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Hullo peoples, since it’s Sunday and not as many people read here on Sundays, I thought it would be a perfect time to knock out some updates and notes I need to post about. Less people to bore the better!

DAKOTA FANNING: I’ve been saying for months that she’s my pick for Jane, amidst lettuce and tomatoes commonly being launched in my direction. I don’t know about you people, but despite being in Charlotte’s Web alongside 47 Wilburs, I always thought she could do some older roles (check out her interview on the Lexicon). I’m hoping she gets the part. For the comments: What are your thoughts on her?

PREVIEW CHAPTERS: I am now too far behind on preview requests of my book to answer them all. Thus, I’ve given in and uploaded them. I don’t know how long this will last (my publishers might have me take it down) so get them here while they’re available. All the Branfan sites will update their links soon. Sorry for keeping everyone waiting so long!

ROBERT PATTINSON CONTEST: No word back from FailTube. I’m coming up with new ideas for how to do this now. My 10,000 subscriber BlogTV party is looking like a big option. But don’t worry, I will definitely be giving the autograph away somehow (at the moment, it is hidden in my room, due to the recent discovery that an apartment of obsessed Rpattzions is in near vacinity of my own).

NEW MUSIC: I’ve been uploading my songs onto Youtube one at a time and offering them as free downloads. Here’s the latest one (click here to download the song for free):

Also, I have a clip of an entirely new one I’m working on that you can listen to here.

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how you get robert pattincons number

which almost deserves a spot on my Most Epic Comments Of All Time page. I am majoring in English. This is pain to my poor eyes.

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OKAY: I’m done 😀



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  1. i agree with what most of you said. Dakota would really do a great job on playing Jane. she’s a great actress inspite of her age and she’s not obnoxious like other young stars..so yeah. Dakota FTW!!

  2. I actually totally agree with you on Dakota Fanning for Jane… When I think about it, she would look pretty much perfect for it.
    She is doing some older roles… She’s playing that girl in Push… I want to see that movie 🙂

  3. Gosh Kaleb, where is your brain? Stuffs? Scandalous. Heh, anyways, I think that Dakota Fanning would be great for the role of Jane. I didn’t get the Bethanie Wire thing for a few minutes, I was like, ehhh, random? Then I realized it was a rhyme. XD

  4. Can you guys imagine Robert Pattinson being scared of Dakota Fanning?
    I have, the my mental picture is quite amusing 😀

  5. I love being a Twilighter, but sometimes I don’t understand the Twilight fandom. I spend a significant amount of time on fansites like the Lex and HGE, and I’ve noticed that the people opposed to Dakota’s possible casting have 3 main arguments against it, none of which hold their own in my opinion:

    1) She’s too young.
    2) She doesn’t look like Jane/She’s “just not what I had in mind”.
    3) She’s too well known, too “Hollywood”.

    Dakota’s what? 15? And Jane is supposed to look very young. Also, Kristen is the only cast member that is her character’s age. Everyone else is at least 4 or 5 years older than who they play, so if Dakota signs on for future movies her aging won’t be an issue.

    Also, her physical appearance seems extremely unimportant. The combo of hair dye, makeup, and a little CGI can work some serious movie magic. Everyone has a unique mind so every person has a different mental image of what Jane should look like; no actress will satisfy everyone.

    Finally, Dakota’s well known for a reason. She’s played extremely diverse (and often intense) roles, meaning she can only bring talent and experience to the New Moon set.

    I’ve noticed that Twilighters (and I do include myself in this) are predictable. They’re passionate; whenever a major announcement/change is made they tend to do the online equivalent of rioting and a ridiculous amount of petitioning. Then it eventually blows over, and finally the hatred turns to crazy intense passion. Ex: Rob’s casting, the director change, and now this.

    By the way, if anyone couldn’t tell I’m a pyschology major ;).

    I didn’t mean for that to get so long and ranty, but I’ve been arguing about this with my sister all night so I’m in an argumentative mood.

  6. ohmygosh!
    I’m soooo sorry about that comment earlier ^
    that wasn’t me, it was my friend..
    she doesn’t really like twilight & she commented while I was in the kitchen.
    so sorry :O

    hehe she does kinda have a point though… isn’t stuffs grammatically incorrect?

