A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

NEW MOON “Jacob’s Transformation” Preview Clip!

Can’t see it? Click here. Check out this awesome new preview clip from the NEW MOON movie! Bella confronts the other Quileutes about Jacob, and suddenly Paul becomes angered and transforms. It’ll keep you hooked in to waiting for this movie until November 20!

PEOPLE Magazine: First Photo from ECLIPSE!

The first official image from the ECLIPSE movie has just been released by PEOPLE Magazine in an exclusive look at the upcoming film! It will be appearing in the latest issue of the magazine, along with lots more special images from NEW MOON. The magazine sent along a press release. Since nobody REALLY has time […]

Irresistible by Oh, Hush!

Can’t see it? Click here. I just discovered Oh, Hush! this morning. I see online petitions bearing the words ‘Oh, Hush!’ and ‘For the New Moon Soundtrack’ in this band’s future (added: like most people are thinking, it wouldn’t fit for the movie of course, but there’s always that crazy song they put in the […]

NEW MOON: The First Poster

Announcing: the first official poster from the much-anticipated NEW MOON movie! Click above for an image so high-resolution, you can nearly count every hair on Edward’s head (and I know some of you might). The video below has my thoughts and questions about it: Can’t see it? Click here. From Summit: In THE TWILIGHT SAGA: […]

New Moon Has A New Name

As announced on MTV blogs, the upcoming NEW MOON movie now has a NEW NAME. Well, not quite new, actually it’s the same name but now with ‘The Twilight Saga’ added to the beginning of the logo art: People have been asking my opinion on the longer logo and why it was changed from just […]