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Breaking Dawn Movie: Rated R?

My thoughts on Breaking Dawn’s rating, and why I’m 99.953% sure it will not be rated R.

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  1. Thank you Kaleb! You are so right! I'm so sick of hearing fans say that it has to be rated R. No it does NOT!! For all reasons you state especially the fact that Stephenie is LDS (along w/me & A LOT of her fans) won't see it if it's Rated R. If it follows the books it won't be! It fades to black in the book for a reason! The petition that some fans have started is just stupid & won't do a thing!

  2. I agree. There's absolutely no reason to go HBO on BD. The tone in the books is definitely PG.

  3. I think you're right… it would lose a ton of the fan-base… I personally feel that they can do it under a PG13 rating in an acceptable manner… Breaking Dawn didn't have alot of description about the love scenes… it was Edward and Bella's private life… but the bloody stuff… I can't really figure out how they will bring that to life anyway??? how are they gonna show the birth of Renesemee? I'm not a director… its not for me to decide… thats good 🙂 Also, you're right, the PG13 of today is not what it used to be… I personally think its the R of the past, they get away with too much sometimes under that rating. I think that they should defiantly tone it down… the truth is that there will be alot of kids seeing it… really, no matter what the rating is and its not good to be too 'R-ish.'.. if you understand my rambling 😉 BTW… love your site… thanks for that 🙂

  4. I completely agree with you Kaleb. Being LDS myself I loved how tastefully Stephanie handled the love tension and the more intimate scenes of the book. I knew my daughter could read these books and enjoy a good story without being raunchy. I know that people think we Mormons are prudes, but as these books show, you can have all that wonderful tension of a great love story without being explicit and raunchy. On the financial front, studios are also very careful about R rated movies because it does cut into their profits. They will go PG-13 more readily than they will go R. And Summit is not stupid enough to limit their profits this way. Twilight has been the cash cow that they needed to help fund and pay for all the other films they have made that never saw a recoup of even the cost of making said films. I personally think its great that Stephanie is getting to be a producer on these films. She should have been from the beginning but she didn't know what she knows now and I'm glad that she will be getting a bigger cut of the movie profits pie.

  5. When Summit decided to do the Twilight movies, they signed a contract stating that NONE of the Twilight movies would be given an R rating so that she (SM) could see them. Twilight Lexicon did a post on this subject this week and they reminded everyone that films can have some steamy scenes (Remember Me) and still be PG-13 and even have a lot of blood and gore (ER) and not have to worry about the R rating. Moderation people, that is the big thing.

    I too am LDS and so I respect Stephenie's decision. I can't imagine the movie being rated R anyway because the content in the book doesn't go into enough detail to deserve that rating.

  6. You are dead on! A lot can be shoved into a PG-13 movie (think Casino Royale – sex, torture, violence…) and as you said, they would lose a large audience. I find that most R films are trashy now and full of imagery we do not need to see for the film to be good. I have watched the first episode of True Blood – gross! Porn and violence and unnecessary cursing ran amuck! Swear words demonstrate ignorance; graphic sex demonstrates lack of “tension” building as you put it; and levels of violence are simply cringe worthy. Breaking Dawn is still a LOVE STORY!

  7. I really really hope its not rated R because I for sure would not be able to see it if it was. I'm not even 13 yet.

  8. I think it would be rated R, only if Stephenie Meyer was allowed to see rated R movies and she didn't mind her kids seeing rated R movies. A lot of teenagers and some kids watch rated R stuff with or without there parents knowing. I doubt the underage Twilight fans will let a movie rating keep them away from BD. But I don't think BD will be Rated R because didn't Stephenie said something about all the movies being PG-13 right before Twilight came out?

  9. What you said about kids seeing it regardless of the rating is exactly why I feel it should be toned down enough for the lower rating… maybe just because I'm a parent…

  10. Ugh, I am so tired of all this. Isle Esme is a beautifully written example of how a love scene can be so much more passionate, romantic and breath-shortening through tension, emotion and implication, than it it can with six pages of………anatomical details. I think focusing on emotions and leaving details to the imagination is ten times hotter than just showing it. Therefore, an R-rated BD would be a crime. If you must have your smut, my dear fellow Twilighters, go write fanfic!

