A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Welcome to 2009

Hello everyone. My name is Kaleb Nation. Most of you know me as The Twilight Guy. Welcome to 2009.

I realize that it has been an entire week since I read a chapter of Eclipse, but that is because I am miserably sick from all the traveling and holidays. Don’t worry — I haven’t suddenly turning into a zombie and stopped reading altogether. I’m enjoying the last of my two weeks  break as best I can with a horrible bit of leftover allergic reaction from my travels (I am allergic to cedar, obviously. My parents live in cedar forests. Not a good combination). I will be returning to regular writing on MONDAY. I’m sure everyone would rather an actually funny post, instead of a droll ‘GAH I’M SO SICK HEE HEE HOO HOO’ type of post — otherwise, I would have gotten one up today 😀

Anyhow, I think that since it is the new year, it’s time to do some housekeeping, as I try to do every few months. But if you’re bored to tears already, go pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate and return on Monday. Otherwise:


CONTESTS: I am in the midst of planning ANOTHER Twilight Youtube Contest Of Awesome. The last one had autographs from Peter Facinelli, Mike Welch, Jackson Rathbone and more. This next contest will be twice as epic. No, I am not joking.

EVENTS: I will be attending Twicon and Summer School In Forks. I do not know which additional events I will be attending to promote my book (maybe Book Expo America, I’m not sure), but if you are a fan of the site you are welcome to come say hi there too (be sure to tell me you’re from TwilightGuy!). All my events will be listed on my appearance calendar.

EMAILS: I am doing my absolute best to answer emails, but with the great number I receive per day, I am just overwhelmed and cannot reply to them all. Please cease and desist sending me auditions for New Moon, demands for Robert Pattinson’s phone number, or something to forward to Stephenie. I DELETE THESE.

PREVIEW CHAPTERS: Along these same lines, I am doing my absolute best to send out preview chapters of The Farfield Curse to people who request it, but I am many weeks behind. I will reply, but if you want it faster, feel free to get copies from various places online that might have it (like people at the Bran Hambric fan group or ask around in the chatroom). Again, sorry I’m so far behind!

MAIL: I have a mailing address now for fanmail, but I lazily only go down there twice a month. But, I reply to them all, though it will take some time, and the address is on the contact page. Also, thanks for all the Christmas cards (I sent one of mine back, so hopefully they’ll be there by this week).

AUTOGRAPHS: I never in my life thought getting an autograph from me would be a FAQ 😀 . If you want something signed, you can send it to the address on the contact page with a SASE. I will not sign any copy of Twilight or a book by Stephenie, so please do not send me things like this in the mail (I didn’t write it, so my name doesn’t belong there does it?).

THE BOOK CONFUSION: To everyone who is confused by my last video and sent in emails, I have already written a book and it is already coming out this year. I am trying to keep TwilightGuy and the book separate, so if you want the news you will have to go to my other site. In fact, the cover for The Farfield Curse is being worked on as I write this.

– TWILIGHTGUYS REPORT: I have about 1500 stories from Twilight Guys to go through for the new year — I simply got too far behind with school finals and the holidays. But they will be returning!

FACEBOOK: I cannot friend people on Facebook I do not personally know. I WILL friend people on my Myspace page. If you are only on Facebook, try the Kaleb Nation page run by the Twilight Facebook people.

Thanks all!



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