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Stephenie Meyer in Vogue

February 24th, 2009 at 4:50 pm by Kaleb Nation

There’s a wonderful, brand-new interview with Stephenie Meyer in Vogue magazine. She talks music, restaurants, driving, writing and more cool stuff. I absolutely love how they made her look like the Queen of Darkness too 😀

Stephenie Meyer: Author by day, Supervillian by night

That photographer better watch out, before she totally pwns that boulder right into the camera. Read the full interview here, it’s made of awesome.

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27 Responses

  1. Jessica Burkhart

    Awesome. She looks stunning!

  2. hakeberevol

    She looks gorgeous! That is really an amazing picture of her.
    I’m gonna go read the article now!

  3. Heather

    She looks awesome. This is probably my favorite picture of her. And the interview is pretty sweet, too. It’s not the exact same questions that everyone else asks, so we get new answers.

  4. Indigo

    im so going to buy that magazine. and the pic is cool!

  5. Jussie

    SM looks so VAMP I love it she is one hot looking lady!!!! Will be buying the mag to read what she has to say 🙂

  6. Abby

    she looks drop dead gorgeous! (pun intended) and i love the interview. as always, she seems so down to earth.

  7. Baird

    I am sooooo buying this issue!!!!!!!!

  8. Sarah

    I love Vogue and I loved this article! Thank you, Kaleb! 🙂

  9. Kate

    I love this article, its probably my favourite one with Stephenie, she just comes off as so normal and friendly and approachable!

  10. Becca

    She looks fantastic- maybe even a little vampire-ish, haha.

  11. Becca

    Addition- I’m reading the interview and I noticed- The Horny Toad? Really…

  12. Chibi Ma

    pretty wicked.
    stephenie looks rockin!

  13. Yen


  14. Alyssa

    What a great article!
    And she looks pretty badass in that pic!!

  15. Mylles

    i loved that artical i also thought it was funny how he commented on her being a sunday school teacher. like her i am mormon and i think it is really great how she is totally open about it. and she looks awesome in that pic!

  16. Sasha

    awesome pic and interview! I can’t wait to read the rest in The Host series!

  17. Mylles

    the host is going to be a series!!!!! oh no!!! if she makes it more complicated than it already was in the fist book i might die!! i mean everything was so resolved!!!

  18. Yen

    Okay…so i read that…and omg can i say AMAZING??!! I love that shes incorporated all of these parts of her into the series. From her parents, to her values…its amazing.
    Stephenie got me to reading for pleasure again, and i really appreciate it. i forgot how great books can be.
    And im so grateful that she puts her soul into these books…creating characters so real! she really gets girls! lol. planning our lives so many ways…
    oh, and that thing about seeing something in your head but never drawing it right is sooo true! you can never get it like you want, but with words, you can get it like it is in your head!


  19. Kelly

    Ooh, sexy Stephenie! She rocks that black dress with her light skin! 🙂

  20. xXYasuXx

    she looks very very cool

  21. Michelle

    oooo, I love the pic!

  22. Victoria

    I lovvvvvvvve that picture! And the Article was fantastic! I love her. She’s so humble. i wish she would finish midnight Sun though… =/

  23. Chelsea

    It WAS made of awesome. And apparently there’s even more in the print issue? *gasp* This is why I love Stephenie. I love what she said about Jane Eyre only being able to capture a wisp of the pictures in her head. Stephenie is awesome.

  24. Maggie

    I just love Steph. She’s so down to earth and natural, and she can obviously think up some pretty incredible stories. It’s such a great interview, because most of the interview I’ve read are pretty much the same, but this one was different! Also, this picture is gorgeous!

  25. ERIKA

    She looks so fierce. It’s so great to know a housewife gets to pose for Vogue. Of course we know Stephenie’s not just a plain housewife, she’s the one who brought us one of the biggest literary pieces of our age.

  26. Alice is my sister...no really

    It may just be me, or my computer, but if u look close enuf, i think they might have screwed up her face. But Stephenie is SO TOTALLY AWESOME – I luv her. She’s gorgeous – my idol. MWA!!

  27. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    this was the best interview ever!

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