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Edward Cullen’s Birthday

Hello people! This is just a note so I don’t expect many comments today, but I didn’t want to leave anyone in the dark as to why there’s no post.

Due to receiving the editorial letter for my novel and having to do some intense thinking on it, there will be no (real) post today, Friday, June 20. My mind, as you can tell, is filled to the brim, especially after taking a college exam just hours before, only being told the material 2 days before that, and pondering intensely over other TwilightGuy news soon to be revealed.

So rather than post something uninteresting and stressful, I have decided to hold a TWILIGHTGUY DAY OF SILENCE in honor of EDWARD CULLEN’S BIRTHDAY. Oh, and if you’re looking for some videos to celebrate with, check out the ones on TheSpidermonkeyMafia or the FantasticTwihards. I heard they got pretty funny 😀




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  1. OHH!!! I cannot believe it’s Edward’s birthday already. Aww


    Sorry.. Couldn’t help myself. 😛 Anyways, loads of love from

  2. Happy birthday to him.. Happy birthday to him.. Happy birthday to Edward.. Happy Birthday to him =D

    then, Edward blows all 107 lit up candles on the birthday cake =D lol

  3. Happy Birthday Edward!!!=)

    (When he tries to blow out all 107 candles he blows so hard the cake goes in Rosalie’s face, HAHAHAHAHAHA)

  4. YAY Happy Birthday Edward…

    Ok so this is so not related to anything…I love your site by the way…. But my forum friends and I were talking about how more guys should read twilight, and one said that she tried to convince her brother to read it and told him that it will help him with the ladies..and then we came up with a tag line we think you should use..
    Twilight – It will help with the ladies!
    (but ladies has to be said in a Tom Jones Voice like Laaadies!)
    Haha keep up the good work, I cant wait to read your next chapter summary!

  5. No worries, Kaleb; we all need a break and some silence every now and then. 🙂

    Happy 107th birthday to dearest Edward!

  6. i’m sorry, kaleb, but that is one of the lamest excuses for a day of silence i’ve ever heard.

    nevertheless, i will honor it anyways by not being TOO obnoxios and spammy.


  7. Congrats on the editorial letter! (I’m hoping that’s a good thing..) and don’t worry, 99% of girls will not be leaving fansites today (like the Lexicon) for fear of missing the HBD Edward events!

  8. The first thing I did upon waking this morning was to email Edward b-day wishes to practically everyone I know!!! Oh…and it’s also my wedding anniversary (said sheepishly!)

    Love ya Kaleb!!! Can’t wait to hear the upcoming big news.

  9. Interesting how the day our friend Kaleb wants off, just happens to be Edwards birthday. HHMMM *pondering*


    Okay now that I got that over with…

    I was reading your fake editorial letter from that link… Edlardo Chullen?? Lol!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Edward!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Love him^^

    Ha ha yeah the videos have been great!Especially the one where Mr.Tuesday took all that pain for Edward..ha ha….

  12. Good luck with your editing Kaleb! I’m sure your book will turn out just great!

    Also, thanks for mentioning it’s Edward’s birthday! I couldn’t believe that when I went onto S.M.’s site this morning her webmaster made no note of this momentous day!


  13. lol! I just realized I really have a thing for exclamation points!


  14. lol me and my friend michelle are making a ckae for edward right now though he’ll never eat
    it cuz he would just end up puking it back uplol
    Happy Bithday Edward I love You

  15. You’re too good to your fans, Kaleb 🙂 Good luck with the novel!

    And Happy Birthday Edward 🙂

  16. Ohhh.. Letter from the editor.. That can be tough. I hope he didn’t rip your stuff to pieces! Although it’s true, you always need a third eye on things you write.

    Good luck Kaleb!

