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Breaking Dawn Spoiler from Stephenie Meyer

I know you have all probably read it already, or are still covering your ears because you don’t want to hear anything spoilerish, but Stephenie just released a Big Breaking Dawn Spoiler to Entertainment Weekly. You can read all about it over here.

I want to know what you think of this. As we all know, it is best to look at this spoiler with suspicious eyes: after all, it was also revealed that the Grand Event happens at the beginning of the book, and that obviously means that there are a whole lot of pages ahead for things to happen.

Because of the tight comment moderation I have on the site for anti-BD-spoilers from renegade book-pirates, some of your theories as to what this means might be held, but I will approve them quickly except during the hours I am asleep 😀 . Are you happy that this is the way it will turn out? Or do you suspect that something dire will come of this, or that there is a deeper, more hidden meaning?

Don’t worry about spoiling me with your theories because I’ll hear them anyway soon, and also no one knows what’s in Breaking Dawn yet, so I don’t know which is right or wrong, same as everyone else.

NOTE: Apologies for a short post, I’m insanely busy on my novel revisions before my deadline. But, I’ve been trying Twitter for the first time…

Also, so you know, I have decided to start the chat. I will have more info on this soon, but I will probably launch it on August 3 or 4, as I’m sure no one would be there on August 2 anyway due to More Important Matters at hand 😀



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