A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

A Twilight Documentary? And a Snow Day?

There are always tons of documentaries about movie stars and cast members, but Twilight fan Kelcey (on Youtube) has a different idea: focusing on the Twilight Fandom! I really like her idea, and hopefully if she gets into Twicon, she’ll get lots of great fans into her video project!

Check this out and click here to see her video if you’re interested.


Also, I put up a new video blog on my Youtube channel, regarding music and the enormous pillars of snow we got in Texas yesterday:

All the sidebar links referenced in the video are here.

I also have another video coming very soon, regarding the Robert Pattinson Contest. Due to Youtube’s fail, I’m beginning to devise a new plan of how to give the autograph away: something simpler, and less likely for Youtube to