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A Twilight Documentary? And a Snow Day?

There are always tons of documentaries about movie stars and cast members, but Twilight fan Kelcey (on Youtube) has a different idea: focusing on the Twilight Fandom! I really like her idea, and hopefully if she gets into Twicon, she’ll get lots of great fans into her video project!

Check this out and click here to see her video if you’re interested.


Also, I put up a new video blog on my Youtube channel, regarding music and the enormous pillars of snow we got in Texas yesterday:

All the sidebar links referenced in the video are here.

I also have another video coming very soon, regarding the Robert Pattinson Contest. Due to Youtube’s fail, I’m beginning to devise a new plan of how to give the autograph away: something simpler, and less likely for Youtube to render to fail 😀



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  1. the fan documentary thing’s been done before with lord of the rings. only, that fandom actually has some perspective – 50+ years of perspective. i don’t think the twilight fandom has been around long enough yet to make this project worthwhile. there are lots of little stories to tell but no one big story.

  2. Hehe, a Twilight documentary would be pretty cool. There was one a couple years ago about Harry Potter fan bands…I think it was called “Wizard Rock.”

    Oh, YouTube. How you fail to understand the dedication of Twilight fangirls.

  3. PS: Snow day!!!! Which is even more fun if you don’t live someplace that normally has winter for 5 months out of the year…

  4. PPS (sorry! I’d go back and edit, but it won’t let me): Yoda totally wants to read your book, Kaleb. It was awesome.

    Bran’s back story reminded me a lot of Harry Potter’s (sorry! I know you’re not trying to steal from JK Rowling) just because he grew up not knowing his parents and raised by people who’d rather see him dead. That’s probably been done many times before, but Harry Potter is the most famous and the most recent.

    Anyway, I loved the free chapters and I can’t wait for the actual book to come out! And I did sign my actual name on the e-mail list.

  5. a fandom documentary would be AWESOME! everyones been saying how crazy us twilighters are. lets film it so all of history will know! also, the snowday stuff is funny. i used to live in chicago and they clean the streets streets so quickly you couldnt get a snowday to save your life. now i live in indiana, and we just got 1 foot of snow and two days off! yaaaaay!

  6. Haha! Kinda fun with the snow..you get snow that ALMOST covers the ground and get a day out of school..we get 1,5 meters and I’ve never had a day out of school beacause of snow in my life! XD
    Think I’m going to upload those chapters though..^_-

  7. Kaleb! I’ve never commented before, but I’ve been following your site since you started it and I just wanted to let you know that I always look forward to your posts. The creativity, humor, but also true literary analysis are what make your posts enjoyable to me. Keep up the AWESOME work, and best of luck with your own book endeavors!

  8. Haha, I know what you mean about being a prose writer, not a poet. Sometimes my poetry is reasonable, but not when it’s something like this:

    A excerpt from ‘The Beach of Broken Hearts’:

    “I was never good with words
    Straying from the point
    But I was good at hiding hurt
    When you and him were joined”

    I don’t know how something that bad was possible until I wrote it. haha.
    I assure you though, that is by far the worst thing I’ve ever written.

  9. wow…what a huge amount of snow :D… be careful or you’ll get snowed in…
    we kinda had a “water day” yeasterday…the school’s water pipe burst and there was a large puddle in front of the building and we had no water at all inside…so we could leave after the 3rd lesson…*yay*

  10. Lucky! We had like 12 inches of snow here in Indiana, and all I got was a 2 hour delay! We didn’t have school yesterday though. *sigh* I miss living in Texas where they freak out and cancel school at the first drop of snow.

  11. hmmm I’m with Paige above….I live in the Midwest and we have close to a foot of snow….actually right now we’re close to beating our all time record from the blizzard month of January in the 70’s as we are currently approaching the record of 42 inches of snow in the month of January. I like snow….but my high school campus requires crossing the street….similar to college campuses, and right about now I’m dreaming of May, when it will finally not be cold and I can wear short sleeves to school without worrying about freezing. Story of my life….haha. Glad you’re enjoying you’re rare snow in Texas….you’re welcome to take all of mine….at least for a couple of days anyway.

  12. I sympathize on the snow joy. It’s almost as rare here in TN. I wasn’t sure I would get out of school though. I was watching the weather all morning and watching the surrounding counties close, and when I got five feet down the driveway to go to the bus stop, my dad opened the door and said, “They just closed the schools.” Of course they wait until I’m already dressed with make-up on! (*grumbles to self*) and then my brother and I had a snowball fight on our trampoline (the only place where snow was deep and pure – the thin layer on the ground always had leaves and dirt in it) but today it was all gone :(. Weather in this area is bipolar, I swear. It was in the 50s last week, this week we get a snow day!

