A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Michael Welch on Criminal Minds Wednesday!

The amazing and hilarious Michael Welch will be taking on a far more suspenseful role this week when he appears on Criminal Minds! Michael Welch plays Mike Newton in the Twilight Saga films. Here’s a preview of the episode: Anything with Michael in it is gonna be awesome! The episode airs on Wednesday 9/8 Central […]

More Twilight Premiere Interviews

I’ve finally gotten a chance to upload the rest of the interviews from the premiere! I wasn’t able to upload the Cam Gigandet or the Catherine Hardwicke interviews because the never-ending, near-animal screaming was just too loud in the background. But here are the surviving ones, and links to the others on my Youtube (there […]

Twilight Movie Premiere [Photos Part 1]

Because of the days of site downtime (brought about by so many thousands of people trying to read the site at once, I was blacklisted by my web host), I will have a LOT of posts to get caught up on! Thus, I will probably be posting multiple times a day for the next few […]