A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Stephenie Meyer Talks Mermaids [Video]

Can’t see the video? Click here. This is the first clip from the MANY interviews I got for my site and HisGoldenEyes.com at the Eclipse Premiere today! It’s really late and I’m sleepy, so I’ll process and upload the rest tomorrow 🙂 You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel to see these faster as […]

Breaking Dawn Movie: Rated R?

Can’t see it? Click here. My thoughts on Breaking Dawn’s rating, and why I’m 99.953% sure it will not be rated R. Comment on this and watch more of my videos at youtube.com/KalebNation.

Twilight Is GRAPHIC!?! [Video]

Can’t see it? Click here. 500 points to everyone who knows who Seymour is. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER THE TWILIGHT GRAPHIC NOVEL NOW! Read the original EW article here.

Stephenie Meyer Vs. Trashy Articles By Grown Men

There was an article up on The Awful Truth that I had speared on Twitter a few days ago, because I’m beginning to get annoyed at the constant inclusion of those three same words in every article about Stephenie Meyer. Ted Casablanca’s blog for E! Online included these little gems of journalistic genius: Jeez, is […]