    Oh.. and Happy Birthday Edward! (I had to.. my b) 😀


  17. Everyone could use a day off! Why not on the birth of the most amazing person alive (well… sorta)! They have presidents day, they should totally have an Edward Cullen day! =)

  18. Hahahaha. They probably stopped putting more candles in when he turned 90!

    Happy b-day Mista Cullen.

  19. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Edwarddddd, happy birthday to youuuuuuu.
    I was literally singing that this morning.

  20. Happy Birthday Edward!:-)

    Can I have a Birthday kiss? hehehe noone else thought to ask that one!

  21. Happy Birthday Edward! I got bored and I made him a card earlier today! (Pathetic I know) This is how the Cullens and Bella Signed it…

    Happy 107th my brother -Emmett

    Happy Birthday, Edward! I hope you had a great year! Love Esme

    I hope you have a splendid birthday. Love from Alice

    I wish you a happy birthday and merry year, Edward. -Carlisle

    Happy Birthday Edward! I hope it will be a great one for you. Love Rosalie

    Happy Birthday! Jasper (I see him as the quieter one)

    I love you Edward! I hope you have a great birthday! Wow…it’s weird to think of you as 107, yet you’re still 17; it’s kind of mind boggiling. Now that i’ve already ruined this card with my messy handwriting I might as well say I’m so glad that we’re together. You are the best part of my life.
    Bella (there was something more at the end but it would have ruined the end of the book for Kaleb so i didn’t put it in!)

  22. Hah! I knew it was Edward’s birthday! I sent all my friends text messages wishing them a happy Edward’s birthday! Oh and Jessica, I think Alice would know that he’ll have a splendid birthday, I mean it is Alice after all.

  23. so two things, basically. first, i’m going to go ahead and make the decision that since my birthday is exactly ten days before Edward’s, i’m clearly, by association, that much closer to him (and subsequently that much more awesome). second, i definitely strolled over to this site for the first time at about 11:30 this evening after seeing it mentioned in something else twilight-related i was perusing at my leisure while watching law and order. and, well, basically, i cant tell you what the heck happened during the rest of the episode because i just spent an embarrassingly large chunk of time reading your entire blog, from beginning to present.
    which is essentially a really long-winded and roundabout way of saying “this s*** is good, yo.” or something to that effect. bravo and all that jazz. i’m booking marking this jahnx (which, believe me, is kind of a big deal. i dont bookmark much)
    keep it real (i’m so hood)

  24. Just a thought…I can’t believe some girls who are more devoted than I am don’t even KNOW when Edward’s birthday is…shame.

    with that aside…


    Who knew 107 could look so good?

    Hey Kaleb, thanks for the TWILIGHTGUY DAY OF SILENCE in honor of Edward.

    It’s PERFECT!

  25. EDWARD!!! What about a bday kiss/bite?! HAPPY 107TH BIRTHDAY 108 TIMES!!! I LUV YOU TO DEATH, I mean, EXISTENCE!! BTW I”M A STUPID LAMB!! the best of wishes too you. btw, kaleb u r HILARIOUS! love the whole adding in extra lines to the books. lol

  26. Oh my gosh! That was yesterday! NOOOO! I’d been planning to celebrate the event for so long…but then I was on vacation. I KNEW something was special about it…but I got kinda distracted being at Cedar Point and all. Maybe Edward likes roller coasters?

    Dang! Thanks for the reminder. At least I got tickets to one of the signings to make up for my relapse. I’m not sure exactly how right your 3 hour sellout predictions were…but the phone and internet lines were both busy for two whole hours for Chicago.

    Now enjoy your reading!

  27. I was so happy when it was Edward birthday! My best friend does not know why im obbsessed with the book. She’s a harry potter fan and so there is where we clash. Anyways i realized that i was on page 107 on a story i am writing. Page 107 on Edward’s birthday! my friend was literally going to wring my neck when i told her. She dragged me to borders to find another book for me to read.

  28. Aww Happy B day Rob!!

    Don’t forget to visit
    for more Twilight stuff 🙂

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