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In 2009, I Will

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Today is the last day of 2008. So much has happened in the past year. We sold the book. I started my blog. I went to the Twilight premiere.I got to meet Stephenie Meyer. I made lots of new friends.

And yet, with everything that happened this year, I can’t help but feel that 2009 will be even bigger. There will be so many new things: so many changes to my life in the next year. I don’t even know what to expect, after all that has happened, and all that has changed, in 2008.

So as a final goodbye to this year, and looking forward into the next, I decided to make this video. It’s not my usual style. This video is based on something I wrote in my notebook, as a note to myself in the future, to look back on as these things happen, and to remember how things were before 2009 came along, and whatever wonderful things the year has in store.

I originally planned to keep this a privated video for people I knew. But since everyone who reads my site has seen so much of my life so far, I decided to post the video, so you can see some hopes, and perhaps resolutions, I have for what could be the biggest year of my life so far:

(Click here if you cannot view this video)

Thanks to all my readers and subscribers who are following me. In 2009, I will reach for my dreams. What will you do?

[note: I composed the song in the background of this video, but it will not appear on the Bran Hambric soundtrack. You can download it for free here (scroll to the bottom link).]



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  1. I like the new style of the video. The music is very soothing. And yes, 2009 will be quite big for me too. One year of my youth is gone, and I’m getting closer to becoming a “woman”. Hahah.

    Let us all hope we do the best in 2009. Amiin!

  2. Good luck in 2009 kaleb! i will be follwing u like everyone else… looking forward toreading ur book! and i am also going to be following my dreams. 😀


  3. I loved this video and the style of it. I somehow missed the part that you compose music until just now (religiously checking your page every day and reading your blogs…no idea how this happened) but I am thoroughly impressed! I loved the song and I am going to listen to the others now! I hope you accomplish all your goals and resolutions Kaleb and I can’t wait to read about it all happening for the next year! Happy New Years and Goodluck!!

  4. Kaleb – that was awesome. It is poignant & sincere. I never find myself bored when I visit your blog (daily- multiple times:) ) and this surprise was nice. You are such an inspiring person. I so hope that many of the men, women, boys and girls who visit your blog realize what accomplishments you have already done & that it is possible to strive for what you dream. I am one of those. I have dreamed of being a writer my whole life, always terrified that what I write would be thrown away by others. But you & Stephenie Meyer taught me to write for me. I am currently working on project and feel so alive when I sit down to type. Thank you. Your witty humor, your honest opinions, your imagination and your talent has been a joy to discover. I cannot wait to see your book on the shelves of my local bookstore. May you have all the best in 2009!

  5. That was great! I love the music. And I agree that 2009 is going to be an even more exciting year for you. That thought makes it fun to dream, huh?

  6. That was really good Kaleb. LOVED IT!

    Here’s my exciting news. In 2009 I will be in Chicago to see Carlisle, Alice, and Emmett from the Twilight film at Chicago Flashback Weekend and get to join them for autographs as well as the Forks Prom Party!

  7. Wow, I loved this video, not gonna lie. It was a different style, but it was just as good, if not better, than your others.

    In 2009, I am going to be looking at colleges during my Senior year, I will be attempting to graduate early, and try to finish my book and fanfiction. It’s going to be a great year, hopefully. It also means that I have another book to obsess about getting in 2009, lol.

    Hope your year is amazing and filled with surprises! Happy New Year Kaleb!

  8. Wow. It’s amazing how the simple way to do things is sometimes the most effective. That was fabulous and inspiring, Kaleb! I can’t wait to see the amazing things 2009 will bring for you.

    As for me, I’ll be spending 2009 working on being more positive and happy. I’m also planning on reducing my debt. That will keep me busy!

  9. great video!

    in 2009 I will read your book and tell people that I’d heard of Kaleb Nation before he was a famous author
    and just live my life, which is very boring but it’s mine.

    you should have put “wear more plaid” in there too ^_^

  10. In 2009 I will get married to my childhood sweetheart, the love of my life!

    That will be enough to make so many of my dreams come true 🙂

  11. Great video! The song was really nice and full of hope of big things to happen in 2009! I am looking forward to reading your book! That is going to awesome too! 😉
    I have a lot goals and dreams for next year. Too many to list though. LOL. But I do wish you and everyone else the best in the coming new year! 🙂

  12. I loved the video Kaleb! Thanks for sharing it with us!Best wishes for the year ahead!

    In 2009, I will study abroad in Italy. I hope…. It’s a dream that I’m reaching for. 🙂

  13. Kaleb, that was so cool, I’m happy you shared it with us.
    In 2009, I will read you book!!!! I will also start college, ahhh??

  14. Happy New Year, Kaleb! In 2009, I will try not to strangle my three children, spend more time with my hubby (he is my EC, after all), and try to keep up with my growning list of projects. I also promise to read your book, as soon as it is available…is that enough sucking up? LOL

  15. Another thing, In 2009 I hope that Kaleb posts the winners to his Twilight youtube contest with the video responses/comments raffle. If you have already, I never knew 😐

  16. 2009, I can’t quite believe it… I can’t wait to read your book Keleb!!! In ’09 I will be concentrating on writing my own novel, helping my friend try to write hers (as she seems to think I’m an expert) and take up piano lessons. Lol, what an interesting year ahead… Happy New Year Everyone! 🙂 Hope it’s a good one!