  11. Okkay so I understand why “Breaking Dawn” should be rated PG-13. & I think that it is better for the movie to be PG-13 as far as profits go. However, there should be a director's cut!!! Of course I'm not asking for anything too raunchy. But there is such thing as tasteful & tacky. I believe that the DVD sale can double if not tripple if there was a director's cut. I'm not talking only about the Isle Esme scenes but also Renesme's birth. Any sort of birth, whether human or vamire, is way too explicit for anyone underage. But c'mon, I'm not a vampire; so yes, I am curious to see how the whole birth scene comes out. Oh & also, SM did write a scene after Bella's transformation when they are doing the deed and even if she didnt go much into detail, I still wouldnt let my kids read that. Sex is Sex, no matter how you try to put it. Oh & I do agree that the whole pettition was just plain idiotic. P.S. Kaleb, I love your website!!! Oh & your eyes dazzle me!!! lmao seriously though.

  12. omg i read bd twice they dtn go into details on the sex scenes they go in to the water wake up next morning nowhere did it say sex u just no becuz its a no brainer and with the birth scene they can just focus on bella and dotn even show the baby until edward is holding her if ppl think they need bd to be R then they r dumb

  13. it cant be R rated they dotn show any nude no viloenm eclipse has the most vilence and its rated pg 13

  14. ur wrong sex is not jsut sex if she said in detain wat they r doing then it should be R rated but all u no is what will happen thats not wrong censroing ur kids thats wrong becuz kids do the oppoiste of wat u say and im 21 and ive seen R rated movies when i was 8 and lets see i dont drink i dont have sex i dont smoke so a R rated movie wouldnt hurt ur kids

  15. I disagree…. If you do rcall in the book on page 81-86 you'll read the Edward rips his clothes off to go skiny dipping with Bella, and that next morning their in bed togther nude under the covers….. Soooo I do think that it should at least be rated PG-13.

  16. Your right Michelle they should have a director's Cut for those of us who r curious about Isle Esme, Renesme's birth, and other scene's. I tottaly agree with you 100%

  17. yea i doubt its gonna be rate r… and u r rite…if they meade it rated r they would lose millions maybe even billions of ppl who cant watch the movie. i also agree thyed lose money too…cuz not very many teens culd get a ticket and i doubt their parents are gonna let them go see a movie with sum human girl and vampire getting busy

  18. Big mistake if it becomes rated R.I will be sooooooo pissed! I have read all the books over and over and have seen all including Eclipse on opening night. Bought all the movies, seen them all in the theater 6 to 10 times with friends and family. Planned on seeing Eclipse this weekend again. My son age 13 has read them all and gone with me to all the movies. Our family chooses to not see rated R movies for any reason even a good one like Breaking Dawn. It will be such a huge saddness that many of the 8 year olds to 18 year olds that parents do not let them see rated R movies can not see this one. Summit will make tons of people mad and loose a lot of money because of it. Stephinie made her books rated pg 13 for a reason. It is so disappointing. Summit will loose our buisness for everything if they choose to take that route. I am sure many many moms and familys feel the same!!!!!! Also they can easily make the honeymoon and other parts of the movie rated pg 13. Heck stupid Grown ups was rated pg 13 and showed naked butts and full of cussing & sexual content. Breaking Dawn is one that has a marriage then sex while married- In the book they do not go into details about it nore should SUmmit. Keeping it PG 13 can and should happen. R is not needed to make it an awesome movie!!!

  19. wow really? agreed, this film is going to be PG13. And thats how it should be. The books are clean, i mean the birth part is….ummm….a fun read, but there are way to film that without being a rated R.

  20. wow really? agreed, this film is going to be PG13. And thats how it should be. The books are clean, i mean the birth part is….ummm….a fun read, but there are way to film that without being a rated R.

  21. hey. i like your sight and i think that this video is cool. now this may come as a shock to you but im Mormon to and i really hope that the movies will not be rated R. im only 13. but one more thing, now this isent ment to offend stephenie but i dont think she sticks to her standerds verry well. mormons arent suposed to swear and theres a lot of swearing in the books. im not saying that i dont like the books of corse not i LOVE them. its just that if i were her i woldent put those words in the book.

  22. i love the books and i love the movies and i realey hope its not rated R because i,me not evan thirteen wet

  23. I don't see why they can't do both. Release a PG-13 version in theatres and when the dvd comes out, have R version Director's Cut/Extended Scenes in addition to the PG-13. But, I agree that PG-13 would be more acceptible for the majority. Plus, I'd like to leave it to my own imagination on how the intimate scenes play out. Stephenie left out specifics details for a reason and I really enjoyed how she dealt with the intimacy in the books. Especially about Edward & Bella both being chaste.

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