A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Twilight Movie Trailer

In case you haven’t already heard about, and watched 23,932,834 times…here’s the official Twilight movie trailer.



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  1. OME OME OME I loved the trailer! and definitely all the actors are greta…I love Robward 😀 he is soooo cute…
    greetings from uruguay

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to die, if this is love I think I found it!!!!!! ***** AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I don’t think i will be able to sleep until december!!! 🙂


  4. OME!!!!!! I keep watchin it over and over and i’m still hyperventilating

  5. we are really stoked and so excitd with the movie coming out and all and jacob is so hotter than edward but a few of these people on here are a tiny bit OBSESSD tone it down a bit guys theres still like 122 days to go!!!:D:D:D


    Im so excited for the movie!
    IT COMES OUT ON MY THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY! =D I’m taking my friends to go see it.
    My brother gets pissed because everytime I watch the preview I started screaming for bloody murder.

    It’ll suck compared to the books.


  7. At least we have something else to look forward to…I’m so sad that there’s not going to be another book. But there is going to be Midnight Sun 🙂 And possibly a book from Renesmee’s persepective. Possibly. And/or maybe from Leah’s…who knows? I really hope she continues the series from Edward’s POV. And Renesmee’s! Leah…not so much. She really irritates me. Apologies to any Leah fans out there. And, lastly, I’m really happy that the date got moved up for the movie!!!

  8. WWWWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww!!!!!!!
    i’ve been waiting for this for so long i can’t believe the movie is coming out!
    Well i think its good i mean Edwards voice is hott! but isn’t he suppose to pounce on her to land on his black leather sofa in his room and not out the window??.
    Well i guess a movie can’t be totally detailed! hummmmmmmmm i was reallly looking foward to seeing some detailed Edward unknowinly yet knowingly seducing Bella.

    Well since there is no other book to come out it’s good to have something to look foward to! I can’t wait to see it i have a whole possy (Trinni word for group) lined up to see it!..and yes i am a Trinidadian, im from the Caribben and we love Twlight down here i thing i may be the biggest fan there is down here!
    I have to be like the forst person seated @ the movies! tolallllly hyperventelating for it to start..lol..not to mention drooling as it goes along !ohhhh the excitement i better cut this noe befor my friends have to see me go all loopy pver the book and movie for like the hundreth time!

    Lotsa of love from Trinidad
    Christianna Benny

  9. Well, i have seen both trailers and they are constantly being watched by me on my mp3!!! some comments i have read say about edwards eyes being brown in the trailers… but i think they do actually look like his proper gold colour.

    am i the only one who thinks this??!!

  10. Ok, this movie would look amazing if I hadnt read the book. Robert doesnt fit Edward very well. What actually makes me mad is that fact that he calls her Spider Monkey in the trailer. So now they have t-shirts and crap with that quote. IT SUCKS. He never calls her spider monkey in the books. Blarg.

  11. yes. i don’t like the spider monkey bit. i mean, what’s up with that.. it sounds stupid.

    but robert pattinson fits the role. he’s gorgeous. admit it! he made my heart skip a beat. what i wouldn’t give to have him look at me like that on the scene where he just saved bella from the van. aaaarg! i love rob! and he’s british! 😀

    can’t wait for november 21!

  12. This movie is a disgrace to the book…x.x If the movie was un-related to the book it would be fine, but that’s definitely NOT the case. xD

  13. I have this (and the other two) memorized. I have seen it that many times. I can not BELIEVE they changed the Volvo. Did they think we wouldn’t notice? They were very wrong.

  14. I’m not as worried about the spider monkey thing as I am about the jumping out the window thing. I liked how it was in the book better.

  15. does anyone know what the name of the song that is playing in the movie when edward is saving bella from james’ venom? she is flashing back seeing different things and a slower song is playing? THANKS!

  16. Why don’t the movie have all the parts just like the book has that is messed up if I could i would send a email to the twilight cast and see if they would come to my school in Columbia,SC crossroads middle school man if i could i would marry Edward Cullen he is to HOTT to be anybody else man other than mine so back off he is mine and only mine in the directory book they tell you that Edward had honey colored contacts well when i get older i am going to get me some honey colored contacts so when i am calm that’s my original color when i am mad my eyes are going to turn red and when i am hungry my eyes are going to change pitch black so they will know what those colors mean and every twilight book they come out with i am going to read all the books i don’t care if i have to study for a quiz or a test i wont even care about recess i will read them at recess. Just in case kids wont mess with Mrs. Edward Cullen i am going to hide in a place nobody will find me and that is in my hide out in the bushes hope you all didn’t get offended at the beginning i got a little carried away I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN OHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE ;o

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