    ….no offense 😀

  7. Wow – the 44th post cracked me up 😀 I’m an English major, too. Apparently we should only speak old English and sip tea with our pinkie fingers up?

  8. When I read the books I deffinitely pictured Jane a bit differently, but I just tried reading the jane part again and picturing Dakota and it fit pretty well.
    I think it would be awesome to see her toturing people like Jane. muahahaha.
    My favorite movies with her are Uptown Girls, I am Sam, and War of the worlds. She is an amazing actor for being so young… and actually she really isn’t that young anymore, but she is still amazing.

  9. to mia: “peoples” isn’t a word either, but should that stop anyone from saying it? it just plain sounds better!

  10. I must say I have high hopes for Dakota. She’s done a lot of great movies at a young age, and she just might be one of those lucky few child actors who can make the transition to adult actor with a minimum of psychological damage. She’s no stranger to science fiction/fantasy and she’s handled some tough roles already. I say make her Jane!

  11. Oh! Dakota Fanning as Jane would be PERFECT. Has been said already, of course, but she’s very well capable of performing creepy roles. What’s that one she was in with Robert DeNiro? Ha! It doesn’t get any creepier. She’s also been in CSI in a very difficult episode, and in films with Denzel Washington. I also hope she gets the part.

    I wouldn’t mind her playing both Jane AND Alec either.

  12. I think that Dakota Fanning would be sooooo fantastic as Jane. She is and amazing young actress and I really think that she has come to the age that she could handle a role like that one. So fantastic.

  13. As long as there aren’t any little Disney Channel people in it, I’m good. Tehe 😉 I love Dakota Fanning, though. She’s amazing! She’d be great as Jane. And some people are worried about how popular she is; Calm down 🙂 Look at how popular all of the other actors are now! Tehe 🙂 Chillax. Really, she isn’t that big. And she’s a good actress. Oh, and I loved the picture at the bottom. Twilettuce. Hehe. That was amazing. I giggled about it forever. My mom gave me a lot of weird looks 🙂

  14. Oh yeah, and I don’t think Dakota is a Disney Channel person. I’ve never seen her on there, and I have to watch it all the time because of my little brother.

  15. I can’t believe people are still thinking of Dakota Fanning as a Disney girl. Whenever I see her I’m more stunned by how creepily intelligent she’s always seemed for her age (which could be perfect for her portrayal of Jane). I’m going to go ahead and agree with you Kaleb, as I almost always do.
    Oh and your most epic comments of all time made me laugh so hard!
    Thanks also for posting the preview chapters of Bran Hambric. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the rest!

  16. I have nothing against Dakota, but I don’t think she is the best choice. I’m afraid that Summit will turn the movie into “New Moon, staring Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Dakota Fanning.” The main reason they approached her, other than her really good acting skills, is her already famous name. I had gotton the impression that Summit was looking for unknown/semi-unknown actors. I’m afraid that Dakota’s big name will outshine the other actors who aren’t big yet. Plus, she doesn’t look at all the Jane i see when i read the books. I picture Jodelle Ferland instead. Again, I am not hating on Dakota. But, I think they should choose the best choice for the role, not the biggest name they can get.

  17. I personally think that Dakota could be a great Jane. I’m not some super fan of her, but I’ve seen her in a few movies and did think she was really good in I Am Sam. (On a side note I also adored the soundtrack of that movie). I almost kind of pictured Jane with blonde hair even though SM definitely said she had light brown hair, and the other thing that I really like about Dakota is how hauntingly angelic she looks. To me the vampires in general are obviously hauntingly beautiful, but I also pictured Jane as a little demon stuck inside of this hauntingly angelic small body. So personally I think Dakota could play a great Jane, but I’m a fan, and I guess I’ll go along with whatever Summit decides!

  18. hi! yea as it says I’m sofie800. i just have a few questions. i actually just found out about this site like a few minutes ago but so like, (im a slow thinkr sometimes so here me out) do u actually have robert pattinson’s REAL number. because (tho it might be hard to believe) i was in london in october and found his actual number! so i called him and it was indeed robert pattinson. ( holy crap why did i just ask that!) oh well what ever. but i guess my real question is: Is Dakota Fanning REALLY going to play the part of Jane without an audition? and is there still time to audition??? and if there IS still time, will someone PLEASE tell me how!!! PLEASE:) but dakota fanning is a VERY good actress!