  17. My best wishes for Kaleb in 2009.
    This year will be full of new things for me too. Very exciting. After community college, this will be my first semester in a university (UTEP). Also I’ll be starting a new job. I’m very hopeful. So far I can tell 2009 will be MY YEAR. I wish the same for everyone else. Enjoy. Happy 2009!!!

  18. In 2009 I will try to fulfil my resolutions… and like every year I probably won’t…
    Happy New Year everyone!!!

  19. Pingback: In 2009, I Will
  20. Kaleb,
    I recognized the song when it started playing. And I still like it! It’s very…calming and the perfect sort of song for remembering and looking forward.
    I really liked the style of this video. You’re right–it is different. But it is still very you.
    What will I in 2009? Hm…I will finally crack down and write my book, not just write more back story. I will finish up my associate’s degree and get into my teaching program. I will meet new people, try new things…I will read your book. I will read the unabridged version of Les Miserables. I will finish writing my song. 2009 holds a lot for me.
    I know it will be a great one for you, Kaleb. You’ll be living the dream. Happy New Year! 🙂

  21. In 2009 I’m going to ignore the people who say I’m not able to do surtain things. I’m going to let everyone hear that I can sing, eventhough I’m scared. I’m going to learn. I’m going to reach my goals.
    In 2009, I will 😉

    Great vid! I love the music..

  22. Kaleb, awesome video and like you I think 2009 will be great, I am starting the year with recontruction Surgery and from there the sky is the limit. Well wishes to you and everyone who blogs here!!! Twicon 2009 here we come!!!

  23. Kaleb, that was a beautiful video.
    I love the music and the sincere honesty within it.
    I know that in 2009 you will do it all.

  24. Happy New Year Kaleb 😀
    Ah, 2008 was full of laughs for me (some of which came from you) and I’m sad to leave it behind but can’t wait for the amazing things that’ll happen this year. Good luck with your dreams, and, I love that song you composed. ;D

    Have a Gnome-tastic 2009!

  25. that video was awesome i really liked it and i can’t wait to read your book i love reading your jornals on the twilight saga they are amazing if your book is as vivid as those jornals then is has to be wonderful hope to hear more on this website in the future
    ps you are amazing

  26. Hey!!!, well, 2009 started great here in Colombia, Twilight came out today (1/1/2009) and it was awesome!!! i loved the movie!!, and now my dad is reading the books aswell (my mum and my sister already went to the dark site and cant wait to see the movie). BTW, i was wondering, if i travel to texas on mid january, would i be able to see you, dont take me wront, im not a stalker or something, i just think it would be really cool to meet you, well if u dont mind. Anyway, i hope your year is awesome, and i cant wait to read ur book 🙂

  27. I will…

    Wow, it’s weird thinking that another year has gone by. It’s sad for me to look back and see how little I accomplished. I think my two greatest feats was 1)Getting my drivers license and 2)Reading over a thousand books (i’m shooting for two thousand this year, yours included)

    So this year I will do something great.

    I don’t know what yet, but it will be something extraordinary!

  28. Well this year im looking forward to reading your book, seeing what new things stephenie might have for her fans and going to a twilight convention here in LA!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you have a great year everyone 😀

  29. I cant wait to read your book. Im very addicted to reading. Ive been reading your blogs since last year(I don’t really remember what month…you were on the third chapter of Twilight). I had finished reading the first 3 twilight books and I was over a friends house when she pointed your site out. And then I started watching your vlogs.
    nice video by the way. This year I will try to get my book published and I’m working on being a more patient person. I think I have been though. I patiently waited for Breaking Dawn, the Twilight movie…and I am patiently waiting to read your book.

  30. What a cool video, Kaleb! In 2009 I will…live life the best way I can so I am happy and others around me are happy too.

  31. I loved this video, Kaleb!

    My mom asked me a few days ago while we were eating if there was anything I was going to work on this new year. I didn’t tell her, and really, I won’t explain everything here either. I plan on trying to be a more patient person. I’ve never been patient…unless it has to do with new books or movies. When I’m around people, if they annoy me, I have no patience at all to just deal with it. I need to work on that.

    I’m planning on finishing my book this year. I started it May 2008 when I got my laptop and I’ve only written 7 chapters so far. I really need to get back into the habit of writing every day.

    I can’t wait to read your book, Kaleb! Especially since this year there’s really no good books coming out other than yours!

  32. We usually only see your little peeping eyes, worried looks, or angry eyebrows but sheesh your smile is really cute! :)Great inspiring video!

  33. For some reason, the music? The style? The written rather than spoken words? I’m not sure, but for some reason, that video was truly touching. Thank you for sharing it.

    As for me:

    Better health.
    Publish one of my poetry books.
    Be inspired.
    Inspire someone else.
    Learn something new.
    Have faith in myself, my dreams, and my goals.

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