    So glad about you giving download links! I’ll do that as soon as there’s a release date set! (I don’t want to read previews and then be in agonizing pain while I wait for the rest.)

    And I thought your snow poem was awesome! 🙂

  13. so many indiana people here. i love it! if i went to school with any of you it would be such a cool coincidence!

  14. Kaleb, I love the huge amount of snow that completely shut down campus. There’s like a 2 feet of snow on the ground here. The buses just strap on the chains and keep going, LoL. I used my real name when I d/led the book chapters. Also, a big FAIL for me because I have yet to read them. I will, soon. Then I’ll get back to you. 🙂

  15. Are you serious????? What is with you texans??? It took an ice storm to close OUR schools (i’m serious. My dad tried to shovel it, but only got around where the cars were, and well, that’s about a third of the driveway. So the other two thirds was absolutely covered, flat out, in a layer of ice an inch and a half thick.) Seriously, you could literally whip out some ice skates and skate on it, pond or no.

    And, not only that, for me, snow days aren’t always good. I’m still in highschool, so for me, it means making it up at the end of the year, and getting two essays, a lab write up, a french song, a new very bad novel, and a computer science java download and assignment shoved into our faces. Sigh.

    This reminds me of when about 5 years ago, we had a REALLY big blizzard and my whole family, including aunts and uncles that were over since it was christmas break, were snowed in by about two feet of snow. And then we get a call from my other uncle and his family, who used to live in Texas, and they go, “Oh yeah, we’re having a picnic here!”

    Anyway, I’m not a poet either, so it’s okay. But I do like creative writing. Just not essays -_-.

  16. GAH! You got snow! I’m from Plano-ish area and all we got was cold hard ice. Seeing as how I’m almost (note almost) as clumsy as Bella I nearly died several times yesterday.

  17. Wow that’s I can’t believe you got a snow day because of that much snow. I also live in Indiana, and we have close to a foot of snow. But we’ve had tuesday, wednesday, and today off and tomorrow we have a 2 hour delay.

  18. You’re so lucky you got a snow day!
    I live in New York City and it takes an act of God and then some to close NYC schools. And we got 2 1/2 inches! Geting 2″ of snow without a snowday is like winning a quarter in the lottery. *sigh* Enjoy your day off Kaleb! 🙂

  19. I live in Canada. We got about 6″ of snow over night and no snow day. It’s also been snowing for about 3 days straight at this point.. and no snow day.

  20. O crap, I linked to a youtube video about you and now I think I’ve been banned. I hope not. Video aside, I just want to make sure that everyone knows about the Border’s exclusive edition of Twilight (the movie).

  21. Yep, it must have been the link that did it. Anyway, the video was called NEW MOON CONTROVERSY and it was a clip from Dalies in which your website is mentioned because of a quote about Catherine Hardwicke being replaced as director.

    The Border’s Exclusive DVD contains a bunch of interviews, red carpet stuff from the premiere, and ten SPARKLY PICTURES!! Awesome!! You can pre-order on the website.

  22. Kaleb did you know you are freakin hilarious!? i watched the video about threee times and i luaghed each time! And by the way they shut down the hole university for that!!!! In my neighborhood, we don’t have any hills to slide down on sleds so my brothers make one by packing as much snow together to make a hill! and i have never had a snow day!

  23. This was hilarious! A snow day, with almost no snow…! Where I live it is snow to my knee (and over) and mirror blank ice roads, and the school never close because of snow (that sucks!)..
    You are lucky 🙂 😛

    p.s. Forgive my bad English 😉

  24. haha, snow in texas, what a wonderful thing! well, i guess you could call that snow, but my school liked to call it a ice day (thanks risd!)….. well, can’t wait for the new contest, i can’t guess what’s bigger than rob’s autograph!!

  25. HAHA! Yes, That WAS a lot of snow for us Dallas-ites. I am glad the snow was able to save you from the torture that is writing poetry! ^_^ It allowed you to make another video for all of us to enjoy, which IMO is always WIN!!!

  26. Kaleb will your music be appearing on iTunes anytime soon? I’d really like to get your songs on my iPod :]

  27. WoW, u guys r CRAZY!! in MN we would be like “oh theres snow on the ground, moving on.” LOL it SHUT DOWN UR SCHOOL?!?!?!? is dat even possible?

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