A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Michael Welch on Criminal Minds Wednesday!

The amazing and hilarious Michael Welch will be taking on a far more suspenseful role this week when he appears on Criminal Minds! Michael Welch plays Mike Newton in the Twilight Saga films. Here’s a preview of the episode:

Anything with Michael in it is gonna be awesome! The episode airs on Wednesday 9/8 Central on CBS and you should definitely watch!



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  1. First Jackson Rathbone, now this. Heck, Criminal Minds even made a reference to Twilight in an episode that featured a schizophrenic who thought she was some sort of vampire!

  2. I read the book and it is a great one . I like the story of the book and it is a so simple that every one can easily understand .

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