  19. I wouldn’t say Dakota is my “ideal” pick for Jane- i’d rather have a (relative) unknown, just because I really liked that about Twilight-not really recognizing anyone. But I think that she’ll do good. If you look at her movies like hide and seek, I think she could pull off a blank/creepy/intimidating look which is good.
    I don’t know.. I’m still undecided. But i’m not going to say “she’d be the worst Jane ever nooo!” because I do think she’d be at least descent.
    and if anything, everyone got mad over rob, and we all know how that turned out.

  20. Dakota was always my second choice for Jane just because I pictured Jane with dark hair…not sure why, but I did.

  21. Colleen, yeah I agree…my first choice is and will always be Jodelle Ferland for she is who I see when I think of Jane

  22. I think she’ll do a good job.

    I remember that picture! Someday when I’m really bored and don’t have anything else to do i’m gonna go through all your old posts on here. it’s gonna be great.

  23. i just watched i am sam this morning and yeah, kaleb, your a genius ( i think i spelled that wrong ,sorry!)
    She would be perfect for the role, because i think she is actually on of the only young actresses that can actually act. I really think she could pull it off

  24. Oh, Kaleb, oh Kaleb…welcome to the dark side. I just have to say…I love that, in true form, as soon as you change your major to English you mention it in every day conversation to express your horrification (Shakespeare coined words, people!) at horrible grammar. You make me proud.
    On topic, I think Dakota would be a pretty good choice. She has the ability to be extremely scary looking with those eyes of hers. And she just looks so sweet…even if she did scream too much in War of the Worlds.
    Also, I love your new songs.

  25. Just please go to internet movie data base ( imdb.com ) and look up Juno Temple. Then you will see that she would make an awesome Jane.

  26. i love that movie hide and seek. i didnt even realize she was in it.. i dont normally pay attention to actors.. and when i noticed that someone here said she played in hide and seek i ran right over to my self to get the movie and she was the little girl emily. thats awsome she did really well.. i think she will do good as jane.. i cant wait till the movie!

  27. Personally,I don’t think Dakota Fanning should be Jane because, well, she’s 15. EW.com once suggested Kristin Chenoweth as Jane, and I think that would be perfect. Shouldn’t they vary the vampires’ ages? Some people feel like Aro should be this old guy like Gandalf but come on, he could’ve been a 30 year-old dude for all we know (except with papery skin). I totally see Ben Barnes in Aro’s place.

    That aside, Kaleb, you are an English major? No wonder you can look past the obvious of the books. I too am an English major, but I hate analysing literature of all sorts. Keep up the good work!

  28. Hi!
    First time Posting Here-
    SO totally new here.
    But For the casting I Jane,
    I Think Jodelle Ferland Would be a Better choice just because,
    The Fact that She is the same age as Dakota, but she just is not very well known, She also (too me at least) Looks like Jane. She Also looks the right age, While Dakota Fanning, Is in the ‘maturing’ stages.
    Oh and some one commented in the one of the first comments that she isn’t a Disney star, but too me she looks like one… Dare I Say who she looks like? I dare say, I dare say.
    Miley Cyrus…. Bum. Bum. Bum. BUMMMMM… (Screams from the Godzilla movie)
    Sorry it’s a boring day for me.
    Finally I say sorry to scar with the idea, or if you have an over descriptive imagination as myself, I’m sorry for ruining the scene where Jane and the Volturi are deciding the fate of Bella, Edward and Alice. (Imagine with me: Jane randomly breaking out in song of “The best of Both Worlds” then the rest of the cast joining in.)

  29. Okay… so dakota fanning should NOT be jane. She’s to well known and is too young. It would ruin the movie completely. They need someone who’s not well known at all.

  30. People seem to be saying Dakota is too young. If anything, I think she’s far too old. I always thought Jane was between the ages of 8 and 13. Dakota is like 14 or 15 now.

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