A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Twilight Ultimate Fan Contest

Enter for a chance to attend an exclusive live video web chat with

Catherine Hardwicke, the director of TWILIGHT!

Summit Entertainment is reaching out to the fans of Twilight with an extra-special contest. Catherine Hardwicke will be doing a live video chat with a small group of the biggest Twilight fans, and the top Twilight websites have been invited to find the winners!

twilightguy.com will be giving away TWO passes to the event — and all you need to do is prove you are the Ultimate Twilight Fan by sending in a short (less than 3 minutes) video of yourself showing how big a fan you are!




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  1. Kaleb, You just might have to consider redoing your banner. Considering where Twilight is taking you, ie conventions, webcasts, etc… you can’t claim to just be a guy reading a book anymore. 😛

  2. darn i don’t have a videorecorder. still living in the dark ages. ah well, good luck to everyone else!

  3. Haha, I agree with Wendilynn. I think you are officially a fan. Maybe not a Twi-hard like the rest of us, but most definately a Twerd.

    PS. I was Victoria for Halloween. Would that count for me in the contest? 😛

  4. I work for a nationally syndicated tv show in NY. I am looking for die hard Twilight Fans to possibly be on the show.
    Are you an overly obsessed fan of the Twilight Saga? Do you know everything there is to know about the characters and the entire book series? Do your friends and family get tired of hearing about how much you love Twilight? If you or someone you know (18 and over) thinks they are the biggest Twilight fan, please email me at [email protected]

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