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What Is In The Box?

February 23rd, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

You won’t want to miss it. This Saturday, February 28, at 7 PM CST, on my BlogTV.

Want a hint? It has something to do with every book or movie in the Twilight Saga. So, it’s not tickets to Volterra. And it’s not the pawns used in the Breaking Dawn cover. Also, there are a bunch of them too. Guesses welcome in the comments!

My next chapter post will be up Tuesday, barring any sudden biology exam falling from the sky.

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223 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    Stephenie Meyer is in the box?

  2. megdog

    is it Jakob? or is it Edward? Either of those would be mighty fine for me!!!

  3. Nicole M.

    Hmm…Is it like, pieces of paper with all the names of the characters in the book? 😐 Cuz I absolutely have no clue what it is 😐

    OH! OH!

    Is it the official music sheet that Carter Burwell used for writing Bella’s Lullaby? :>

    Is it something Red? :>
    Red Crayons? Red Forks? Robert Pattinson’s HAIR??

    err… a picture of Edward and Bella?

    A replica of the Cullen Cars?
    uhmm…. a jar full of soil from Forks?

    the address aor a picture of the Cullen House?
    The Swan’s crib?

    Is it an Apple?
    A Flower?
    A Ribbon?


    Charlie the Unicorn????


    Damnit! I give up 😐

  4. Nicole M.


    Stephenie Meyer always mentions them in her 4 Books and she even said ‘than you for inspiring me a whole saga blah blah’ and they also used supermassive blackhole as the OST in The movie. :>

  5. Nicole M.

    Oohh.. Is it Rocks/Stones? You could never have enough rocks :>

    Sparkly Stones/Rocks? :>

    Lemme Guess more:



    -Contact Lenses that comes in topaz,soft and hard gold, caramel,red and black.

    -Volvo? (Nah. Tyra Banks already gave the exact car to some lucky pie eater :|)

    -Hair!:D Rob’s HAIR!

    -Mike Newton :> Mwahahahah!


    -Crappy old desktop computer of Bella? (but she did used a macbook in the movie..)

    -Kristen Stewart’s Weed! 😀 (haha kidding)

    -A Lion and a Lamb! 😀

    -Front Pages of the Books and The Twilight movie poster?

    -A Replica of Stephenie Meyer!

    -A Replica of Stephenie Meyer with the Cast! 😀

    -Charlie. The Unicorn. :> Hahah kidding.

    -Mushroom Raviolli?

  6. Jess

    the keys to a silver volvo s60r!

  7. Nicole M.

    The Trailer of The Movie?

  8. Nicole M.

    The Sun!!!!! 😀 or something. Maybe a Picture or a replica or a pendant of a Sun!

  9. Nicole M.

    Face powder and foundation used by the vampires in the movie 🙂

  10. Nicole M.

    is it a box full of chickens? 😀

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  12. Spring

    Yay! It’s Box Night!

    And Nicole…”All Hail the Banana King!”


  13. dash12396

    I think it will be two tickets to the summer school forks since there is two main characters, Bella and Edward,two people Bella loves, two families, two kinds vampires and werewolves, two temperatures,two towns, two school, two of everything!

  14. Sophie


  15. Sophie

    the vampire fangs wore by the actors in that photo shoot?

  16. Saba

    The official Guide to the Twilight Saga & some autographed things!

  17. Michelle/Alice

    i think that in the box is a autograph from EVERY character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hoagy62

    Heard this morning on the radio that Drew Barrymore is slated to …DIRECT…’Eclipse’. No absolute confirmation on that, but what do you think?

  19. mallory j

    i’m guessing its autographed photos or books or both?

  20. Rose

    😀 It's Bella's famous sweats! XD

  21. Rose

    😀 It's Bella's famous sweats! XD

  22. Rose

    😀 It's Bella's famous sweats! XD

  23. Rose

    😀 It's Bella's famous sweats! XD

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