A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

What Is In The Box?

You won’t want to miss it. This Saturday, February 28, at 7 PM CST, on my BlogTV.

Want a hint? It has something to do with every book or movie in the Twilight Saga. So, it’s not tickets to Volterra. And it’s not the pawns used in the Breaking Dawn cover. Also, there are a bunch of them too. Guesses welcome in the comments!

My next chapter post will be up Tuesday, barring any sudden biology exam falling from the sky.



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  1. Okay. I bet it’s a stephenie meyer autograph!! Or one of her books signed by her! If i get it right, will i win?

  2. Oh yeah! If you meet rob, will you tell him danielle marie says “hi i love you soooo much”??

  3. I know! It’s a whole bunch of sparkly Twilight Sweetheart candies! The ones that have Twilight trivia on the back and spelled Edward’s last name wrong (they spelled it ‘Mason’ instead of ‘Masen’)! Haha 🙂 Actually, I have no clue. Can’t wait to find out, though! 🙂

  4. I know what you did Kaleb! You’ve been busy with Biology and other college related subjects because you went on a search to find Edward Cullen. You probably tricked him into thinking Bella was in the box and since your made of awesome he just couldn’t read your mind and was utterly confused as what to do. So yeah, my guess is Edward!!

  5. It’s Robert Pattinson…definately Rob!

    Nah, it’s probably signed books like everyone else said…

  6. i don’t think it has anything to do with robert pattinson or any of the cast. to me: they have nothing to do wit the real twilight. i hate how the movie ruined everything for me.. now everyone knows about it and the only think twilight fans care about anymore is what robert pattinson’s hair looks like this week. f you.

  7. I’ll be on BlogTV to find out! Definately!

    (And then, if I don’t win something, I shall despair.)

  8. Hm…Rob told and interviewer his hair style came ‘straight out of the box’

    Yeah I doubt that’s it

    I think it’s an advanced copy of the movie or the official guide, or something autographed

  9. umm..vampires? the iternal love for bella and edward? The forbidden fruit? edwards smell..the perfume?

  10. either everyone’s autograph?
    a keys to edward’s volvo!?!?!??
    a ticket to meet all the cast?
    an autidtion for the next movie?

  11. Lets see….Hummmmm…..what is in the box…I don’t know but I am sure it is awesome! Can’t wait to find out what it is on Saturday!

  12. ohhhh!!!! its a copy of twilight, new moon, eclipse, and braking dawn autographed by Robert Pattinson or Stephanie Meyer or someone, or all of them!

  13. *Reams of Paper (you said inside every book and movie.. well- WAIT!)
    *The script in the movie!!!! Signed!!!!
    *An Apple- ew
    *A green apple to make Craig Deering happy- lol
    *topaz colored contacts
    *Sparkling glitter
    *Keys to a VOLVO!!! Better yet- THE Volvo (it doesn’t fit in a box but stilllllll)
    *A phone call from (insert cast name here)
    *FANS… something from each book and movie… they all have fans soo… fans, errr… twicon tickets???
    *Muse, stephenie meyer’s muse… kinda. They were in every playlist and on the soundtrack
    *A bella and Edward Doll?
    *puppies/wolves (you are disturbed if you think keeping a puppy in a box is legal)
    *Rain, there is rain in every book… so some werido collected rain from forks?
    *Love!!! a valentine? Por moi, you shouldn’t have.
    *HATERS- they all have haters…
    *Cutlery… yeah? no. ok
    I dunno- we’ll have to see!!!!!

  14. It’s a framed autograph isn’t it?

    Or maybe it’s a replica of the charm bracelet Bella has – with the wolf and heart charms.

    OMG! It’s Edward! I saw sparkles!

  15. the key to rosalie’s car xD
    or maybe one on bella’s jewelries? .. her ring or bracelet?
    would be cool 🙂

  16. Maybe is a copy of the Midnight Sun!! because you said that it has to do with the books and the TWILIGHT SAGA..so..i thought it mite be Midnight Sun!

  17. Okay, so look how big the box is guys. It can’t be a cutout or a real person 0_o
    I’m not going to guess because if I am wrong, that would stink. Can’t wait though 🙂

  18. Okay, I just have to start out by saying that this will probably be the longest week of my entire life. But on a different note, i think its going to be an early copy of the official guide to the twilight saga. i would LOVE for it to be edward cullen (the real one), but robert pattinson is close enough (its too bad he isn’t some sort of contortionist to fit in the box..) =]

  19. i think its all 4 books signed by the whole cast and stephine

    lol the answer comes out on my bday =]

  20. It would be awesome if it were a model Volvo. Though, if it were keys, I’d rather it be to the Aston Martin Vanquish, lol.

    And to add, the “Forks” guess had me cracking up laughing for about 15 minutes straight. Bravo on that one.

    But how would Mr. Kaleb know it relates to ALL the books if he has yet to read Breaking Dawn? Tsk Tsk. Hehe, just teasing.

    Don’t worry. Whatever this item out of the magic box is, I’m sure it’ll cause people the exact opposite of despair.

  21. So I’m going to go ahead and say its not an action figure, an autograph, or anything like that because they weren’t in the books lol. Love the forks idea though. And personally I don’t think action figures can top those autographs! Anyways my guess is plane tickets to Forks because Bella was on a plane at least once in each of the first three books. But I dunno for sure.

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