooooo much….
    kaleb!!!!!!!!!!you're such …..

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