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New PO Box Of Awesome

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Due to my sites recently passing 2 million hits (thanks everyone!) and the resulting ad revenue, I have finally saved up enough to justify buying a PO Box. The address can be found here.

There are a few things to note about this new box. It is for mail from my readers only, and any business correspondence from professionals regarding my books should be sent to my agent. Also, since this box resides outside my immediate homeland, it takes me a bit of time to get over there. I got the small size as opposed to the jumbo-maximus drawer size (keeping it realistic here) but if it happens to get stuffed, they will hold it in the back, so no worries if you want to send a pet boulder-in-a-box.

My PO Box Cannot Hold Quite This Amount Of Mail
My PO Box Is Not Quite This Size

Hopefully this will be able to survive long enough until my publishers set up the customary address in their offices for mail (assuming they do). I know that some people have been waiting on this since day one, but I’ve always been hesitant on it, due to stories of other writers receiving hatemail/bat wings/unwanted relatives to their boxes.

I Do Not Want To See This Gathered Outside My PO Box
I Do Not Want To Find This Gathered Outside My PO Box

But mainly, now that I have a box, I can actually ship things out from here without being stalked (the box is far enough away from Dallas and has so many numbers you would have to sit in the post office for weeks to catch a glimpse of my figure sweeping through the halls, and those are only on the days I forget my invisibility cloak). So, expect some cool contests coming up here and on my BlogTV (I used to be in radio, and have about 150 CD’s I must give away some time or another, besides all the Twilight stuff). Have fun with it!



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